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Samsung WW85K5410WW 8.5kg Front Load Washing Machine $698, 11kg $1197 @ JB Hi-Fi


Last time, it was posted for $734 and is expired. Its now for $698. Pretty good price for a big washer and good brand.
Surprisingly good reviews at Productreview and Good guys reviews and Appliancesonline

Quick description:

Now it’s possible to add a forgotten piece of clothing or even fabric conditioner after the wash cycle starts. Simply push the pause button, open the Add Door and place your items into the wash.
Add Wash Crystal Gloss Door
LED Display Panel
12 Wash Cycles

Key Features

12 Wash Cycles

Cotton, Daily Wash, eCotton, Super Eco Wash, Synthetics, Bedding, Wool, Delicates, Baby Care, Outdoor Care, Eco Drum Clean, Dark garment, Spin, Rinse+Spin

Add Wash Function

Now it’s possible to add a forgotten piece of clothing or more conditioner after your wash cycle starts. Simply push the pause button, open the Add Door and place your items into the wash.

15 Minute Quick Wash

This great wash program is designed to wash up to 2kg of lightly soiled laundry in only 15 minutes.

Smart Check Function

In the unlikely event that your Smart Washer encounters a problem, Smart Check is an error-monitoring system which helps detect and diagnose some problems and provides quick and easy troubleshooting via your compatible Samsung Smartphone.

Drum Clean

With the push of a button, heat and water (70℃) combined with high-speed RPM may help to reduce detergent residue and dirt that forms on the inside surfaces of the washer drum.

Digital Inverter Motor

Low fuss for a long time – digital inverter motor with a 11 year parts warranty. The motor works without brushes, which helps to reduce the number of separate moving parts and friction, making for a low vibration motor with a quiet wash cycle.

Please note Washer has standard 2 years warranty and 11 year warranty is on inverter motor parts only.

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  • +5 votes

    Does this also come with a fire extinguisher?


      A bit old now…
      Required for phones, they have direct water hose connection to take care of that… ;)



        A friend of mine had smoke pouring out of his laundry a while back. He's still in dispute over who pays for the smoke and other damage caused by his Samsung washing machine.

        Samsung have had their share of problems well beyond the recent phone incident.


          Again, that was with the front loaders as explained in comment below. Horror stories for every brand. Buyers need to buy at their own discretion. I don't have Samsung myself TBH, but my sis got Samsung last year and loved it.


      They seem to be applying the battery explosive technology to appliances now ?


    We all know how important it is to set a seperate washing program for dark garments right!

  • -2 votes

    For those in SE QLD, The Electric Discounter has a Beko 7kg machine for $559 and 8kg for $659 respectively as well as an 8kg Simpson model for $669. Specs appear fairly similar.


      This one is 8.5 Kg and price difference between 7.5 or 8 and 8 and 8.5 is normally over $60-100.
      Not sure why u say they specs are same. Other than front loader, they are different machines and pretty average reviews for Simpson and also Beko.
      Extra glass door and inverter moter is worth more than the price differnce and not to say 8.5 kg size and brand.

      • -1 vote

        The Samsung brand is "worth more"? Given the recent bad press they've had for catching on fire? LMAO.

        I don't dispute that Samsung has more advanced technology ie an inverter motor (though unsure how that or an extra glass door makes your clothes cleaner), this is just a more budget friendly option for those in the market.


          Yes.LMFAO. Surprised you mentioned against Belo and Simpson…

          Those fire issues for Samsung were were with top loaders. So lets compare apples vs apples. Its like saying S7 or S7 edge are bad as note had issues.

          Surprisingly, you didn't do research for Beko and Simpson

          said 115 of the 280 machines which exploded were Beko appliances and 10 per cent were made by HotPoint.

        • +1 vote

          @Sir Casm, The inverter motor and Bubble Wash are worthwhile additions. I had the previous generation (or 2 generations?) older version of this washing machine and though it took its sweet time cleaning clothes (2hr 9min cycle for cotton vs 50min cycle for my 10 year old top loader, although compared to 3hr 30min cycle for my parents' ?LG front loader, it's not too shabby) it does a fine job. While OzBargain is a deals site, it is not a race to the bottom site. I wouldn't really count those two as fair comparisons for the above mentioned reasons. While those two front loading washing machines are certainly cheaper, JB also has a 7kg front loading Beko for $498.
          Thanks for the deal OP, in the process of buying new whitegoods, sold all my previous stuff when I moved.



          I have an LG of a similar vintage, and yes the "regular" cycle takes 2+hrs, very inconvenient at times.

          Some clarification may help, I wasn't offering my suggestion as an apples v apples comparison, moreso that there are budget options that offer a more or less similar outcome (and TED is an excellent independent retailer for those of us in SEQ), hence there was no neg vote, OP seemed more than a little butthurt that anyone dared question their wisdom is all.

        • +1 vote

          @Sir Casm: Your initial comment was about as helpful as suggesting in a Samsung S7/Pixel/HTC M10/LG V20 thread that people should consider buying a Samsung A9/Xiao Mi/Meizu/Huawei Ascend etc instead.
          There's lots of cheaper washing machines out there that do similar loads to the Samsung, even JB's website has one that's 2/3 of the price. However, they're not really comparable in terms of features and if I was the OP I would be annoyed as well.


          @Sir Casm: lol, then you can miss suggesting people with products which have different spec, size, brand, quality and features. I am not getting anything personally out of it and will love if some better products are mentioned as someone might benefit out of it and that is the whole purpose of ozbargain.


          @Sir Casm: No, I didnt. What made you think so.
          I only answered your question, but yes was surprised to see your suggestions which didnt make any sense.

          Given the recent bad press they've had for catching on fire? LMAO.


          @Sir Casm: Same for you. So u start a discussion with bad examples and then run off by saying that?

        • +1 vote

          @Sir Casm:

          dared to question your logic

          No, I didn't. So tell where I did that? I never wrote a logic.

          Specs appear fairly similar.

          No they were not. They were not even close LMFO.

          offered an alternative for people

          Come one, your examples are not even same size, leave it, dont want to start again. Why will you offer alternative of a 7 or 7.5 KG when someone is looking for 8.5? Should have gone for 5 KG. That will be more cheap.

          accept that sometimes other people have different opinions!

          What? again you started something totally different and I cant explain more even giving you examples. You unfortunately don't get it do you?

          you're harping on about a washing machine for chrissake…

          Not sure if it is me or you. I only answered you.

          The Samsung brand is "worth more"? Given the recent bad press they've had for catching on fire? LMAO.

          You are saying something and I only showed you similar review about your so called alternatives as well. Then how come you are taking easy and I am not.

          So looks like it is you who cant take opinion on your suggestions.


    Bought one of these from hn for 749
    Good machine good feature to add clothes later


    also doubles as a spontaneous indoor bbq

  • +1 vote

    Will never buy another Samsung front loader. Had both bubble wash and inverter motor. Doesn't matter when the pump pit in them can't handle the water load. I had 2 pumps due in 3 years. Sensor failed too and the repair man said it would be cheaper to just buy and new one and he said don't buy a Samsung. Just my experience. Very happy for those who have one that is working. 👍


      I had the pump weaken/die on mine after 3 years as well, but was covered under extended warranty, and I got a full refund as well as let me keep the old machine so I bought I pump off eBay for $60 and repaired it then sold it.
      The wife was happy with the Samsung despite that so we bought a new Samsung washer with extended warranty again.


    Great price, I got one for $836 last year when they first came out. Love it so far.

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