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Hungry Jacks Vouchers - Valid Till March 13 2017


HUNGRY JACKS VOUCHERS 2 for (January to March 13, 2017)

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  • +21

    Phone is fine

    • Yeah it's always worked for me too.

    • +1

      My local insisted I have a hard copy :(
      "New store policy"

      • +10

        Refer them to this post

      • Which store would that be?

      • +5

        My store doesn't even ask, they automatically apply the coupon when I order the items and they recognise that they are couponable :D

      • No i had my local shop was like that untill Head office call them.

      • did you also have trouble with more than one voucher per person?

        • No, just wanted to use 1 voucher.

        • @FeedingTheSnail: I have been to that store and yes they do require you to have a hard copy. I and a couple of mates of mine managed to get away with printed on A4 papers in black and white although the manager was a bit weird about it at the time. Also at that store the coupons are re-usebale I belive

      • The link is from the Hungry Jacks website, and says "show on your phone in store to redeem".

    • Could you tell me how to put it on phone? I use iphone 5.

      • +8

        Navigate to OB on your phone and click on the deal…

  • +10

    some things have gone up in price

    • +1

      i know, that sux. also no coupon for whopper without cheese , which also sux

      • Had Smokey BBQ Angus GM Promo today 8.95

  • +5

    Some of the meals went up by $1… Only small chips with the nuggets :(

  • +1

    Meat prices have gone up?

    • +10

      What's that got to do with fast food?

      • +2

        lol so true, i swear maccas meat is 20% rice meal

        • -1

          It's not.

        • +1

          @geoffellis: This is no place for rational debate downvote

        • +6

          @geoffellis: very compelling argument you really changed my view

        • +1

          @didntknowicould: McDonalds advertise that they use 100% Australian beef, how is it possible that anyone doesn't know this? It is plastered on every poster in their store and they say it on every ad…not that I can remember the last time I saw an ad was seeing as I don't watch FTA television at home.

        • +1

          @nmartin84: Can confirm, they use 100% beef in their meat patties. https://mcdonalds.com.au/sites/mcdonalds.com.au/files/Main%2…

          Honestly, I'm suprised. I thought they meant of the meat that is in the burger it is 100% beef. It's a play on words that some companies use to give the illusion that their meat patties are actually 100% meat.

        • @voolish:
          Wow, yeppers I too am surprised, as I had assumed the same thing. That is, saying that you use '100% Aussie beef' in your patties is defo' not a declaration that your patties consist of 100% beef (for example, each patty could be comprised of 75 grams of 100% Aussie beef, and 75 grams of 'other stuff'). But if the info in that link you have posted is true, then they are actually kinda 'understating' their hand a bit. They should be saying something a bit simpler, like 'Our beef patties contain nothing but 100% Australian beef'.

          I note that the 'Clubhouse Angus Burger' makes no claims about the percentage of beef in the patty, but I think that's probably just an oversight…

          I'm genuinely enlightened.

    • +1

      Who cares the bacon deluxes are still $7.95, nothing else matters.

      • +1

        Grilled Chicken burgers aren't even on there any more. That matters a great deal.

      • +13

        Except that the 2 bacon deluxe was 6.95 previously.

        • You know I just realised you were right. They were $7.95 a year ago and they reduced it… now they increased it again hmm.

        • @samfisher5986:
          I bought them and was actually quite disappointed with the bacon deluxe
          A whopper jr with bacon for twice the price 😑

          Certainty wouldn't buy at full price ever

  • +3

    Getting a bit pricey now, but still way better value than McDonald's.

    • Yeah the 10 nuggets and small chips deal i swear used to include large chips instead. Oh well, still ok deals.

  • +8

    Basically everything gone up or downsized.

    • +1

      Hi Mr Food. Do you check voucher expiry dates as an employee?

      • Dr Food can confirm, but I believe I've previously read there are buttons for each of the vouchers, so the old deals (ie. nuggets with large chips) will no longer be able to be processed.

      • Not really but as below said there are only buttons so we can only do what's on there

    • With the previous vouchers the date in the email says we can use until 24/2, anybody else notice?


  • -5

    Yeah not as attractive as the last one: https://www.hungryjacks.com.au/media/24283/hun391_national_v…

    Do they just enter the promo prices manually? Like can you hand draw a voucher with 10 Whoppers for $5.95?

