expired Miele 3 Day Warehouse Sale Sydney's Turn Now


Miele 3 day Warehouse sale Sydney's Turn Now
up to 50% off
starts this
Thursday 22nd of July 9 - 5:30 pm
Friday 23rd of July 9 - 5:30 pm
Saturday 24th of July 9 - 4:00 pm

At Designer Homeware
63-65 Pyrmont Bridge Rd
Camperdown NSW 2050
02 9516 4511

Let staff know heard about it from OZbargain.

Miele is normally a fixed price but will be discounted during the Sale so bargains for people that want Miele
But if after cheap appliances then Miele is not really a bargain as such.

Had a quick look in our warehouse have
60cm,70cm, 90cm oven
cooktops gas and ceramic and inductions
washers, dryers,
coffee machines
Steamers etc

Some in boxes old models
current range mostly display stock only.

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    Not sure if its worth the drive to Syd for a half price miele


    is there alot of stock there or is it just one-offs? Don't want to make the trip down there for nothing!


    Depends what you are after heaps of cooktops and laundry and dishwashers not that many fridges or wine celars etc.
    Heaps of 60cm ovens microwaves 70cm ovens etc etc. let me know if after a specific model will look if b4 5:30 otherwise too busy 2morrow


      Hi there…we're after a 15 place setting (or 14) dishwasher - stainless steel under bench or freestanding. Ideally one with buttons as opposed to dials. Any (or many) of those items?


      when does melbourne get a go? cheers


    Hi Razzle76 the Miele are 14 place settings only and we have about half a dozen with the buttons and about the same for with the knob. Also have about a dozen in semi integrated all in steel.
    Thanks better come in the morning we are expecting quite a few people.


    anyone know when it will be melbournes turn? cheers


    does anyone know what kind of prices they are looking for


    When is it Brisbane turn?

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    such a shame. got there at 9.30am and basically every decent dishwasher sold out. i can't imagine how you are going to keep promoting this for another 2 days.really annoyed about this.


      so most of it was basically sold before the sale?

      Was the savings any good? Is there still any stock or has most of it been sold already?

      …looking for the cheapest dishwasher and a gas cooktop.


        hi. i don't know if it was sold before the sale, but by 9.30am everything was gone. I wouldn't waste my time going if I was you. The staff were so run off their feet they couldn't stop to answer a single question.Granted there were HEAPS of people, but you have to ask yourself - if they are having a 3 day sale and most stuff is sold in the first hour how they are going to sustain another 2 days worth.


    Does anyone know about Perth having one of these sales?

    Please if you know anything let me know :)


    Sorry razle76 and everyone that missed out on what they wanted things sold so quickly the line up was so huge nearly all dishwashers and pyrolitic ovens sold in first 30 min way too many people.

    So people are aware of roughly whats available ill do a vague analysis from when i left at 5:30 close.

    If anyone wants steel dishwashers they are all gone only top of the range dishwashers left in semi integrated 2 left only
    a few white dishwashers left 3-4 i think $799 or
    top range white dishwasher $1999 down to $1199 1 or 2 left
    90cm ovens old models $4699 down to $1799 nearly all gone 1 or 2 left
    basic miele ovens $1359 current models in boxes a few left
    basic gas cooktop 60cm $599 only about 3 left
    ceramic cooktops plenty
    induction cooktops 80cm plenty
    coffee machines plenty
    steamers not heaps but decent amount.

    Lots and lots of bits and pieces combisets and 1 off things

    nearly all washers gone
    Dryers all sold.

    had to be there at 8:30 waiting in line to get exactly what you wanted.

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