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Hungry Jacks Vouchers - Valid Till March 13 2017


HUNGRY JACKS VOUCHERS 2 for (January to March 13, 2017)

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          but it is the answer

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          No it's not. does not explain at all HOW to use your phone, which is what they asked. they did not ask IF they could use their phone.

    • My local store have only ever asked to see it once or twice. I keep it on my phone just in case but they rarely ask to see it.

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    would this work in hungry jacks at the airport?

    • they have in past.

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      Never worked for me.

    • Can confirm that the hungry jacks at Gold Coast airport does not accept these vouchers.

    • Melbourne airport doesn't accept them

  • Bring back the $3 bacon delux and chips combo.

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      It's actually still on the registers haha

      • I'm not even aware of this offer, what should i say when i order it? And i thought the $3 bacon deluxe from the shake n win was cheap

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          Pokitpal $3 bacon deluxe and chips. It's obviously not offered by them anymore so if they ask to see proof you're stuffed

        • @Food:

          Just ask "Can I get a Pokitpal $3 bacon deluxe and chips"

          Yes or no answer

        • @Food:
          Ah, thanks Food

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    Thanks Hungry Jacks, you've saved my health with these new vouchers.

    • More like ruining your health?

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        They're so exspensive he doesn't buy any, there but improving his health.

        • LOL, that makes sense.

      • Yep. The activity on this page suggests people are still woofing down this type of crap. The bane of the single man, especially.

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    Aww No breakfast :(

  • need more thickness.

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    For those who like to stack the free large upgrade, you only have until the end of this week to do so because of the new clause "Not valid with any other offer" in the fine print

    • It said 'one voucher per person' in these fine print and we weren't told anything so

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    How DARE THEY increase the prices! AND remove options. There should be a law against this.

    • if we all boycott the ones with jacked up prices or reduced portion, the next vouchers that come out may return to normal cheaper prices, Aldi does the same every now and then, when they notice people stop buying items with raised prices they will drop back

      • That's what happened last time. They increased the prices for Whoppers then they reduce to the normal prices after a few months. I suspect the same things would happen.

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      Go and learn the concept of CPI and supply and demand.

  • They have jacked up the prices. Disappointing.

  • any mobile friendly vouchers?

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      take screenshots of whichever coupons you've likely to use?

  • damn vegans!

    oh wait, wrong thread.

    • I guess the increase in price shows that meat eaters are on the rise :P

      • or corporations are greedy (profanity)

  • Get rid of that L plate OP, this is a great first post!

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    What the heck is this Hungry Jacks. Jacking up the prices or keeping it the same and changing the size (eg: Large chips and 10 nuggets became small chips and 10 nuggets).

    I'm guessing lots of people including myself won't be eating HJ's as much now. Still good value compared to Mcdonalds, but meh.

    I remember when they reduced the prices, hoping next time they do or at least make the increase, less hard hitting on us. Maybe at max 50c increase, instead of $1+ here.

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    Prices gone up, value has decreased again.

    Thankfully KFC have been offering better deals, 2 burgers for $5.95 is hard to beat.

    • what is this 2 burgers for $5.95?

      • In the KFC app, under colonel's table you will find buy 1 burger get 1 free for $5.95, only valid for original and zinger burgers.
        Though you can add extras.

        • dot

    • I believe that's a Tasmania only offer.

      Though for the rest of us, I like the Double Combo Offer.

      2 Burgers and/or Twisters, 2 regular sides and 2 regular drinks for $11.95.

    • I didn't realise it was TAS only, lucky us!

  • Wtf I am having the worst day

  • Has the prices of their items without vouchers increased?
    Hmm this isn't the first time they increased the prices, still better deal than no voucher though obviously…but eventually won't be a good deal if they keep doing this!

  • I used to love when they had 2 for tuesday

    Much better value

  • -3
    • that was posted last month and they expire in the next 4 days

  • =why do they call them hamburgers when there is no ham/pig in it and only beef?

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    Because the Germans didn't want to change the name of their city to Beefburg.

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    Important DigitalvLinks to vouchers/coupons

    Printer Friendly Vouchers

    Mobile Friendly Vouchers

  • Anyone ever go to Hungry Jacks Moorabbin on Nepean Hwy, near South Rd? I swear they stuff up my order every single time.

    This time it was no jalapenos I ordered as extras in my burgers.


    First world problem.

  • These fast food outlets are working together to ruin those with new years resolutions to lose weight. Good timing mind you.

  • FYI. They would not honor the vouchers at Perth airport.

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