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Samsung EVO Micro SD Card 64GB $31.20. EVO+ 64GB $34.40, 128GB $57.60 @ Futu Online eBay


Was looking for an Micro SD card for my switch and thought i'll share the following to save others searching.

Seems like a good price considering JB and Harvey Norman want $70-$80 for 64gb.

Evo plus 64gb = $34.40
Evo Plus 128gb = $57.60


Original 20% off at Dell/Futu eBay Deal Post

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    Hey op maybe add prices in title & post

    Also samsung Evo
    Shopping Express
    $29 64gb (vs $32 after 20% off)

    • Didn't think the prices looked that great, but it has been a while since I looked.

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    why is "Nintendo Switch" in the title?

    • … and the price and store is not. :'|

    • Because when i searched for an micro SD card earlier on i didn't find a bargain.
      I'm simply helping those out who are looking for an SD card for their switch.

      • +12

        Yeah but its an sd card. Sure it fits in your Switch, but its got many uses (phones, tablets, cameras, raspberry pi's, etc ), so I wouldn't use that in the title (maybe say "perfect for Nintendo Switch" in the description). That way your bargain will be noticed by a wider audience who might also want an sd card.

        Its a bit like posting 'Toyota Corolla tyres" they're just tyres that happen to fit a corolla, as well as many other cars. Its narrow when it doesn't have to be. If that makes sense?

        • -6

          Good. When will be our next tutorial?

        • @JPic: :-) well always make a mistake which could be turned into a double entrenre, it attracts comments, especially from JV (whom attracts more comments), thus keeping your post up the top of the RSS feed!

        • @supabrudda: Thanks mate. It helped.

          p.s. I don't know why I got down votes though. Haha.

        • @JPic: no idea either, some have a sense of humor rather then a sense of humour :-)

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    Insert price for each and discount code in the title?

    • Adding pricing now, give me five

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    This is dearer than other reputable ebay stores without the 20% off?

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      and yet you still don't link…………..

    • Can you post some links please?
      Will share these with my colleagues.

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        supabrudda already has a Shopping Express link with cheaper Evo cards.

        This one has Evo+ 64GB for $29.59, decent ebay feedback. Admittedly, I've never bought from them before so I can't personally vouch for them.

        I bought 64GB Evo from Futu ten days ago, list price $30 with the previous 20% off code it was only $24. That code had a lot more participating stores.

        $31.20 is even dearer than their own $30 list price before they jacked the prices for this 20% off sale.

        I guess they didn't jack the price up with the previous code because they had competition, but did this time because the code only applies to them and Dell.

    • Bought a EVO+ 64GB from Shopping Express in March last year with free shipping, total cost $29.95.
      Now almost a year later it is being sold at higher price $34.40 even after discount?
      No deal :(

      • +2

        Unfortunately NAND prices have gone up since last year. It's affected SSD, RAM, Memory Cards, etc.
        Regardless, this is not a bargain as there are cheaper prices elsewhere for the same product right now, even after the 20% code.
        http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SAMSUNG-64GB-MICRO-SDHC-EVO-PLUS-... at $30.19 for a trusted seller.

  • https://www.vg247.com/2017/02/20/nintendo-switch-game-downlo...

    If you're getting a Switch, you best get a big SD card. Breath of the Wild is going to take up almost half the in-built storage.

    • +1

      Only if you want to download it.

  • Is the Samsung EVO Micro SD Card 128GB a good option to be used as phone storage? Mainly store photos and musics.

    • i've had one in my S7 for about 6 months, no issues

  • Not sure how Samsung is compared to Sandisk. Price for Sandisk Ultra UHS-I is AUD28 for 64GB at Msy or AUD29 at Officeworks (price match brings price down to AUD26.60).

  • Anyone got a better deal on the 128GB ones, or is this the best price, even if the 64GB one isn't?

  • EVO 64GB cheaper here? $25 pickup Hurstville NSW

  • +1

    Thank you for posting this. I've picked up Evo+ 128gb for my switch :)

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