    • is that u brodz?

    • -1

      That's really funny, make sure you read his last sentence

      • Laugh even louder! "can you hand draw a voucher with 10 Whoppers for $5.95?"

  • No more vouchers for brekkie?

    • also is there coffee made by a barista like mccafe?

      • AFAIK, no barista coffee

      • "Barista"

        • pretty sure it look like the same machine they use @ 7-11. but don't know if the bean they use are of the same brand/roast etc…

        • @godofpizza: I still wouldn't say any of them deserve the title of barista.

  • +6

    Wish if they would do a deal for the standard flame grilled chicken burgers for once. :/

    • +2

      +1. Those were the only things I would get. Knock out two of them every lunch.

      • +1

        Gee, and I thought it was weird when I knocked one out over lunch.

        • Well, it's weird when you sit in the employee toilets crying while you knock one out over lunch.

        • Surely you meant the disability toilettes

  • +6

    Pfft cya hungry jacks

  • +2

    Price increases :/ Not as much choice as the last one.

    • +2

      Price increases

      The old vouchers are still valid for another week, so stock up…

    • +1

      Yup i miss two whoppers for 6.95 :(

      • your bet is to try to shake and win a BOGOF Whopper now.

  • +2

    Dammit !!!

    There only 2 vouchers for the small onion rings… :(

    • +3

      How many do you need on your your phone? :D

      • +1

        on my my phone?

        • +4

          Yes, on your phone. They don't tear out the voucher if you show them a picture of the voucher on your phone.

          ….Wait a minute… Hmmmm, your not actually giving them a phone every time you redeem a voucher are you?

        • +1

          @rodericb: He's working out how many onion rings he can stack on top of his phone now.

        • +1

          @Cleremy: jv must be too busy printing out the coupons and cutting them up into little rectangles to reply. Alas, he only has one sheet of A4 paper, thus only 2 onion ring coupons.

        • no, not your my phone he said your your phone

        • Wait, who is phone?

  • +4

    They've removed the whopper without cheese… Why ??????????????

    • +1

      The absolute madmen!

      • +2

        May the Lord have mercy on their soul…

        • +2

          Press F to pay respects.

        • @Baebs: Can't you request a Whopper w/o Cheese while ordering…?

    • -2

      Time to switch over to Maccas

      • +1

        Sure and pay $8 for one burger..

    • -1

      McGang###g those $5.95 whopper juniors together. You're welcome.

    • I know it sad day.

  • +1

    2 small Whopper meals gone up $1.

    These go great with the free upgrade to a large meal voucher, never been refused once.

    • +1

      When the new vouchers kick in you may be refused since they've added "Not valid with any other offer" clause

  • Is their onion rings any good? Never had them before.

    • Yes quite nice, but nicer when they were 2 for $1.95

      • +2

        Unless that 5c changes much, or you bought 4, you can use both vouchers to still get 2 for $2.

    • +4

      Mostly ring, not much onion.

    • My taste buds love them when fresh, but don't be near me later in the day.

    • I tried once and didn't like them at all.

  • Great first deal OP

  • -1

    I got a little food hack, I hope it doesn't get closed up or if all stores will do it, but instead of ordering a Large Frozen Coffee ($2) I ask for a 50/50 mix of Frozen Coffee and another frozen drink (usually Sprite or Coke) and it's only $1, so the coffee portion is priced the same as any other Frozen Drink.

    • +5

      that sounds awful

      • Can't be as awful as their frozen barista bros drink. Tasted like normal frozen coke with a tinge of coffee lol

        • +3

          That's what he's talking about

        • Well for someone like me who can't usually stand coffee, it's quite nice, a bit sweeter coke basically

        • +2

          I wouldn't say their frozen coffee is bad, but it's definitely not great. It's refreshing at least. Nice airy texture and the taste isn't coffee but it's fine.

  • Prices gone up :(

  • -3

    have to neg because of price increase on several of them, some of them actually down size meal with same price compare to previous voucher.

    • Why are people negging this. Perfectly valid point.

  • Have never used my phone to redem these coupons, do I just bring up the page with all those coupons on my phone and show them?

    • phone is fine

      • -1

        @tdw that wasn't the question…

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