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David Jones eGift Vouchers - 10% off Qantas Frequent Flyer Point Redemption + Stack with EXTRA10 for a Further 10% off


Just noticed at the Qantas store David Jones eGift vouchers are selling at a 10% discount - i.e. $100 voucher for 15,520 points or 155 points per $1 (normally 16,920 for $100 or 169 points for $1)
BUT it also works with the EXTRA10 code so the final value is 13,968 QFF points per $100 or 140 points per $1 which represents a 17.6% saving!!
Which in my experience is one of the best QFF to real world money conversion rates - feel free to correct me!!
I usually collect points all year and spend them on DJ vouchers to use on post-Xmas sales for some guilt free personal shopping. Having another 18% off is just that little bit extra special!! :)
No formal announcement and not sure when the deal expires - please post if you have that info!

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    To buy Jetstar voucher is even cheaper. Only cost you 13,968 points

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      Yep same price and also works with the EXTRA10 code.. DJ allows you to spend on all sorts of stuff tho and sometimes they get some good sales. :)


        Agree. But in the end, it depends on what you need too

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        Note, you don't lose any credit on a DJs card. Whereas with Jetstar

        "You must redeem the voucher in one booking only. Any amount not redeemed in that booking will be lost and no credit will remain."

        I recently wanted to get a ticket for $139. I had been given two $100 Jetstar vouchers. So the second was useless unless i wanted to lose $61.

        Edit: Also "The voucher is not transferable. It is redeemable only by the person whose name is stated on the voucher and the person named on the voucher must be a passenger on the booking."

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