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Xbox One Wireless Controller - $39 Delivered @ OzSale.com.au


Must make an account to view/purchase. Brand new but unboxed

Cheapest I've seen them available brand new
$70+ from most retailers.

Free Delivery, with pickup options available.

Allows quantities up to 5.

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    • +1

      These ones are unboxed… May also have semen

    • Are you the guy that recommended Steam Link for porn?

  • The payment hasn't processed for me yet? Will that happen tomorrow? Have no order confirmation yet just an email from paypal.

    • I use Gmail and I found their confirmation email in "promotion" tab.

      • I guess my payment hasn't been processed.

  • -2

    Why would these be loose with no box?
    Can only mean that they're counterfeit.

    • +3

      They might be OEM perhaps, bit like when you buy a microsoft mouse from a pc store they sometimes sell unboxed ones cheaper as they are not 'retail' packaging.

      I don't mind having no box if it means a lower price and helps the environment with less wastage.

    • +1

      Why would these be loose with no box?

      Maybe collected from console warranty returns.

      The accessories cannot be legally sold as "new" if that was the case.

      Can only mean that they're counterfeit.

      Well, if they are fake then you claim on your payment gateway (eg: Paypal) and you get a refund. You also get to keep the product too.

      In fact, if they are fake I might order more and get some freebies LOL

  • Considering that the fakes exist on alibaba/aliexpress readily (see examples here: http://wholesaler.alibaba.com/product-detail/Top-quality-blu..., https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Hot-Sale-Original-Wireless-C...); I wouldn't purchase it myself but who knows. I hope they are genuine, but having no box is pretty dodgy even if they are from returns or from bundles.

  • +1

    un-boxed means never opened. right?

    • Obviously.

  • +3

    Includes a 12 Month Supplier Warranty

    NOT manufacturer warranty (probably due to how these have been sourced). Sounds really dodgy to me.

    Purchased one anyway ;)

    Good luck getting a refund from Paypal if it's fake.
    Usually you need written proof from an official source (such as Microsoft) that it is fake.

    • Good luck getting a refund from Paypal if it's fake.
      Usually you need written proof from an official source (such as Microsoft) that it is fake.

      Not if the fake "doesn't arrive" or is "damaged" or it "doesn't work".

  • anyone know if the Surface RT 32GB any good for $199?

    • +4

      I had one. Since it is RT OS not full windows it is very limited e.g browsing Internet watching movies and running Microsoft Office. You can't do more than that only limited to the Apps in Microsoft Store. Hope it helps.

      • +1

        not worth it then.. thanks :)

  • +9

    Here's a screenshot of the page if anyone wants to have a look without signing up.

  • Bought 2 ,free delivery for my new account.Thank s

  • Sent an email to ozsale asking if these are genuine Microsoft controllers. Will wait and update once a response is received.

    • My invoice says I ordered a Xbox One Wireless Controller Black.
      No mention of the word MICROSOFT.

      Although it does say Microsoft in the ad. Am keen to hear their reply.

  • Got free delivery with a new account and pick up point. Thanks OP

    I got payment confirmation from PayPal, but have yet to receive any sort of confirmation from ozsale. Anyone else have this issue?

    • Correction. PayPal email only confirms authorisation of payment. Ozsale have yet to process the transaction.

      • Log into Ozsale, click Account, click Orders.

        Why do you want confirmation? What are you expecting to receive?

        • Thanks. Order is shown under my account.

          I can't think of another website I've ordered from where I did not receive confirmation by email.

          I haven't received an invoice.

          Edit: I don't think there is stock. My payment hasn't been processed by ozsale.

        • @Jebediah_Kerman:

          I haven't received an invoice.

          You can download an invoice. However it's not a proper invoice until you have actually paid.

          Edit: I don't think there is stock

          Correct, they already stated on the product page that "Estimated Delivery 09/03/17 - 14/03/17"

          There's also mention of this on the order summary page.

          My payment hasn't been processed by ozsale.

          Nobody's has. It's a "group pre-order" type of deal.

          They'll confirm the order (and finalise payment) when the stock arrives.

          Look at this screen capture

          THere's nothing suss happening here :-)

        • @llama:

          Haha, I probably read all this myself.

          Thanks for bringing me up to speed.

  • Thanks. I've been playing with a drifting controller for months; finally can justify getting a new one.

    • In car racing sims, I'm having trouble holding my slides neat when drifting.

      What's the special controller that you are using? :-)

  • +1

    So this is the response I have received regarding if the Xbox One controller is genuine.

    Sounds to me like a generic response so time will tell I guess. You could always return the product if not entirely happy.

    Thanks for your contact message!

    We assure you that notwithstanding our irresistible prices, all of our products are 100% authentic!

    As we source product from numerous sources across the World with buying teams and offices in Australia, NZ, USA, UK, France, Italy, KL, Singapore, China and Thailand, we have access to the Worlds’ major brands and deal directly with many brands or with their official suppliers.

