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Optus $30 Starter Kit for $15 (Students Only) at Selected Stores


Not as good as this but no stock issues and store can help you with activations/port in etc.

50% off on Optus $30 Voice Triple SIM Starter Kit.

Also available online to everyone (not just students) until 18/1/17

Student Only Offer (Needs valid Student ID)

Available only at Selected Store.
Westfield Whitford City
Westfield Carousel
(will update list when I have more info on other stores)
Mod: Please update the offer as more info flows in given other similar deals are near out of stock or expired now.*

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    They are also $10 at Coles and $10 at Big W in addition to Officeworks who are matching these deals to avoid price beat.

    No student ID required.

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    $10 every week somewhere.

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    LOL @ them naive student perks

    • 10% off on postpaid is really good though.

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    Has anyone managed to activate the starter kit 30 days after purchase? I noticed 2 types of stickers on the starter packs I bought. 1 says value will be added on purchase. Another says value will be added on purchase but will expire in 30 days.

    • Precisely what stopped me buying 4 at Coles (for 8 months port in port out)
      Would really appreciate a solid answer and I am wondering if this is the solution against monthly porters

      • I bought 2 for myself and wifey and will use it within the 30 day purchase period. But I bought another 2 for overseas visitors coming in Mar/Apr. Might have to return the other 2 however, the one with the activate within 30 days sticker has a shorter expiry date on the back of the pack. So not sure if older packs are still in circulation and don't have the 30 day activation restriction.

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      See this thread to see if it helps guys. I do believe the (older) ones with long expiry date are in circulation, and new ones from Optus will require activation with 30 days of purchase date.

      • Thanks for the link which was also a reply to my question. I didn't see the rest of the conversation.

        The receipt does show that the 4 packs have been loaded like gift cards.

        • Yes, same was mine. I've decided to keep the (3) packs I purchased from Coles. The risk is $30 for $90 value.

        • @sky blu: Hi, not sure how they know when it was bought. Was there a activation code on the receipt, I threw mine out without taking a look

        • @Dezeption: If it went through the gift card loading system then they know the control number of the pack.

  • Get sims from another network too.

    Ie… vodafone one month. Optus the next.

  • Whose else are imposing this "30 days activation restriction on starter packs apart from Optus?

  • I bought a $30 for $10 yesterday at Coles (Hawthorn) they seem to have a permanent sign advertising this price behind the check outs. It does say 30 day expiry.

    • Did we need to keep the recipient to activate it? I didn't read it and just threw in away? Now I'm thinking it must of that the code that lasts for 30 days :/

      • If Optus are really carrying out their threat, the pack becomes invalid after 30 days.

  • Damn, didn't see that BigW and Coles are doing this for $10 :(
    Ordered 2 x online for $15.

    UPDATE: just called up to cancel. BOOM.

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