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20% off Dell & Futu Online @ eBay

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    And I still cannot find Bose QC35 :-(

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      Check gumtree I got new pair for $300 sealed after cotd cancelled my order

      • oh dear - sure thx :-)

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          Be mindful of the fake ones though, there is a lot of people selling counterfeit Bose headphones which look and feel exactly like the real thing.

        • @ozsniper:
          i dont think qc35 has any fakes after binging it
          also went into jbhifi and examined them closely before visiting gumtree seller

        • @thelastnoob:

          Could be a really good fake. No way to know unless you got it from an authorised reseller or have a tax invoice.

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          register the serial at bose and they can identify the product

        • @ozsniper: If a fake can replicate the noise cancelling and sound quality of a Bose you are all good… If you can't tell the difference between headphones at this price point, QC35, Beats wireless studio, Sennheiser momentum wireless (let alone a fake) probably shouldn't be spending this much

        • @Lukas: If the fake one reach that quality, they have no point to fake…

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    Holding out for 20% off on the Sony Store to get a cheap refurb RX100 IV! Thanks anyway OP

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    Also earn bonus 2.00% cashback at eBay Aus :-)

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    Too bad Dell products are expensive these days….Lenovo has now become the king of bang for buck.

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      Since they went 'private' their deals dried up, as they've been concentrating on the enterprise sector.

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      Just means they're more likely to go bang…

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      If by "bang for buck" you mean "we only remove the spyware that gets found out", then… er, yeah…

  • Don't think Dell engages in store specific price jacking. Does Futu?

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      It wouldn't surprise me if Futu invented it

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        lol. so true. They always jack the prices for most of the good items. Have different stores on ebay. Big shame on retailers like them doing it. If they are bearing the price, why call it a 20% sale!!

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      Did they jack it up again?

      • I have been looking at sourcing a graphics card. price appears to have jumped so that actual discount is margional.

        • mostly I would say is "Free Shipping"… not the 20%

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    Can we make a wiki page that has 5 columns. Store | Sale on (Yes/No) | % off | Coupon Code | Expiry
    Add all the usual suspects in alphabetical order, free up the front page and make it easier to search/find.

    • good idea.

    • That's actually a great idea! Should get on it pronto :)

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    This makes the Steelseries Rival 300 Gaming Mouse $47.20 Delivered - Next cheapest is $75 at Scorptec.

    • How does it compare to the Razer DeathAdder?

      • a lot heavier and bigger, both brands software i found to be equally janky. much preferred the deathadder shape as I have small hands/claw grips and generally prefer the smaller fps-oriented mice (currently using an FK1). Mouse 1/2 switches are quite nice on the deathadder, decently clicky but require much less force to actuate than the steelseries which takes getting used to. Downside to the deathadder is that i had to RMA 2 of them due to eventual double clicking mouse 1/2 switches (firmware fix was not succesful), so if I were to get another deathadder it would certainly be the new elite (?) which claims to have more durable switches.

        • Thanks. I might go into JB and see how they feel.

      • If you ever liked the logitech MX500/10/18 I liken it to that. Software is good, if not updated almost once a month. Steelseries warranty is pretty good too.

      • Much better than the Razer DeathAdder, where to start…

        Proper right-handed design, none of that pseudo-ergonomic bs.

        Comfortable size.

        Best-in-class switches for ALL buttons and side buttons have almost perfect pressure to actuation and placement, I would accidentally click the Deathadder side buttons on occasion playing on my friends pc, wheel is decent but not amazing, rubberized grip is very comfortable.

        Sensor is again close to best in class, easily better than the trash Razer sensor.

        Software is light and easily installed, compare this to the FREAKING NONSENSE Razer Synapse 2.0 cloud software which requires signing up to use (can't use most fake/temporary emails as Razer blacklisted dozens of them) also worth noting that most of the shitty lift-off functionality in the software makes things worse.

        Any fan-boys are welcome to make an actual comparison, online reviews from plenty of reputable sources put the Rival 300 in good standing.

        Some people want adjustable weight and more buttons, the Rival 700 should be the go if you want that and an excellent sensor/software.

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    Who would ever pay full price for something on eBay?! 20% off is the new normal

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      Only for specific stores though. Hasn't been a storewide coupon in a while.

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    TP-Link AV2000 Ethernet over Power adapter $200 before 20% off?

    $169 everywhere else.

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      Welcome to eBay sales from few stores hiding behind the big stores who do not jack their prices. Check prices online first before buying.

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      I actually was really interested in EoP until I bought one and it achieved ~10% of the advertised speeds (advertised as 600MBit, achieved 53MBit).
      Although I guess over-advertising network performance is pretty common for all network peripherals

      • There's a few factors to take into consideration there
        First off, that speed difference looks like the difference between bits and bytes
        However, just because it says it can do 600mbps, doesn't mean the lan port on the wall plug can. Most only have 10/100 not gigabit (10/100/1000). Which then limits you to only 100mbps max

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    Futu didn't increase their prices in time. GOGOGO

    • Not true PS4 controller is $100 and psvr is $669

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        PS4 controller is $65 at Costco, Futu are a joke.

    • 7700k is still at an over inflated price. $10 cheaper from the last 20% though.

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        Why would anyone think about buying the 7700k when Ryzen is around the corner.

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          Those with intel boards?

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          @wem77: Seems like few people would spend that much to go from skylake to kabylake given the minor performance increase. Anyone who's below skylake is going to have to buy a new MB either way.

