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Get 10% off Your First Custom Designed Tee Shirts at Halfcut N Print


Halfcut N Print is a small Australian company, based south of Perth in Western Australia, specialising in custom Tee shirts and apparel. We pride ourselves in providing the latest, highest quality tee shirt printing services to our customers.

We're offering 10% off your first order for signing up to be a Halfcut N Print member.

1) Pre-Designed Tee Shirts - $24.75ea after discount - https://www.halfcutnprint.com.au/men-unisex/designed-teeshir...
2) Custom Designed Tee Shirts - $24.75ea after discount - https://www.halfcutnprint.com.au/create-your-own
3) Custom Designed Mens/Womans Hoodies - $44.55 after discount - https://www.halfcutnprint.com.au/create-your-own
4) Custom Designed Mugs - $13.35 after discount - https://www.halfcutnprint.com.au/create-your-own

For BULK orders please contact Paul directly via - https://www.halfcutnprint.com.au/index.php?route=information...


Local Pick Up = FREE

Standard 7-10 Business Days (Apparel) (Domestic)
0-4 items = $8.50
5-9 items = $14.50
15-20 items = $17.50
21-29 items = $25.50
30-50 items = $40.50
51-100 items = $55.00

Express 4 Business Days (ALL PRODUCTS) (Domestic)
Flat Rate = $28

Standard 7-10 Business Day (Mousepads) (Domestic)
0-12 items = $8.00
13-24 items = $14.50
25-100 items = $21.00

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  • You could put some example bargains in the description.

    • +1

      Original Post updated

  • -3

    Constructive criticism welcome.

    Good website and the designer tool is good as well.

    You really should move the business from Western Australia though, it's a failed state.

  • +1

    Looks alright. Some spelling errors on one of the pop ups that's came up:

    Our website provide a powerful tool to design T-shirt and many other product (Case phone, Mug, Card …), You can design anything with our tool, I hope you will satisfied with our service
    - Click Next to continue guideline
    - Click Close to begin design
    Thank you so much for visiting

    Our website provides a powerful tool to design T-shirts and many other products. You can design anything with our tool, and I hope you will be satisfied with our service.

    • Looks alright. Some spelling errors on one of the pop ups that's came up:

      Looks alright. Some spelling errors on one of the pop-ups that came up;

      • ozy is spelt wrong, it should be Aussie.

        Just saying.

        • It's Turkish and pronounced "eww-zee"

        • @ozy:

          Do you know how to pronounce my name?

          It's spelt Scab, but it's pronounced Scar-b.

          I think it's Celtic.

        • @Scab: ;)

      • +1

        Actually it should be a colon not semi-colon haha

        • Actually it should be a colon not semi-colon haha

          Actually, it should be a colon and not a semi-colon, ha ha.

    • +1

      Thank you username1 for your feedback.

      We will definitely look at getting those spelling errors fixed.

  • Any indication of price in this post OP?
    Or prices starting from etc..

    • $27.50 before the discount seems to be the general price.
      $24.75 after the discount.

      • Cheers mate, hopefully the OP adds this to the post.

        • Yeah, I was under the impression it was going to be expensive because they didn't put prices.

          But <25 for a custom tee isn't half bad. Especially when its supporting an aussie business.

        • +1


          Thanks guys, post has been updated to include discounted prices.

          Please feel free to contact Paul @ Halfcut N Print for any BULK orders. HNP can organise competitive deals or even show you the printing process, which is pretty cool.

        • @motion2082: you should reach out to Australian youtubers and twitch streamers.
          Definitely would help expand your sales.

        • @Originality:

          I will suggest that to the owner Paul to generate better SEO. More exposure is definitely needed at this stage.

  • neither brand is fair trade. Gildan have a horrendous reputation and the shirts are made for cents on the dollar. for these prices i'd expect fair trade brands like AS Colour.

  • Registered, got email confirming, but no discount?

    Also what are delivery costs please?

    • Hi offal spokesman.

      As soon as you have an account, simply use the coupon code "2017" to start saving.

      Please Note: You can still checkout as a Guest and use the coupon code "2017" if you prefer not to sign up.

      I will update the post with Delivery Costs

  • Only gives me option of express delivery $25 or free pickup to South Australia.

    • Hi DavRo

      What's your postcode?

      How many items did you add to your cart?

      • Hi motion2082
        Postcode 5162 Just one item.

        • HI DavRo,

          I picked a random item from the store and it gives me standard shipping for your postcode 5162.

          Could you tell me which item you're having an issue with?


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