This was posted 4 years 11 months 8 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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DJI Phantom 4 - Official DJI Refurbished Drone - $1099 Delivered @ Kogan (AU Stock) Normally $1299


Good price for a refurbished DJI Phantom 4 Drone.

Saw the special in my email.. we already have one and they're amazing (i would recommend buying an extra battery thought because the 28 mins isn't enough!)

First post for a deal so no hate please :)

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    Sorry, no "hate" intended but that is a pitiful reduction for a "seconds" product

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      Agreed. Refurbished products used to be sold at half or less of the original price. The reason being that refurbished products are generally seen as more unreliable and prone to breaking again. Unfortunately now days we also expect new products to break so there isn't much of a distinction.

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        Since when? Apple refurb is 10-15% off.

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      Understand what you're saying… we got a refurbished one in the US and it runs really well - cant tell the difference between the new one and the refurb aside from the -R on the end of the serial.

      That being said they still come with a 1 Year DJI Warranty and either way with the warranty you usually don't get a brand new replacement/parts if it fails.

      But id rather pay for this with the warranty and chance it rather than a new one at $1699.

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        OP's price is $1299 which is very relevant….$1699 changes the circumstances.

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        we have a refurb from DJI US as well - looks and works as new, 1 year warranty. honestly forgot it was a refurb till this comment thread!

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    In that case & again without "hate" IMHO by posting these non-deals aren't you encouraging this practice which, it would appear, we both consider a regrettable step backwards?

    (added on edit - a reply to OP

    • In your opinion.

      You may consider it a step backwards but when you crash it into a tree and its broken you'll be thankful you didn't spend the extra $600 on it. :)

      • Extra $600 maybe (even so your "used to be half" is my way of thinking on this) but where did that amount come from - the original diff posted is $200.

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          Well brand new the product is $1699
          Refurb RRP for the product is $1299

        • @MRManumanas:

          confused now - your header "$1099 Delivered @ Kogan (AU Stock) Normally $1299"

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          The refurbished product is normally $1299 at kogan
          The brand new product (not refurbished) is $1699

          I was simply saying in the comment that id rather buy the refurbished one and crash it then buy the brand new one and crash that

        • @MRManumanas:

          OK, that defines things for me, a better saving but still not ideal

          BUT it is certainly worth your posting it on a $600 difference.

          I can't commend the deal as "deal" BUT that is purely my opinion. I no longer have any "why?" on the deal appearing…hope that makes sense. Thanks for a polite discussion too by the way.

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          No worries - polite discussions don't happen very often!

          The $600 saving is good when you crash it and have to fork out $650 for a new gimbal/camera assembly (as a friend of mine did when he crashed it into a tree at 50 kmh).

          Have a good night :)

        • "No worries - polite discussions don't happen very often!" that's why I noted it LOL….and a great evening to you too.

  • Definitely a deal! +1, i have a p4 (which i paid $1,100 for used) and a mavic (new $1,499) and I still prefer the p4…camera stills and video eats the Mavic. P4 pro will be next…

    • I was thinking of getting a Mavic… you don't think its worth it?

      • I'd happily trade in image quality for the portability mavic offers.

        In full disclosure i own neither, after stupidity passed on the Bing Lee Mavic. :(

  • kogan doesnt apear on cash rewards?

    • Sorry you're right that was the eBay thing -removed rookie error

      • no problems… but that just made the deal a little less appealing :-(

  • 28 minutes aint enough?
    heh, don't get into racing drones then, under 5 minutes a battery, lol

  • What is the strongest wind that you would be able to fly one of these in? Would a 30-40km per hour breeze be a problem?

  • The speed of the phantom tops out at 30-35kmh from memory.
    Winds any higher than that and you will slowly blow away.

    • Top speed is actually 45MPH/72KMH .. it goes pretty fast.

      • Thats in atti mode though right?
        I definitely wouldn't be comfortable in 40kmh winds.

        • Nah not ATTI Mode - Still GPS Asisted sport mode - sport mode just turns off the safety sensors i believe.

          ATTI mode is completely different and certainly more dangerous.

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