    On occasion we may sell items that have not been sold in the Australian market. Rest assured however that these products are legitimate they may simply not have been offered as part of the range within our markets. For example there are many brands that have different ranges, sizes or styles for markets within which they operate.

    All product is authentic and we have taken every precaution to ensure that we have documentation tracing back to the brands themselves.

    Warm Regards,

    • Let's hope this is a genuine Microsoft product.

      Otherwise this wouldn't really be a good deal at all.

  • +2

    I've got a feeling they are going to run out of unboxed controllers ..

    • +2

      Won't take long for the sheltered workshop to remove more from the cartons.

      Cheaper than sending them back to China to be repacked by the factory who made that typo…

      Microsoft Xpox One Wireless controller

  • Any point in buying one of these just for the PC if you already have a xbox 360 controller with wireless adaptor?

    • I think you already know the answer.

    • Probably not, as you'd have to purchase a wireless receiver separately. My 360 controller is getting old and having major deadzone issues, hence the upgrade

  • Anyone know when they will receive their stock from their supplier?

    • -3

      That's none of your business, however maybe you are asking when you will get delivery from them?

      Simply go and look at the linked webpage, it's in plain text on there near the price.

      And look at your order too, as they tell you there. I will even show you my screen capture of what my order says >> http://i.imgur.com/aTtxbvC.png

      Why are you asking this question?

      • So i know when I'll get an item I've ordered… Maybe the OP might have some knowledge on when there will be stock. I can clearly see the order status and I never asked that.

        • @llama: I never requested an entire tutorial on how to use the website in question, was simply asking if there was anyone who may have known when they would get their stock in which is far from being unreasonable.

  • +2

    Received mine today. All looks good. Side by side with my original remote, its exactly the same.

    Thanks again OP!

    • No worries! Glad to hear, still waiting on mine.

    • remove the battery cover and compare em ? i think u can check with the serial number. but tbh if it works with my win 10 adapter i honestly aint fussed if its fake.

      should be here soon being dispatched today apparently :)

    • Got mine as well. Looks like they are the original controllers as they don't have the headphone jack which is somewhat disappointing.

      As to those speculating as to the source of these controllers and their lack of retail box, the packaging that these controllers come in appears to be the same as controllers included with console, so just a small plastic bag. It may be the case Microsoft have simply dumped excess inventory of the original controllers, which would have been included with the consoles, that have been superseded by newer designs that have instead now been included (Likely the controller with the headphone jack).

      • they don't have the headphone jack which is somewhat disappointing

        That calls for a refund/replacement imo. Item says it's supposed to have it.

  • My 2 controllers arrived today. They have Microsoft written on the stickers in the battery compartment.

    As mentioned they don't have headphone jacks, which is disappointing.

    Picture: Ozsale xboxone controller https://imgur.com/a/hI7Hb

  • Received it today. It wasn't the second-generation controller with the headset jack, despite "Plug any compatible headset into the standard 3.5mm stereo headset jack" being part of the item description, but the first-generation controller without the jack. Bit disappointed, have contacted them about it, but still a cheaper deal than any other official Microsoft controller I've seen. I feel I'm unlikely to see any resolution, but I can live with that.

  • Mine arrived today - also a Gen 1 without 3.5mm headphone jack

    Model: 1537 SKU Code: X873579-011

    Came in original OEM "X-Box Console" packaging with 2 x Duracell AA's also in a foam bag inside. I reckon there were pulled from consoles to update them and sell with new version controllers.

    GRRR - that's a deal breaker for me - the only reason I am buying is because my kid's favourite controller has some fault with the audio, so neither 3.5mm nor expansion jack will work with chat headset.

    It'll have to be returned, unless anybody wants to buy it?

  • Got a bloody Gen 1 controller as well :-( not happy at all.

  • -1

    Absolute crap.
    Received mine as well without the advertised 3.5mm jack. Still cheaper than anywhere else though?
    I'm gonna keep it but bloody hell if i was banking in the headphone jack to use one of my headsets.

    I've contacted them and received a shitty generic response. Disappointed as they explicitly advertised the feature.

    "Hi Tommy,

    Thank you for your contact message - we accept returns up to 21 days from dispatching your order.

    To return a product, please lodge a new return request. Click here for: My Returns.

    Please remember to be precise regarding the reason for your return so that our team can action your request accordingly.

    Our returns team will get back to you with your Returns Authorisation Number and our returns address as quickly as possible.

    As per our Terms & Conditions, we will credit your OZSALE account with the appropriate amount if your return is a due to a change of mind. If the product is faulty or incorrect, we will refund you via your original method of payment.

    Finally, please note on occasion we are unable to accept returns for a few sales. Where this is the case there will be a note advertising this on the product page of each item as you browse.

    If you have any further questions, please let me know and I'll be happy to assist.

