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Duinotech Mini 3D Printer $349 (Was $499.00) Jaycar


Bargain printer from Jaycar. Minimal assembly required. Runs Marlin firmware, but the Duinotech boards can typically be upgraded to Repetier. Ideal first printer. Non-heated bed, so suits PLA not ABS.

90mm x 90mm x 90mm print area

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  • No ABS = deal breaker

    • Yep PLA is not for real jobs.

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    I would rather get this for $50 extra.
    2.5x build volume and well known support online.

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    Jaycar does not support hobbyist electronics like you might expect:

    If this gets you hot and bothered, please consider purchasing a similar system from another company.

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      Yep, I'm done with Jaycar after that.

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        I want to love Jaycar for being the only brick and mortar hobbyist electronics shop in Sydney, but I have a hard time after learning of this fiasco… Still, where else can I go to get a cheap 3.5mm to 1/4" headphone adapter, or a packet of resistors, or a coil of solder? Please let me know if you know of a shop like Jaycar in Sydney!

        Reasonably priced, local, ethical. Pick two.

        • Do you have Altronics there?

          Those are my only two brick and mortar options. Jaycar and Altronics. After that I'm forced on-line. Maybe I don't want to pay shipping. Maybe I want to be able to take it back if it's DOA. Maybe I want to finish a project today, not in 5-7 working days.

          I'm not prepared to rule anyone out over a bit of cloned tech.

          But also, Freetronics looks pretty decent. I'll probably get some stuff from there in the future.

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          There's also Altronics in Auburn and WES Electronics in Ashfield.

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      Jaycar does not support hobbyist electronics

      They are there to run a business and make a profit, no to support people. It's not a public service.

      (your link doesn't work by the way, it asks for a login)

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        My bad, this is the correct link:

        Of course they are running a business. If you have a few min to watch the video in the link, you'll see what I mean.

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          wow !!!

          they even copied the manual…

        • The Jaycar link does not work anymore. Perhaps they got the message??

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          Petition update
          VICTORY! Duinotech Experiments Kit discontinued!
          In a tweet Jaycar has said the Duinotech Experiments Kit has been discontinued! We won!

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        Do not support Jaycar, their management have absolutely no ethics and do not deserve our patronage. They have no shame blatantly ripping off a small business (Freetronics). Watch this -

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    I'd wait another 12 months or so when these types of printers are down to < $100…

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    Have you seen the samples they have in store?

    (I've got this.)[]
    MUCH better value for money.

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      Agreed, it is best to get a Prusia i3 clone which will have a lot more online support.

    • $169.99. Is that a good price?

      • I paid ~$250AUD delivered a few months ago. So, yeah it is if you're asking me.

        • It is US$169.99, which is still close to AU$250.

        • @bio: ok so sounds like this price is a regular occurrence. Thanks for the heads up.

          @0xFFFF I'll be calling on you for tech support if forums fail me! :P

        • @sqeeksqeek:
          No problemo.

    • Have you built one of these previously? Just wondering how simple it is to do (E.G No soldering, programming etc)
      I've built dozens and dozens of computers from scratch but have never attempted a 3D printer, don't want to get over my head.

      • +1

        Yes, I built mine. This is a kit.
        Assembly will take a few hours depending on your skill level.
        You will need hand tools. Soldering is not required. Programming is not required.
        There are video tutorials on assembling the Prusia YouTube and on the GearBest site I linked. I suggest you watch a few to see what you're up against.

    • Any idea how it compares to Kogans clone?
      Solid build? (Perspex frame from the looks of it?)

      • No idea.
        It's solid enough IMO (8mm perspex).

        • +1

          I guess ultimately, how good do your prints look is what matters…

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