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Western Digital Scorpio Black 500GB 2.5" Hard Drive $89 Delivered @ PricesEngine


Model name:
WD5000BEKT 500 GB, SATA 3 Gb/s
Manufactured by:
Western Digital
2.5" - 500 GB, SATA 3 Gb/s, 16 MB Cache, 7200 RPM.

One per paypal account/address.

WD Scorpio Black.
Mobile Hard Drive.
See more specs at Western Digital

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  • jeez - in the rush to get these PE deals posted first, people are really not putting much for title/description

    it's just a post guys, it helps if you get the info right….

    • +2

      Was about to comment on the same thing.

      "Western @ Pricesengine.com" - best title ever (since changed).

      • -1

        I was on a laptop today and finger slipped while trying to press the shift key lol.

    • It's changed now - more info… hey at least you were first right?

      on an side note…

      Why can't I edit my comment? I can usually edit after posting…has this changed?

    • +2

      why doesnt their rep put it up at 11.59? =)

  • Hardly feel like a bargin when they had 1TB HD Twin Pack $119 a couple weeks ago (including delievery). Feel free to disagree.

    • +5

      this is a 2.5" drive - different category altogether

      good price…

    • comparing this deal to the 2x 1TB drives offered last week; the drive in todays offer is 2.5" compared to 3.5" in the previous offer. so the drive on offer today is compatable with laptops from my understanding. and 'black' version of drive so nice and quick speed…

    • Ahhh, 2.5 HDD yes that would explain the price. Unfortunately I don't have a need for them at the moment but nice price thou.

  • +1

    you can always change the heading later…. saves getting dups on there:

    500 GB is really not big enough… the 1tb FALS would have been better at this price…
    though doubt they can do it that cheap…

    will be interested to see how fast it sells out, dont think it will sell as fast as the 2tb drives.

    semi agree with the above, (beaten by 5 seconds) but these ARE blacks, so a much better drive if you look at the performance stats.

    • Ya! I think so….

      but it's still a good HD, 7200rpm, 500G.

      It's good enough for my Laptop.

      • OHH sorry didn't realize these where 2.5s was too fast skimming over it…
        2.5 blacks are pretty good… specially at this price.

  • Nice, just grabbed one. Will fit in nicely beside my SSD in my laptop.

  • +3

    it's 2.5 not 3.5 price is fair

  • +2

    well, it's THE black one…so faster…
    however, after experiencing heaps of problem of my WD green, I'll never choose the WD again…the quality is very bad.
    too bad I missed the segate twin pack deal the other day….

    • +3

      whatever which brand, You have to make sure the drive is backup all the time. This is important.

  • does this work for ps3??

    • +2

      Does PS3 using 2.5

      • Good thing you mention, as I am considering to upgrade my PS3 HDD, after Googling found this is to be very simple thing to do. I believe Scopion Black whilst is supposedly superior compared with the Scorpion Blue but it is not recommended according to some users upgrading PS3 (BTW I am no expert here) because aaprently the 7200RPM causes about 10% more heat and draws more power, instead of the standard 5400rpm 2.5 inch SATA HDD….. Everyone who has a PS3 knows how hot it gets, hence MAY contribute further to the heat inside the PS3. Any chance you can put up the Standard Scopion Blue 500GB instead.PS I would really like to buy that for my PS3.
        PS for those interested in the PS 3 upgrade you may want to check this http://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/?tag=ps3_hdd, cheers!

        • I can't see why heat would be any more of an issue than in a packed laptop.

          • +1

            @fido666: Its not , but excess Heat is a laptops enemy

        • Heat not an issue apparently. The extra heat is negligible at most in the ps3, phat of slim.

          but when you can get $77 at MSY for slightly slow speed drive, why bother on the Black?
          The speed increase also is not noticeable at all too I read…on WP

    • Yes, PS3 uses 2.5" SATA drive.

      • Just be careful as some of the larger volume 2.5" drives are higher and wont fit in the PS3 if they are, i think its due to more platers in the drive.

        • This hdd fits the ps3 specs. Its just whether you want your ps3 to be a bit hotter than normal in return of faster speed.

          • @markmeister92: I forgot about the RPM. I believe the recommended HDD is 5400RPM rather than 7200 due to HEAT issue. Less so if you have the Slim version.

    • For those interested in PS3 upgrade you might want to check this out and you tube video. Looks easy to do too. All the best!

    • Sorry, accidentally double post.

  • i bought a wd scorpio BLUE for $60 i know black is better but is $60 for blue still a good deal? i was looking for blacks but cudnt find any cheap ones. just want to be able to sleep happy knowing i still got a good deal
    its for external storage anyway (no reason why i cant use it as a system drive in the future tho)

    • +1

      yeah thats a fantastic price, usually around 80 bux for the blue.

