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40% off All BBQs (4 Burner Hooded BBQ $99) @ Big W


Great deal on 4 Burner Hooded BBQ @ $99

It falls under the magical $100 barrier and a great low budget alternative if looked after (Invest in a cover via Gumtree or Big W for $30 when sale begins https://www.bigw.com.au/product/hinterland-4-burner-hooded-p... )

40% off all BBQs (and outdoor furniture) in store (no BBQs available online) so I'm sure there'll be some bargains to be had on Thursday morning at your local!

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    weren't these $89 in Big Dub's boxing day sales?

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      Yep https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/284190 - maybe those who pulled the trigger can comment and state if it's worth $10 more? Still seems a great price for those who didn't get the chance to get for $89

      • The blue sale tag is marked $89.00 at my local Big W (Seaford, SA).

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    Hi, I bought this during the Boxing Day Sale and I must say I have been satisfied with it since. To be fair, I have only used the BBQ twice but on both occasions, it was near perfect. The only problem I had was with the assembly. It seems that the instructions were written by a moronic engineer.

    • Thanks for the feedback on the 4 Burner. So I'm guessing you'd recommend people get this for $99 then?

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        I believe that if you are looking for a cheap BBQ that you do not use very frequently and do not need a side burner, this is definitely a good bargain!

        • Perfect, cheers :)

    • Did you work out what that little chain thing is for?! the instructions are useless!

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    I've had the near identical model for 8 or 9 years now, never missed a beat & couldn't be happier with it.

    The OP has hit the nail on the head, the secret to successful ownership of a cheap BBQ is to use a good cover, I'll confident my $119 BBQ will see out more than a decade for this reason. :)

    • Hey mate this might be a dumb question but why is the secret of a successful ownership of a cheap BBQ a good cover?


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        To protect the cheap parts from rain, corrosion and all that stuff that will need up a bbq

      • ^Already sorted…

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        once rust sets in from being outdoors in the elements, goodbye bbq. panels will literally collapse.

  • The blue sale price tag attached when I was instore has the BBQ marked at $89.00 (Big W Seaford South Australia).

  • Are you a secret agent? What's with the sneaky photo? :P

    • Haha nah, just at a weird angle when I was on my phone!

  • Where can u buy a gas bottle cheaply?

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      Cheapest is 8.5kg for $19.85 @ Bunnings https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/274763

      • Do I need to bring a bottle to swao?
        On that case should I check gumtree for empty bottles?

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          Yes, you'll need an 8.5kg to swap. Best place to look for a Gas Bottle is Gumtree IMO. Needs to be 8.5kg though 👍

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          And make sure it is within inspection date - on the collar there should be a date stamped - if its within 10 years you are good to go.

        • @klownz:
          If it's outside 10 yeas just take it to a servo. Staff just give you the key to swap and never leave their counter.
          Used this technique twice with bottles been left out on verges during clean up days. Saves paying $10-20 on gumtree..

  • Good deal though BBQ grill not made from cast iron but light porcelain coated steel, less durable, not sure how they perform.

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    I got a 4 burner from big w about 2 years back for about 150. looks very similar to the one in the photo. I've used it a good 20+ times and it goes great. i would recommend it.

    • Thanks for the feedback ;)

  • Is this a catalogue deal? Or in a newspaper? I can't seem to find anything on their website about this.

    EDIT: Never mind, I was looking in the wrong catalogue. Found it now.

  • Anyone know where to get a cheap but decent BBQ cover? Big W has them for $40 https://www.bigw.com.au/product/hinterland-4-burner-hooded-p...

  • can we see these online anywhere?
    Can't find them on the site and their catalogue is a back to school edition.

    Any links to online BBQ's at Big W?

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      I saw this in a direct mail catalogue and as the online store is woeful (no BBQs, 1% of actual range), best bet is to head to a bricks and mortar store where the promotion exists.

      • hey thanks for the reply, did it say that this sale starts Thursday or was there a particular day?
        Cheers again.

        • Starts today and lasts a little while. If you google Big W BBQs it shows up with some unlisted items but I couldn't find the actual ones they sell. I walked to my local yesterday and they had a two burner, four burner and a rotiserrie/spit type charcoal grill. Note none of the BBQ accessories (like tongs and all that) are on sale, or at least weren't marked as such.

  • I bought the 4 burner for $99. I bought the 4burner cover for $10. The price is not marked $10 , i think it may have been $15 or $40 so make sure you take both and get a price check on it. I haven't set it up yet as I have no GAS BOTTLE and was not prepared to pay $94 at the 7eleven servo for swap and go. I'll pick up a bottle up from Bunnings instead.

    Hope that helps

    • When I did it at bunnings couple of years ago, I had to buy a gas bottle and then pay $20 registration fee to get onto the gas swaps.

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    Grabbed one of these (Also used extra 5% Woolworths employee discount)..

    Apart from the convoluted build (the base tray is attached to the legs first in the instructions) it's a neat "little" BBQ.

    Once together it's surprisingly solid, burner controls have a nice feel to them and the hood moves and shuts nicely. I've taxed the rotisserie brackets from my old BBQ and they fit this one nicely.

    It'll do us for a few years, and my old BBQ cover actually covers it right to the deck so it shouldn't ever get wet.

  • Can anyone comment on what the burners are made of? I had a look in store and it didn't say. Managed to get one of the BBQ covers for $10 though

  • arg went down to my local big W at Brickworks SA and they didn't have any BBQ's, just covers. Was 40% off all BBQ accessories.

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