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Flights to Singapore Return from Perth $198, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast $278, Via Scoot Airlines @ IWTF Finishes 3pm Tues)


Flights to Singapore from $198 Return on Scoot Airlines. Finishes 3pm Today (Tues).

Scoot is having a Huge sale on flights to Singapore. Be quick - sale finishes today at 3pm AEST Today. Lots of travel dates in Feb - Aug/17.

Perth to Singapore Flights $198 Return.

  • Dep. 20/Feb Ret. 24/Feb $198
  • Dep. 20/Feb Ret. 27/Feb $198
  • Dep. 20/Feb Ret. 28/Feb $198
  • Dep. 20/Feb Ret. 01/Mar $198

Sydney to Singapore Flights $278 Return.

  • Dep. 20/Feb Ret. 27/Feb $278
  • Dep. 20/Feb Ret. 28/Feb $278
  • Dep. 20/Feb Ret. 01/Mar $278
  • Dep. 20/Feb Ret. 02/Mar $278

Melbourne to Singapore Flights $278 Return.

  • Dep. 20/Feb Ret. 05/Mar $278
  • Dep. 20/Feb Ret. 06/Mar $278
  • Dep. 20/Feb Ret. 09/Mar $278
  • Dep. 20/Feb Ret. 13/Mar $278

Gold Coast to Singapore Flights $278 Return.

  • Dep. 20/Feb Ret. 02/Mar $278
  • Dep. 13/Mar Ret. 16/Mar $278
  • Dep. 13/Mar Ret. 21/Mar $278
  • Dep. 13/Mar Ret. 24/Mar $278

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  • +1

    That's just crazy

  • Damn I really wish this was in september, would have insta purchased for the grand prix :(

    • +1

      Well thats not true. Most decent travel insurance covers checked luggage.

      • So which travel insurance do you suggest then?

        • Well honestly i'm in a big fight with my travel insurance company at the moment… so i wouldn't dream of recommending them.

          However, I used to go with Vero and they were always pretty good. I'd just go on one of those compare websites, and look for one that includes baggage.

          I went on InsureandGo website, and even their "Bare Essentials" include $2,000 in baggage. It says though that laptops/cameras etc are not covered for that level of cover.

          So there must be more to your story…..

        • @djlethal: Their website fine print says the policy does not include checked in luggage if you have time to go through the whole page. They even sent me email with that part of clause specifically and told me it's not included in the cover. I bought the Silver package which is supposed to be the mid level cover. None of their covers including checked in luggage.

          Not idea why people think I am lying on travel insurance policy. I am trying to warn everyone here on certain travel insurance companies they are a very sly bunch of people and hide everything in small fine prints.

        • @arctan:

          Reading below.

          Unaccompanied baggage is not checked in baggage.

          The PDS makes no mention of not covering checked in baggage.

        • @djlethal: Their definition of unaccompanied baggage including checked in baggage. Don't ask me how did they come up with that in the first place. So as long as it's not your carried on baggage, it's unaccompanied in their definition.

        • @arctan:

          Well then i'd challenge it.

        • @djlethal:
          I did mate but the claim was rejected. Nothing else I could do. Just an email saying it's declined based on blah blah and no more correspondence.

        • @arctan:

          Thats not what i meant by challenging it.

        • @djlethal: Can you explain it further? How do I challenge the decision?

        • @arctan:

        • +1


          Ask for internal review.
          Failing that, go to the Dispute Resolution officer of the actual underwriter (ie, Lloyds or Great Lakes etc etc - should say in PDS who its underwritten by).

          And Failing that go to http://fos.org.au/ and lodge a dispute there.

          Good luck.

    • +10

      I think you mentioned this before in a previous thread. I'm not sure what travel insurance you had that didn't cover luggage, but it must be the worst insurance in the world. I've never had travel insurance that didn't cover that. Even the free credit card insurances do. I think there must be more to your story.

      • +1

        it's possible to buy "medical only" travel insurance, but nobody would expect that to cover lost luggage

      • Well it was with Insureandgo. They hided the exclusion clause in the small fine print and refused my claim as it's a checked in luggage (in their definition the checked in luggage means unattended item so it's excluded from their cover).
        Why would I make up a story on my travel insurance claim anyway?

        • What exactly happened to your luggage, and why did Scoot refuse to help you? Did you lose it at the airport, or did you check the luggage in and never get it back?

        • @Wampus: It was lost at Singapore airport. We never found it after landing, the bag went missing at the luggage collection section. Someone probably stole the bag and the airport staff told us to speak to Scoot and then Scoot told us to speak to our travel insurance company because they can't help either (pretty much telling us to go away and dont bother with them anymore).

          It was painful to follow up with Scoot customer support department as they simply don't reply your queries/emails/phone calls. It's like a black hole and nothing comes out of it. Next time I will just bring carry on bags.

      • From Insureandgo PDS -

        What you are not covered for applicable to Sections E1-E5

        1. Any claims in relation to;
          a. unaccompanied luggage (unless your airline carrier has to transfer your luggage to a different carrier or
          flight for reasons other than the luggage being over the allowable weight limit)
          b. luggage sent under any freight agreement or items sent by postal or courier services.
    • +1

      are you sure it was Travel insurance? :)

      • +1

        Scoot refused to compensate my missing luggage in Singapore airport and told me to check with my travel insurance company. So basically both parties were telling me tough luck and go away. Scoot has pretty much the worst customer service and they wouldn't even reply my emails or very difficult to reach. Their contact number in Sydney is constantly ringing out. It was a bitter experience hence I am telling everyone to be careful on checked in luggages.

  • +3

    Got jetstar to beat by 10%

    • SYD-SIN or MEL-SIN?

      • Must be MEL-SIN because SYD-SIN is not operated by Jetstar.

    • +1

      Great idea.

      Scoot has the worst ontime performance for any international carrier ex Aus.

      • +1

        I didn't like flying back 1 in the morning… so went with jetstar.

  • +8

    checked in bag is stupidly expensive - $123

    • same with jetstar, however they charge around $120 each way, so the initial return ticket of $350 turns into around $700 very quickly

      • I'm pretty sure with Jetstar for 20kg it's $53 from Melbourne to Singapore and $36 back ($89), but it's still expensive.

        You may have confused it with the plus bundle (which again is cheaper for the leg returning from Singapore).

        • yeah, last time I book to Japan with Jetstar it was $27 ish for 20kg each way

    • +2

      Buy another seat and tie the bag on the seat.

      • But.. another seat is $139!

  • +2

    Bugger, we're flying Scoot to Singapore on Thursday! Second time with them, very impressed on the first journey, roomy seats on brand new planes. Food was not great and being a budget carrier they can nickel and dime you but it still works out cheap and we had no issues.

  • What's the weather like in March?

    Dry-hot or muggy-hot?

    • It's 'muggy-hot' all year round

      • someone told me in july is hottest… but I thot since it's near the equator there's no 4 seasons… it's either wet or dry?

  • +1

    And if you're lucky, they'll get Singapore Airlines to charter your flight instead. 😉

  • Booked the flight in the morning, and waited 24 hours for my confirmation itinerary to arrive, which never did. So I called scoot and gave my booking reference and they said "Payment was declined" so the booking was not successful.

    Apparently there is no notification to tell me that "Payment was declined"?? And after checking my credit card, there is nothing wrong on that end.

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