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Exetel Exesim Saver 4G Mobile Plan $9.99 1st 6 Months (Usually $19.99) 2 GB Data, $600 Calls & SMS, Optus Network, Mnth-to-Mnth


Order ExeSim Saver before 31 March 2017 and pay $9.99/mth for the first 6 months of plan life. SIM-only mobile plans give you access to the Optus 3G, 4G and 4G Plus networks on month-to-month terms.

  1. $600 of National talk to Landlines and Mobiles and
    National SMS and MMS*
  2. 2GB of National Data*
  3. UNLIMITED on-account calls to Exetel Mobile,
    Fixed & VoIP services
  4. UNLIMITED calls to Exetel Sales & Support Numbers

* Prorata allowance applies in the first month.

Looks like the deal has been extended from the original post: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/264824
Some info taken from original post (Hence all credit to original posters):
Data (both up and down) is counted and charged per kilobyte.
Direct Debit is fee free option for payment. Credit Card surcharge for 1% of the transaction value.
1800 numbers are free.
They have spend control, so you can limit how much over your monthly plan fee you are comfortable spending. Which could be set to $0.00 if you want!

Informative post from pernunz:
Phone Calls: $1.10 per minute to landline and mobiles and 13, 1300 numbers (charged per 60 second block)
SMS & MMS: $0.25
These rates are the surcharge rates if you go over the allotted credit.

You have $600 of included credit per month, which would be (slight rounding):
2400 SMS/MMS and 0 minutes of calls
2000 SMS/MMS and 90 minutes of calls
1600 SMS/MMS and 180 minutes of calls
1200 SMS/MMS and 270 minutes of calls - In a 30 day month this would be 10 minutes of calls a day and 40 SMS/MMS a day
800 SMS/MMS and 360 minutes of calls
400 SMS/MMS and 450 minutes of calls
0 SMS/MMS and 545 minutes of calls

I would not recommend this plan if you make a lot of phone calls due to the high rate (especially the surcharge rate)

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  • +9 votes

    Outrageous and unethical penalty charges if you go over. Why even consider it?

    See kogan mobile for cheaper plans with unlimited voice.
    Or the vaya plans listed below.


      2nd month I got charged $15 for who God knows why, won't stop charging me when I ported out on the 20th of Dec, ignoring my emails by both billing and residential support for nearly 2 weeks.

      Will give them 1 more day and give them a call tomorrow since it's my last day off of the week.


      I totally understand it sucks to be charged when you go over.

      At least they have spend control, so you can limit how much over your monthly plan fee you are comfortable spending. Which could be set to $0.00.
      I updated the original post with this info.


        Keep in mind their spend control only kicks it in the 2nd billing month.


        accidentally sent a international sms and got charged for it even though i had set the spend limit to $0.i ported out from them last month and still got charged for the next month. asked them about it and the reply was i have to give them 28 days notice. stay away from this company.

  • +1 vote

    Pity international call costs are not included, and that their international rates are as silly as of most other providers. The only provider which does not have outrageous international call charges is Amaysim.


    Good luck to anyone with Exetel, such a garbage company

    • +1 vote

      F#@k Exetel. They cancelled my account (and thousands of others) for no good reason. Never again.


    Phone Calls: $1.10 per minute to landline and mobiles and 13, 1300 numbers (charged per 60 second block).
    With these rates it's very easy to use up included $600 credit.

    For those who don't make too many calls, it is a very good plan.


    I set my spend threshold to $0.00. However I apparently went over my data usage in one month and they cut off my service before the end Of the month. They also then charged me an extra $10 for excess usage. When I inquired about this. They rudely told me that as per the PDS additional usage is charged at $10/gb. This is not what I got. I went over by a few kilobytes of data and they cut me off and did not provide the extra GB they charged me for. They also sent me an extremely rude email stating that it was my responsibility not to go over. And even with the threshold they have no control over the excess charges.

    What a crap excuse! Stay away! I'll be porting out ASAP.

    • +1 vote

      Ah, thats sounds just like the old Exetel I remember back when the founder was alive. He would be pleased.

  • +2 votes

    I'm pretty happy with this $9.99 plan. For the amount you pay and the allowance you get, this is THE best deal out there. For people who complain about it, either get a larger plan, or port out. You only pay nuts, so appreciate it.


    Ugh. Was considering this, but new customers only! They emailed me today with the promotion - they know I'm an existing customer, so why email me a promotion I am not eligible for?! Back to the original plan of 1yr ALDI/Kogan/whoever next does a $10/mo for 1GB+.