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Sale on Canvas Prints (12"x12" $19, 8"x12" $15, 24"x36" $69, 16"x24" $39 etc.) at Big W

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    Got a canvas one done a few weeks ago and very happy with it. Now have a glass one waiting for pickup.

    • How much was the glass one?

      Thinking of getting one done too.

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        I ordered a 30cm x 45cm when they where on sale last week. Normally $88 but the sale price was $40. If the one you want isn't on sale then it likely will be in the coming weeks.

    • Love to hear your thoughts on the glass print.

      What are you printing from? Camera gear/setup, etc.

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        Very happy with the glass print. It has a sturdy mounting system and the overall presentation is very good. The material and equipment I used was not so great in this case as I was using very old family photos (series of 3 ranging with the newest probably 75 years old). I used an iPhone 6S to get the photos to a digital format then uploaded them to BIGW, arranged them on a template, chose background options and submitted.

        I'm really happy with the result given the material I had to work with.

        Also did a canvas print a few weeks ago, same method but this time the photos were about 20 years old. That was a 25cm x 30cm on special for $20. Very happy with that too.

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    I've previously bought canvas and metal prints from BigW - very happy with the overall accuracy and resolution quality of both, sale price makes it great value.

  • Whats the print colour and quality like? Do these fade after 12 months?

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      got one a few years ago and it's holding up fine.

    • Whats the print colour and quality like?

      Depends on what you upload. I can't fault the printing or the quality on the ones that I have.

      Do these fade after 12 months?

      No, why would they fade after 12 months?

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        Depends on what you upload.

        Not only on that. The BigW photo portal downsamples everything to 12MP and recompresses it.
        I have had to ask for a refund on a 40x50cm metal print that was an insult to the original image I had uploaded.

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          CAn you suggest a place to print canvas that doesn't compress and ruin photos?

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          @Skramit: I have had good experiences with printing at Officeworks. Pity they don't do metal anymore, they were great.

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    none of the panoramic ones unfortunately :(

  • I've been waiting for a sale on these for a while. Cheers!

  • I've got a couple canvases from Big W from about 5 years ago that still look great. No fading or cracking.

  • Does anyone know what the turn around time for these is?

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      From memory it was about 14 days

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      "Please allow approx. 10 working days for your order to arrive in the mail or to be ready to be picked up in store."

  • Been holding out for a square canvas sale. Thanks! Not the cheapest sale price but good deal anyway.

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    Ordered a large canvas about 6 months back. Was happy with the print quality, not amazing but decent value for money. They completely (profanity) my instore delivery and I had no birthday gift for a certain birthday. After getting hold of the supplier and tracing shipment, turns out it was sitting in store for over a week and I could have picked it up with ample time. Put that down to an unfortunate (profanity).

    Then ordered three smaller canvas prints for various Christmas gifts. Each canvas made up of 6 individual high res images. The quality is awful, jaggy and like the source images were 12kb thumbnails. Just horrible and lossy and despite the canvases all being different, they all suffered the same quality issues. I give places two chances so won't be buying shit from them again.

    Obviously people here have been happy with them but thought I'd share my experience.

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    If I'm not happy with the quality I'll just complain until they get it right. It's worked for me in the past with Kmart prints. If they stuff up enough times they'll give it to you for free.

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      I'd rather deal with a place that gets it right the first time than have each experience turn into a huge ordeal that results in a less than satisfactory item even if it is free.

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        True. When I told them my print was horrible, they wanted to give me a voucher. I told them "What's the point? It will come out the same".

  • Can you use the Dan Murphy GC for these?

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