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PlastiDip Clear, Blaze Colours, Metalizers and Plast Dip Primer $5 @ Caswell Plating


Due to the overwhelming support we received from members of ozbargin, we (Caswell Australia) have decided to expand the $5 Plasti Dip range to include Metalizers, Primer and clear. Don't worry the vibrant fluro Blaze colours are still $5.

This is a massive 80% off our normal price and $24.99 cheaper than Autobarn or other online retailers.

Plasti Dip Spray On Coating
Coat anything with a flexible rubber coating.

• Flexible - won't crack, chip or become brittle.
• Insulates from electrical shock, vibration, heat and deadens sound.
• Provides safe, non-slip comfort and control.
• Durable - resists weather, chemicals, impact and abrasion.
• Covers approx 5-10 sq ft

11oz can (311ml)

“Plasti Dip Blaze is a unique collection of neon Plasti Dip colours that deliver eye-catching looks for any application. Use Plasti Dip Blaze anywhere you need >bright, easy to see colours—you can use it to improve visibility for safety concerns, to add can’t-miss colour to frequently misplaced items, or for a one-of-a-kind look on almost any do-it-yourself project.”

Postage is $15 for most metro locations regardless of how many hundred cans you buy. We have to use a courier to ship aerosols as they are defined as a dangerous good according to the transport code. For this reason we can not ship via Australia Post. Being a courier some areas outside of metro locations can cost a bit more, full postage calculators are available on our website.

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        • +51

          You should dip that high horse give it some blaze hoofs. Like pimp your ride.

      • +4

        Whew! Was worried as that looks soooo accurate. Just like the real thing. (Alternate Truth)

  • +2

    I have a few not-too-deep scratches on my white car bumper (paint layer is gone but the undercoat and primer is visible), is plasti-dip the right kind of stuff for little repair jobs? (though I noted there is no white colour option)

    • +27

      No Plasti dip is not a good match for stock automotive paint it has a rubber texture, and will only blend with its self. Your best option would be a can of touch up paint from your local auto shop. Duplicolor have a fantastic range.

      • +30

        FFS scrimshaw. why the Fark would you ask a question on a forum to gain further knowledge?!!! just piss off to trade school and do a spray painting apprenticeship and stop wasting all of our time.

        • +2

          It's only 3 years to finish… not like any one of us wants to waste 3 seconds of our time listening to your problems!!!

  • +1

    Good price.
    But I only need black ones and glossifiers.

    • +1

      We have Black with 20% off for $20 a can and Glossifier at %40 off coming in at $15 a can. Grab some Primer for $5 at the same time :)

      • I've never used pastidip primer before.
        How to use it?

        • Shake, Point, Spray. Use it 1st it creates a stronger bond between the primary surface and the coloured Plasti Dip it will still peel off when required but makes it more durable ideal for wheels that might cop a bit of extra abuse.

        • @CaswellAustralia:
          I can't find the [Matte] Black one…. is it there or am I blind again?

        • +1
        • @eug:
          Guess I am blind :D

          But no discount on that one : (
          Might as well get that Armour All stuff from Super Not-Cheap Auto.

        • @Kangal: Do they still have black? I thought that sold out aaaages ago.

        • @eug:
          Hmmm, not sure… I think its a stocking issue/location thing.
          Some may have them back, others may never have sold out, YMMV

        • @Kangal: the don't sell the armorall customshield range any more. it was replaced by duplicolor custom wrap

        • @Kangal:
          SCA now has a multibuy deal on duplicolor custom wrap.
          $35 for 2 cans.
          Normal price is $25 per can.

        • @leoh: still too expensive. cheapest it's been is 2 for $20.

  • +1

    no black?

  • +2

    Can I spray plastidip on my bathroom walls as a cheap waterproofing solution?

    • +31

      It does make things water proof, I sprayed the dead flowers to bring back the colour and the water just ran right off. Would make for a colourful bathroom. But a cheaper solution would be not using water in there.

      • +4

        Instructions unclear, butt stuck on toilet.

  • This sounds really cool. Can you give ideas for unusual projects people have used your product for? (Everyone-keep ur minds out of the gutter)

    • +1

      Be your local Goldfinger

    • +5

      Well there goes my idea of spraying the house number on the curb, it's to close to the gutter.
      I've seen Cars, phones, tools, kitchen utensils, flowers, bikes all painted before. Used it to put a camo pattern on our bush gear. Painted a plywood dinosaur skeleton to hold it all together.

    • I painted my white air conditioner in my theatre room black with this stuff, it was relatively new unit and stood out like the proverbial in my all black room..

  • +1

    Due to the overwhelming support we received from members of ozbargin

    Are any of them members of OzBargain too?

    • Ikr, first deal post and 'overwhelming support'

      • +23

        Our first post. We only found out about this site when someone we didn't know posted one of our specials up. During that time we were run off our feet trying to meet demand.

        Here was the post that brought it to our attention. To this day we still have no idea who the guy or girl is but we will happily shout them a few beers at the local.


      • +8

        I posted this deal a while back and people seemed to like it, that's probably what they're referencing about the support.

        • +16

          Bingo!!! Doweyy thank you for posting it and I'm serious about those beers if you're down our way.

        • +6


          I'm up in QLD unfortunately but if you would substitute some beers for 2 cans of black delivered I'm in!!

        • +47

          @doweyy: done. Don't know how to private message you so shoot us an email. I'll get back to you in the morning.

        • +1


          Awesome, I just sent through the email form now, thanks!

        • +3

          @doweyy: nothing has come through via the email from from you. Can you email us direct [email protected]


        • +2


          Oops, I sent it direct through the email now.