    Warm Regards,


    Member Relations

    How has your OZSALE experience been? Let us know here: Member Relations Feedback"

  • If the product is faulty or incorrect, we will refund you via your original method of payment.

    You should be able to get a refund based on the incorrect description in the ad.

  • +1
    Merged from Xbox One Wireless Controller - $39 Delivered @ OzSale.com.au - BACK AGAIN

    Must make an account to view/purchase. Brand new

    Cheapest I've seen them available brand new
    $70+ from most retailers.

    Free Delivery, with pickup options available.

    Allows quantities up to 5.

    • Bugger just bought one from target.

      • buy another for family/friend as second controller.

        • All good. I got version 3. Only need two :)

    • Version 1 (Launch)
      Version 2 (3.5mm jack)
      Version 3 (One S/Bluetooth)

      • Version 2 i think ( Not One S)

        • +2

          Version 1. No jack. Got mine yesterday. Filed report with ozsale today.

        • @d1s34s3d: Hi, just had the same thing. original sale states "Plug any compatible headset into the standard 3.5mm stereo headset jack." I personally wouldnt pay $20 for the V1 controller.

        • @Messiahlad: opened a complaint with them and submitted photos and detailed explanation this morning. Will post back with details on how it plays out. I wouldn't have gotten it if I knew it was a ver 1.

        • +1

          Perfect for PC!

        • @Messiahlad: They have responded offering a full refund with return of the controller or 35% refund and I keep the controller. Still haven't decided which option I'll take yet.

        • @d1s34s3d: thanks for update. The response I have recieved only offers a full refund upon return of the item due to their "business model". I never new "lucky dip" was a business model

          All the best. The money would been better spent at target on Wednesday.

        • @britta: I appreciate the positivity. The v1 controller had the awful bumpers, so I sold mine. I currently have two s controllers for steam link. This one was for my son to have a spiderman faceplate switched out

        • @Messiahlad: I got them to up the partial discount a bit more to 40% and accepted that. I've got some young kids so that can be their controller. What's the deal on at target on Wednesday? I think I missed that one.

        • @d1s34s3d: the after dark special back on the 8th CDARKER $20 off for spending over $50. People here got the S controllers for $65 from $85. V1 for $39 vs v3 for $65 makes this a lot less attractive. I'll avoid ozsale again after this at this point.

        • @Messiahlad: ahh. Last Wednesday. I thought you meant there was something coming up this Wednesday. Used the cdarker code to buy $50 worth of stuff that had been in my watchlist for some time anyway so wouldn't have bought the one s controller from target.
          $24 after my refund is an acceptable price to me.

        • @d1s34s3d: at least there is a silver lining. Thanks for info on the partial refund. I might ask if it's possible and turn it in to air bush project.

        • @Messiahlad: Still getting bounced around by their team, pic submitted as well. They are not a bright bunch, one reply showed that they didn't even read my message and stated that headphones dont come with the product. Due to their business model, I cant say that I would use them again.

    • OK doing a search for xbox and controller and wireless and nothing coming up. They still there?

      • After 4 PM today

        • That could be why

    • does it work with original pc dongle from x360 controller?

      • NO - needs a "X-Box One for PC" dongle

    • fwiw i haven't received mine yet from the last order placed on feb 21

      • what were your shipping times?
        pretty sure it was a pre sale waiting for stock to despatch.

        • Got mine yesterday. Rural Nsw. Delivered by fastway couriers. It's a version one without a headphone jack.

  • +1

    So apparently mine was delivered this morning according to Australia Post email and tracking on website. I was home when it supposedly arrived (10am), yet there's nothing?

  • So by all accounts, this is not what people were expecting….
    has no 3.5 jack even though it mentions it and it prob V1 of the controller…

    Should one stay away?

    • Got mine on Friday, no 3.5 jack but still cheaper than other genuine xbox one controllers and seems to work fine, good to have a spare.

      • thanks buddy.

        Aside from the 3.5 jack and not being bluetooth… it is all good?
        So to confirm, it is a gen 1 xbox one controller?


  • Got mine today and it's model 1537 which is the original one that came with the original Xbox. No 3.5mm headset jack. Only reason I bought this was for the jack. Already have working controllers without the jack.

    Raising a return to ozsale.

    The model number with headphone is 1697. (Open the battery cover to see)

    The Xbox one S version is 1708.

  • Really great deal for these.

    also reminder that they sell the headsets as well, so best to grab both!

    I may grab one more pair.


  • +2

    Same as everyone else - disappointed that there's no 3.5mm jack, opened contact already … Not happy!!

  • Got mine same as everyone else remember to ask for 40% refund as a member got it here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/4513620/redir

  • Back in stock

    • Thanks Spackbace.

    • Careful.. They've removed the "3.5mm" text, but changed the picture to include a controller with the socket….

      Soooooooooooooo. Lucky dip I guess!

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