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Xbox One 500GB - $279 (Plus Shipping) at EB Games


Whilst it's no match for the multitude of pre-Christmas sales, $279 looks to be the best price on an Xbox One at the moment (unless your local Aldi still has stock gathering dust in the cabinet like my local one does).

Yes, it's the old fat model, so no 4K or HDR either - but at least it has a dedicated Kinect port I guess!

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EB Games Australia

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  • i did see 1tb xbox one $249 just before @ ALDI few mins ago
    sorry no photo

    • Yeah there does appear to be a smattering of 1TB models for $249 and also I've seen 500GB refurbs for $199 at various Aldi's I've visited in recent weeks.

  • I am not a gamer and bought the 500GB Xbox One S late last year from that JB deal, and it's collecting dust. I might sell it before it loses too much value.

    • LOL why did you buy it then?

    • Where you located? 😊

    • I am jealous of you :D.. I also bought the console at the same time. First console ever. Now, the console has consumed my soul. Already logged 200hrs in that console and continuing.

      • Damn! On top of the game that came with the console and the token one, I also bought seven physical disks and have only tried two games. I think I have used the console just two hours max. I was initially thinking to buy a 4K TV and that's why I bought it, but I abandoned the TV idea. I have a 40" Full HD Samsung that I hardly use and I will probably not use a new TV that much either (I am more of a computer+internet guy), so that's why.

        • You're not a gamer or much of a TV person, so you go out and buy an Xbox One S, and 7 games and have plans of replacing a TV you don't use with a newer more expensive model.


          You really need to delete ozbargain from your bookmarks, the way things are going, you're going to gain a few extra consoles and TV's by years end!

        • @Zylam Marex: Haha! Well, since I am already regretting and thinking to sell the one I've already got, I don't think I'll be in rush to buy more gadgets and gizmos that I'll probably not use anymore.

  • Yet another too little too late eb style of doing business. When everyone is having a genuine sale at year end. They refuse to discount their stocks and played around with their pre-owned junks offer.

  • Wasnt the xbox one s $300 with a game just this christmas?

  • Bit off topic here, but can anyone find a PS4 for $270ish?
    Can you guys use your magical deal finding methods to help?

    Great deal, definitely one of the best prices for an Xbone