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Free 1yr NRL Digital Pass - First 2500 to Create and Fill a 16-Team NRL Fantasy League


Popular deal from 2015 and 2016 is back for 2017.
Sign up for the NRL Fantasy competition and be one of the first 2500 people to create and fill a 16-team league to score a free annual NRL Digital Pass subscription (worth $90). There aren't many details on the NRL site but here it is for reference.

Prize lets you watch every NRL match live on your phone/tablet via the NRL app.

It's a little more hassle than getting the Telstra deal, but great if you aren't with Telstra.

Don't expect a notification if/that you're one of the first 2500 - nothing comes before the prize email in early March.

Feel free to post your league subscription code below for your fellow ozbargainers to fill spots.

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    • couldnt find you keithy. Might be private league???

  • Please join mine!! Will join back. And already joined heaps. Thanks!

    • YKUC2VR9 if you haven't! Joined yours :)

      • joined u tim - heres mine XJXE4FY3

    • Done Gordon, please join mine 6W23VVJD

  • hi all, need 6 more, pls can you assit



    • joined you chris - heres mine XJXE4FY3

      • done

  • Please join: TFXN9MY2

    • joined you sharkies - heres mine XJXE4FY3

      • Thanks, joined yours in return

    • Joined yours Viv, can you join mine too please 6W23VVJD Thanks

      • just did who kung foo dat..

        hers mine



        • Thanks Chris… Joined

      • Cheers, joined!

      • please join MNXHT4L3

    • joined yours sharkies

      heres mine



    • joined yours sharkies

      heres mine



    • Joined, please join mine


      Thank you !!

      • Thank you. Joined.

  • Hi I need just one more to join, I will join anyone who replies to this comment


    • Whats your code?

      Mine is XJXE4FY3

      • TDX76395

        just joined yous


        • you are full now :)

          glad i could help u

        • Full

    • Good luck, mine is W7YMK3NH

  • Down to 3 spots left…. join mine and I'll join yours. 6W23VVJD

    Thanks heaps

  • Hey fellas, thanks for joining mine. I'll join anyones for the next 15 mins.

    Post below

    • Could you please join me - XJXE4FY3

      I still need 5


    • 2YYFVK4D thanks!

  • 3ANAD32X - Join mine and ill join yours

    • I'm 16/16. but I've joined yours

    • joined u matt - please join mine XJXE4FY3

    • Done, Mines Y6RF7DF7

      • done for craig and katie, thanks mrieth too

        • I have 6 spots left, post below mine if you want me to join yours so you can join mine

    • please join MNXHT4L3

  • My league Y7XYLVT5
    Many thanks

    • Joined. Mine is W7YMK3NH

      • +1

        Cheers done.

  • My invite: Y6RF7DF7
    Please join and leave your invite code and I will join yours

    • Joined. Mine is W7YMK3NH

    • joined
      2YYFVK4D - still have a few slots left to fill

      • Done

      • joined u sam - can u please join mine XJXE4FY3

        • done

      • Thanks and Done

  • Still need a few more. I'll join yours if you join mine: W7YMK3NH

    • +1

      done - here's mine XJXE4FY3

      • How many are you trying to get? That's different to the code you posted on the front page. Meh, joined anyway.

        • Thanks - one for my little brother.

    • Done

  • i still have 7 slots left to fill 2YYFVK4D
    will join anyone who joins my comp :)

    • Joined. Mine is W7YMK3NH

    • "Sorry, we couldn't find any Classic leagues that match that invite code. This is the Classic Leagues page. Please check the code and the game type and try again."

      • I get the same thing now too. Not sure why as 5 other people were able to join. :(

    • I tried but got an error message 'Sorry, we couldn't find any classic leagues that match the invite code"

    • joined yours can you join mine. 3ANAD32X

      • done
        i was getting that same error message earlier in the day too sometimes. i think the website is getting ozbargained..

    • Done. My league code is Y7XYLVT5

      • done
        thanks everyone league is now full

  • MAW3Z6NW

    • joining yours keith, can you join mine 3ANAD32X

    • Done, please do the same for me: Y6RF7DF7

    • Joined, please join mine Keith


      Thank you !!

  • CPE47PZW

  • +4

    Helpful hint - not sure if posted somewhere else in the 18 pages of comments yet but if you go to your league settings you can add 4 celebrity teams to your league to help make up the numbers.

    • Thanks

      • thanks - very helpful!

  • Please join my league and i will join yours 24N7VHPX

    • Joined. Mine is W7YMK3NH

    • Done. Mine is Y7XYLVT5. Cheers

    • Joined :)
      Mine is HA993WEM

    • Done, please do the same for me: Y6RF7DF7

    • joined yours please join mine 3ANAD32X

  • Hi all please join my league and I'll join right back ! :)

    • Joined. Mine is W7YMK3NH.
      Don't forget to add you celebrity teams as per comment above.

    • Done, Y7XYLVT5 thanks

    • Done, please do the same for me: Y6RF7DF7

    • done please join mine 3ANAD32X

  • Joined, please join mine KVERKNME…… THANKS

    • joined. pls add J2H4ZXNU

    • Joined. Mine is W7YMK3NH.

    • Done, please do the same for me: Y6RF7DF7

    • Done, mine is Y7XYLVT5

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