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3D Mesh Lumbar Seat Back Massage Support $3 Delivered @ Kogan


3D Seat Back Massage Support

Great prices for both, similar ones are around $10 at officeworks.
Thanks to PriceHipster for the find.

Edit: The 2x Mesh supports for $2 delivered are sold out. 3D ones are still available

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  • wow the 2X packs went quick…. :(

    • Yeah they were a steal for $2 delivered. I was lucky to get one

  • +13

    Got one of these from Officeworks for a few dollars. Was rubbish. Uncomfortable and quickly lose shape. Just invest your money in a proper chair with proper back support.

    • +7

      It can be hard when work supplies the chair, especially if that chair is in a vehicle. Having said that, if you've got back issues it's probably worth spending more than $3 on a support.

    • Well, any recommendation for a good chair at a decent price? Got an amazing one for bf who lives in the States from Amazon for less than $200 that's comparable to the top of the line $700-$1k ones but obviously that's not deliverable to Australia at a decent rate any time soon. Until I can justify spending a week's pay just on a chair when I know it can be done for much cheaper, I'm going to get a back rest to cover for now :(

      • Link to the Amazon one? If it really is comparable then the $100-200 shipping might be worth it.

        • +4


          That was the one over 6 months ago was $135 USD. One day I was in one of those "could be interesting, let me just quickly look into this" mood that surely turned into a 6 hour in-depth research so can now claim a relatively proficient knowledge of the… American ergonomic office chair market. Anyway, from what I gathered, a respectably ergonomic chair designed for long hours at a desk generally fall into the above $700 USD category when you factor in design and build quality. The general consensus is that the AirGrid and some of its variants come fairly close if not on par with these premium chairs minus a few ticks that I am happy to forego for the sometimes 4-fold price drop (wheels aren't made as smooth/sturdy, back without fancy settings) but the important points were well above satisfactory (build, support, etc).

          He's had it for over 6 months now. He's brought it to the workplace where he sits in front of a monitor for 60-80hrs a week (minus lunch/dinner/meetings probably 50-70hrs/week on the chair) and so far its lasted and most importantly, is good. A world of difference from the chair that he had been using (at $100 so its not like its even a linear payoff). Have never sat on these $1k chair for a prolonged period so can't compare but that's pretty good.

          Alright, now I feel like I'm selling this chair. Just very passionate about this area cos my chair now is not very good at chair.

          Since then there seems to be have entered the market a few more options, many of which have received good ratings on Amazon in vast numbers (at a quick glance, an Amazon brand chair around the USD$50 mark for example).

          Not sure if this is useful but I just came back from the States and came back with an empty suitcase (literally), airlines usually give 2 checked in bags for this route (flown with a number of Airlines from Qantas to the shitty budget random ones always been the case). Should have ordered one and put it in a suitcase and checked it back home. The weight is less than the allowance for 1 bag. Damn.

        • @vanderjam:

          Thanks, that was very useful info :)

          My current chair is falling apart, and now's probably as good a time as any to find a new one. I wonder if there's anything similar locally… otherwise, the shipping probably is worth it, or maybe a holiday to the US.

      • +3

        Check out gumtree. I Got a Steelcase Think for 150, effectively brand new. Lots of surplus office supplies floating around. Honestly such a good chair, comparable to the Herman Miller one I have at work, for 1/10th the price.

        • Thanks I'll check it out!

    • I agree, they're ok for the first 10s, then you wonder why you even bought them in the first place.

  • +3

    A quick search on eBay reveals identical product from $3.83 delivered (from China).

    • +4

      So this is cheaper.

    • I did see in chinese shop for $3 on sydney road.

  • +7

    I'll call it early:
    There doesn't appear to be much support behind this post!

    • +1

      I think you need to grow a backbone with these silly puns

  • +12

    They are 2.80 at Daiso…

    • Are they actually in Daiso? I don't visit there often enough unfortunately.

  • Got one at bigw the other day $5

  • What's the difference the 3d one looks like the 2x one that sold out

    • You cannot buy 2x one from them but you can buy 3d now.

    • No difference from the pics. looks the same to me.

      • Yeah the dooche above is just a retard. I'm glad he graduated from grade 2, clearly he failed grade 3 and doesn't know when and where to put full stops.

    • They are different look at the placement of the middle stripe, different mesh and according to ebay different sizes

  • -2

    Don't forget to add your Freight Protection option for $1.99

  • what on earth is 3D mean?

    • +1

      not flat :P

    • I think it's HD as well.

  • +2

    I think I'd wait for the FHD version. Too much trouble having to wear 3D glasses with this one.

  • +1

    OP don't worry about the think they're such class clowns but are at best assclowns comments. I for one appreciate the share if they're better than nothing, that's $3 which is a bit more than nothing and if they not better than nothing, then there's $3 I will miss very much but my heart is strong and it will go on.

    • Haha all good :) I read on here they're quite good for seats like the ones at the MCG or car seats :)

  • +1

    Must resist temptation and wait for the 4K UHD version…

    • With HDR or without?

  • Do these support Band 28?

  • In China, you could get a proper memory foam back pillow for less than $4, with free fast delivery to your door.

    • +2

      Link us bro

    • Oh good, now all I gotta do is move to China.

  • +2

    Just checked out succesfully for the 2x for $2 !! Back in stock! Thanks OP

    • Don't get why 2 is cheaper than 1…….Kogan Logic…

      • +1

        Seems to be out of stock now.

      • Compare the pics they are slightly different, also ebay has both versions and going by the specs they are also different sizes

        • +1

          So which one is better, according to your comparison?

        • +1

          @sky blu: The twin packs are slightly cheaper than the 3D version. Also the twin packs have a wider circumference and the mesh looks to made from finer material as to which is better you really can't tell just from the pics but am guessing they are fairly similar.

        • @adr8: Did you also look into the specs of the FHD version?

        • +2

          @sky blu: Yes, but not as good as the 4K version which is the one I would recommend :)

  • But $2 is two garlic breads

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