        • +26


          Take note business owners. This is how you run a business and maintain customer satisfaction.

        • +2

          @nurries: cringe

        • @CaswellAustralia:

          Hey guys, just wondering if you received my email?

        • +1

          @doweyy:yes as soon as I get a chance I'll shoot you a reply with the tracking # Things were insane here today 2 full pallets of orders went out and we are still catching up on the administration side of it. Now deciding what product we should premote next month.

    • +2

      Grammar Nazi…

      • +4


    • +2

      Oz Bar Gin, for all your discount alcohol needs

  • Need black, so the $20 postage doesnt work out for me

    • +3

      If you're local you can pick up.

  • Pickup okay? (as long as we pre-arrange a time as per the website?)

    • +5

      Yeah pick up is no problem. We are not always at the warehouse during business hours so we ask people to arrange a time to meet us there saves a wasted drive.

  • I have an upcoming project around April that will require white plastidip and was wondering how long the % off deal is for?


    • +2

      I wish I could but we don't know. The owner might see how much of the plasti dip is flying out the door below cost and change his mind at any point. Come April we may or may not have stock, depends on delivery times from the USA, exchange rates and so on.

      Better play it safe and get in now.

  • hi OP thanks for the offer. can i paint my car rear glass window, as in lettering for my business? will it stick long on the curved glass window, considering the mix weather in melb?

    • +4

      This does actually work the trick is to use a stencil and multiple coats. The good thing is you can peel it off at a later date. We did this as a prank when we drew images on one of the company cars to watch the owners reaction. looked it they had been tagged, and then before they went crazy we simply peeled it off.

      • What kind of images did you draw?

        • +3

          The D?

        • +4

          Jeremy Clarkson inspired. Not appropriate to post here.

    • Just get die cut vinyl lettering (you would need this for a stencil anyway).
      Rated for 7+ years

  • Ordered gold, primer and clear. Would have bought a few cans of black if they were on special.

  • $50 shipping for two cans to Tasmania!

    • +3

      Sorry some locations in Tasmania are more than others. Tas in general is a bit higher as they need to get special permision to load HAZMAT items on to the boats. We have been trying to find an alternative for some time.

  • Wow, perfect timing and perfect location. I am in hoppers too. Do I need to make a appointment before picking up?

    • Yes, because we are not at the warehouse every day. Please call Paul on 0427 70 80 90 to arrange a time.

  • Would the clear be any good for covering the front of a camper trailer to stop it being damaged by stones?

    Could I spray the bullbar/bonnet edge/grill of my car before a big trip then pull it off easily at the end to get rid of the dead bugs?

    • The Clear is a great cheap alternative as a car bra. It does protect from the stones, its used a lot in the USA to protect from salt spray and corosion during the winter months.

  • I want to plasti dip the clutch and brake leaver on my motor bike… what's the best way of doing this?

    obviously they get handled a lot, so is it even an option?

    Awesome deal:)

    • +1

      id advise against it. Its not meant for that kind of abuse. Even regular automotive paint would have a hard time which is why a lot of the time they are anodized.

    • +1

      Just buy a coloured shorter pair of eBay, they're cheap AF.

      • i did this… they fit was horrible. so much play in the brake leaver

        • Mine are good. Must be a hit and miss.

    • +1

      Agree with the 2 other comments for a clutch or break lever you dont want something that is removable. best bet is to buy anodized replacement parts.

      • +1

        drats, thanks for the honest response

        • Get your old levers POWDERCOATED.

      • after more thought i figured at $5 i may as well get it and do some other parts. Is it worth putting a clear coat on top? or no need

        • +1

          No need for the clear coat on top.

  • Understand its 1 can per wheel for colour, but how many cans of primer would I need to do 4 wheels?

    • +1

      I didn't use any primer on my wheels, just clean thoroughly as per directions. Sprayed in black over 2 years ago and they are still as good as the day I did them (you can never see the brake dust lol).

      • Cool thanks

    • +1

      1 can will do 4 wheels its just to give it a bit of extra stick.

  • I'm going to be painting the lips of my motorbike wheels gold. Will 1 can cover both wheels?

    • You will need 1 can of black base per wheel and 1 can of metalizer gold flakes will do 2 bike rims, you will need to keep building up the coats as its only a flake. Alternativly you could look at the true metalics range they have a gold but again 1 can per wheel.

      • I emailed you guys just before. Will primer work instead of black? I ordered thi this can http://www.caswellplating.com.au/store/store.php/products/pl.... How does it differ from gold flakes?

        My plan was to just spray the clear primer, and then the gold metalizer.

        • +1

          The gold metalizer comes up best with a black base we have tried it over white and various other colours but to get a true gold finish use black under it.

  • Any suggestions on which colours are needed to replicate BBS gold wheels?

    • +5

      Green… No wait I meant gold?

      • +1

        Google says the closest is vintage gold.

  • Could I prank someone by using a white spray on their black car so that it looks like it has been vandalised but just comes right off?

    • +1

      Yes, but you need to be careful of over spray it peels off easier when its thick, the mist part is a a bit harder to clean off. Highly recomend posting to youtube.

        • +12

          Just be sure you have health and/or life insurance.

      • I used the Armour All version of this to add a car bra when I was doing a long drive. The thin areas were a massive pain to remove. In the end I sprayed on bug and tar remover which fully softened it, then pressure-sprayed it off.

        In the morning I realised the overspray from the pressure sprayer ended up covering the whole back of the car in tiny bits of plasti dip/armour all, which then re-hardened after the bug and tar remover was gone.

        I ended up having to use another can and a half of bug and tar remover to remove all the tiny bits.

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