        • @enceladus94:
          Yeah I appreciate that. I'm doing my first build right now. Have already got a z270 Intel board, so just hoping the prices might drop a bit soon. Could sell the Intel board for an AMD though. Do we know yet the performance of AMD's chips comparable in price to the 7700k?

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          @wem77: There's been leaks suggesting the new AMD chips are ~5% below the equivalent intel chips they're competing with. However they supposedly meant to be much cheaper.

          However we won't know for sure until official units have gone out to benchmarkers, and if I recall these leaks were pure benchmark tool results and not gaming or desktop usage. So it could very well go either way.

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      For a change they actually reduced prices for some! I was checking the prices for WD Red 4tb and it was $285 yesterday, and now $275 - 20% off. Sadly the prices after discount are still on par with what MSY sells them for :| No real deals to be honest.

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      Yes, they did, and until OzBargain stops giving them free advertising it will continue.

  • What do people think about dell xps 13 i5 for 1799 +20% off?

    • It's the best deal I think you're going to get - cheaper than I've seen the same model sell for on the Outlet.

    • Check deal post, plenty of comments there.

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    looks in wallet
    ITS (profanity) EMPTY

    ps what is the best 2TB HDD?

    • Samsung 960 Pro

  • Just bought dell monitor yesterday night from them…

    Return and rebuy?

    • Done. Change of mind return policy FTW. Just got to pay return shipping. I'll just drop it myself I live nearby.

  • any recommendations for 4K 27" monitors?

    • LG are quite popular. Not sure how the Dell ones compare.

      • yeah the 27UD58-b & -w are the same prices from previous deals.

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    Annoyed. 8 port switch $35 from Nov-16 to Feb-17. Price jacked to $41 for the last 20% and now $40 for the current. At least 5 other stores selling it for $35. Whilst the deal makes it $3 cheaper, it's effectively 8.5% not 20%.

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        Thanks, not local. Shipping kills it. UMart is doing it for $26 also… ;). Looks like I'll go for a drive.

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    The Dell Inspiron 11 3000 Laptop has is $499 now… Sigh.

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    What a joke, this SD card on futu:
    was $30, now it's $39, so even with the code you're paying more.

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      Futu is the new Dick.

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        You misspelt 'a', it's not spelt 'the new'

    • Damn it. I was one of those suckers that just bought it for $31

  • Sigh.. should have got the UX390UA i7 from Harveys last weekend for $1874. Still cheaper than here with 20% off.. argh

  • The NAS prices after discount work well
    looking at a QNAP TS-451 Plus, on staticice it's about $80 (edit) more and Futu include delivery….
    453A looks a bit overkill as a backup device….

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    $99 for a Sony DualShock 4, what a joke! $80 after discount brings it to standard price. Costco has them for $65…

    • are the ones that are selling for $64 the new revised V2 dual shock 4s ?

      • That's what I am not sure of. At the same time, I don't know which ones Futu have because I don't know how to identify them. I'm pretty new to the PS4 system. How can you tell from the box? When I looked on eBay about a month ago, only a handful of listings had the V2 in their title, and most were more expensive than the older model, or from foreign countries.

        • you can tell by the packging and the for example geen cammo dos not have a V1

        • @mikezillakind: can you tell me what to look for on the packaging? I'm looking to buy one and I want the V2, as it worked via cable if connected via USB. The V1 only works via Bluetooth and charges via USB.

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    WD Red 4tb is 275 at fktu. what a rip off

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    yay for another DICK deal!

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    As always, do your research
    This comes out to $164 delivered, yet MSY have it for $159 :( Was hoping for a good bargain

    • Yep, noticed the same thing earlier too… free delivery with futu though.

      • This can sometimes be the difference, Futu has the higher price but with the 20% discount and free shipping can be cheaper.

    • +2

      @Spackbace - spoke to rep and got a small pricedrop :)

      • +4

        Appreciated but still not enough for an impulse purchase :P

      • Thanks, Just got one.

  • Seems like Futu jacked up their prices. I was just looking at the WD Red 8TB NAS drives yesterday, they were $449, which is dearer than when I last bought it. Now it's $565, which conveniently works out to $452 after discount.

    How do I report this to the ACCC? Do I need proof of the pre-jacked price?

    Companies need to stop pulling this shit during the ebay offers.


      Most likely you'll need some kind of proof. I'd suggest linking to this forum or taking snapshots.

      • I was wrong, it was $549 yesterday, not $449.

        Anyway, I probably don't have enough evidence in this instance. I'll keep an eye out in future.

        But there are plenty of other reports of inflated prices above.

    • +1

      @lint - these have never been $449 on Futu. Lowest has been $525 (before any discount), and currently $559 ($447 after discount).

      • +2

        Yep, I was off on the numbers, see my above comment. Except I did just see it for $565, unless my eyes are playing tricks on me.

      • +1

        It seems like they've quietly put the price back to $549. Either they're monitoring the comments here or…?


      You can buy 2x 8tb WD Red drives for $724 delivered … works out to be $362 each. They come packaged in a nice strong housing for transport as well.

      • Nice. Thanks!

        EDIT: That link is for the My Book Duo 16TB, they contain WD Reds inside?

        • Yes, part of the marketing for the product says as such.

  • Are these purchases from Dell subject to TRS?

  • Futu have the best price on Arlo gear. Can anyone show me other wise please.

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