      • thanks i can sleep easier tonight

        • +1

          where did u get the blue for tt price?

  • +1

    @minniewu, the Buy button doesn't show up on a netbook screen. It's located too low and scrolls down along with the page so it never shows up. Had to full screen the browser to see it.

    • Thanks for your information.

      I will make a note to our IT department about this.


      • Got one for the lappy, thanks…any info on any ssd's for the upcoming deals? Cheers.

      • Any chance for an external 1TB 7200 usb/eSATA drive ?? eSATA is the key ! Say under 100$ like the 29JUL Aldi Deal?

  • This is $36.40 (delivered) cheaper than if I bought the same thing today from centrecom.com.au who have prices comparable to msy but will post. Bargain!

  • MSY sells 2.5" WD 500GB for $77…


    • +1

      That won't be a Black though, they only sell blue or green.

      Does the 3% Paypal surcharge apply to this deal?

      • green is for 3.5 only too

    • would be better for the ps3 , its not as fast as the one listed

    • msy never have stock and the waiting time is 30-40mins.

  • Prices is good, cheapest on StaticIce $105 and it is not including shipping.
    If you have PS3 Slim, I guess it's ok because PS3 Slim runs cooler, so a bit of extra heat from these HDD should not impact anything.

    For the first time ever, I manage to buy from PricesEngine. Hope it is not letting me down.
    MinnieWu, please make sure that the padding is adequate for posting. HDD is very sensitive devices, and I didn't want it to fail too early…

  • A PriceEngine deal not sold out 2 1/2 hours after being posted? Wow.

    • +1

      i was a bit surprised too…i guess a generalisation is that people are more likely to upgrade things in a desktop rather than a laptop or PS3.

      adding an extra HDD (or few) in a desktop is one thing, but for some (well I'll just speak for myself really), the benefit wasn't enough to overcome my laziness in having to replace the HDD in my netbook (120GB) or PS3 (250GB) and all the data migration / reinstalling that it can involve too.

      Regardless though, I keep on looking at this page with an urge to buy it still!

      • It is worth it though to get a late model (high data density) 7200rpm drive like this, its the next best thing to a SSD speed wise, for a fraction of the cost. But yeah, as I said below, I'd get one with a G sensor - especially for a netbook, unless you do regular backups.

  • This one doesn't have the G sensor. I prefer the Seagate 7200 500GB 2.5 with G sensor for laptop/mobile use. This is good for static use though eg. PS3 etc.

  • Is the Scorpio Black the fastest 2.5" HDD for laptops? I'm currently using a 320gb Scorpio Black but might get this. Never knew they had 500gb Scorpio Blacks. I had an SSD but honestly, the improvement in speed wasn't worth the huge cost and low capacity so I sold it and went back to HDD.

    Edit: I think I got the last one. It's sold out now

    • Fastest 2.5" would be WD's velociraptors, but probably not practical.

      • Can you even put them in laptops? I thought they require a 3.5" heatsink/bracket?

        • WD sells them bare too, but hard to find in Australia.

    • Try Seagate's 7200rpm one ?

      Shouldn't be much difference though.

      • Yeah, I've got 2 of the 500GB seagates, and they are blisteringly fast, haven't even had to RAID0 them yet. That will be my next step before moving to SSD, will probably go SSD in about 2 years time (but by then we will probably have 1TB 7200rpm 2.5's lol).

  • Sold out… Missed out again.

  • Woo sold out wasn't going to buy this anyways

    • That would be a 5400RPM drive.

  • Bought a Scorpio black 320GB 2 years back for $160. Absolutely fast performance. Drastically improved my notebook boot time and made Windows beareable until Win7.

  • What do people think of the Seagate Momentus XT (SSD/HDD hybrid) compared to this Scorpio Black? I just found out about the Momentus XT. Not sure if the performance gain is worth an extra $100 though.

    • How would that work anyway?

    • its the worst of both words , i think they are raiding the drives ie makes it much bigger and warmer , not advisable the high end asus has this drive

      Also SOlD OUT please update title

  • new deal is a GA-P55A-UD3P Motherboard, why are weekend deals so boring :P

    • Thats what i was thinking was hoping for ssd or another 500gb 2.5

  • Will there be any more 1TB/1.5TB/2TB hard drives? I've love to pick up a 1TB.

    • yes 1.5 tb on the catchup deals.. 90 bux… schweet!

      • Catchup Deals?

        • occasionally they put an extra link on the front page to another deal.
          called a catch up deal.. not sure if its cause they still have stock left or what not…

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