This was posted 4 years 11 months 6 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Dell XPS 13 (FHD 13.3", 7th Gen Intel Core i5-7200U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD) $1439.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


It's back again. Normal price $1999, still available at 10% off and now a further 20% off with the COMP20 code = $1439.20 with free delivery.


  • 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i5-7200U 2.50 GHz (3MB Cache, up to 3.10 GHz Max Turbo Frequency)
  • Windows 10 Home 64bit English + Microsoft Office
  • Memory : 8GB LPDDR3 1866MHz
  • 256GB PCIe Solid State Drive
  • Intel HD Graphics 620
  • 13.3” FHD AG (1920 x 1080) InfinityEdge display, Silver

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    • +4

      Needs an Alienware logo and RGB RAM

      • reminds me of the ballistix tracers back in the day! i went nuts for them, back in the early days of putting neon sticks everywhere in your window case.

      • +14

        Reasons why this laptop is better:

        -Carbon fibre deserves its own bullet point
        -thunderbolt 3
        -ultrabook form factor
        -PCIE SSD
        -better build quality
        -much more expensive design to manufacture
        -you linked a clunky 15.6" laptop
        -Dell is a much more premium brand
        -why the hell would anyone want a CD drive in their laptop?
        - Australian warranty with this laptop
        - You linked an ebay listing from a US seller. Good work there.

        • Why don't you want to buy from the US retailer? Are you part of the boycott? DELL is a US product.

        • +1


          Because that US retailer is some random dude on ebay who ships from the US. ASUS is also a Taiwanese brand.
          I prefer US products over Chinese or Taiwanese.

  • +1

    very average :S. Would expect i7 at that price.

    • +2

      +1. It raises the question who the hell is upvoting the deal?

    • +3

      What do you know? lol

      Explain to me what an extra 2MB of L3 Cache will mean to ANY user.

    • +9

      The i7 in the XPS 13 is just a higher clocked i5… Really is no difference.

      i5-7200U - That U means it's in ultra low voltage CPU.

      • I tend to agree, the dual core i7 CPU in the XPS series does not tend to offer as much of a performance increase as you would expect.

    • +1

      The fact that there are so many upvotes on nubzy's comment shows that intel's marketing team has worked very well.

  • +1

    Would like to see similar deals for xps 15,missed the previous ebay deal

  • +1

    This is a great price for anyone wanting an XPS13. Nice post OP.

    If you don't want an XPS13 and you aren't happy with the specs, that's fine too - but for those wanting one it's a good deal. It's all good.

  • +4

    I would argue that the lightweight form factor, combined with its incredible battery life makes it a decent laptop. I've never really understood the need for more than 1080p display on such a small screen when it just costs more, leads to lower battery life and you don't get any real benefit from it.

    • Fair enough. The display is beautiful, but I think the ability to easily push out 1080p makes a big difference when connecting it to a larger display.

    • I am finding FHD - 1920 x 1080 - to be the stumbling block to upgrading. I have a Dell XPS 12 (the old school flip style one) which is FHD. While FHD was good for the time (2012/2013), I'd like to see a little more resolution on a screen around this size.

      It doesn't have to be QHD (I get that battery life will be significantly affected by this), but maybe 2560x1440?

      • +2

        QHD = 1440p.

        • Oh sorry, I meant the one that is on the higher model XPS… the 3200x1800 ?

        • @dstambou: It gets confusing fast, but I believe 1800p is often referred to as QHD+

      • +1

        I think I know what you mean.
        I am not across display tech, however I have found that not all 1080p displays are different.
        As an example I had a Broadwell era Zenbook with a FHD display, it left me wanting more resolution.
        I recently upgraded to a Skylake era Zenbook with FHD. Massive difference.

      • can I ask why you would want a higher resolution on a screen this size?

        • The XPS 12 I have is FHD with a 12.5" screen. I often find I would like more resolution as I usually have the screen split vertically to fit two documents. Just a touch more real estate would make this a lot more usable for productivity reasons for me (smaller buttons menus etc in word, a browser, etc).

          I have good eyesight, I guess?

        • @dstambou: XPS 12 is also available in 4k.

        • @lostn:

          Nah not for my version - I have the early flip version, not the later tablet one. This is from the dark old days of 2012/2013 :-)

          Dell really needs to work on their product naming conventions !

  • +1

    Did Dell jack up the base price on this laptop? Im quite sure I've seen them sell it cheaper.

    • Last time there was $200 off before discount.

      • +1

        There is still $200 off before discount on this deal as mentioned in OP:

        List price:
        AU $1,999.00
        You save:
        AU $200.00 (10% off)
        AU $1,799.00

        Same as last time

  • In people's experience, anyone know if delivery would be faster than the displayed 7th March to 14th March? Id ideally want this before flying out of Aus on the 5th

    • My XPS order made on the 12 Feb is estimated for delivery on 23 Feb.

    • My last order for family member took 10 days. The estimated delivery date initially given was 14 to 18 days.

  • +4

    Have had one for over a year. It's an awesome laptop, very compact and lightweight.

    Perfect for working while travelling, and powerful enough to run programs like Photoshop while connected to a large monitor at 1080p. It's since replaced my desktop PC.

    • Can you comment on the trackpad compared to the Macbook Air?

      • +1

        I haven't used a Macbook, but the trackpad on this with Windows 10 is awesome. 3 finger swipe LEFT/RIGHT to switch programs, UP to see all windows, and DOWN to minimise all windows is pretty sweet. Surely the Macbook would have similar functionality.

      • +1

        Macbook has the best trackpad. I have the equivalent of the XPS 15 for corporate (Precision 5570) and a macbook pro. I'm not sure if it was the trackpad or the driver, but the macbook trackpad is much more superior. Apart from it, they are very nice machine. Long battery and powerful enough for most of the work load.

  • +1

    So I've been thinking about getting this over a MacBook Pro 13" (with or without touchbar still undecided).

    Anyone go through the same decision process? I know the MacBook Pro is considerably more expensive… but with already owning a MacBook Pro and have so far loved it… I'm finding it hard to switch away from it.

    • +3

      This is far, far better than Macbook. Macbook way overpriced and lacking in ports.

    • This is the Macbook killer. You may find the switch difficult if you're not familiar with Windows however.

      • I wouldn't touch the MacBook… but are you also referring to the MacBook Pro?

        I guess I could nearly buy 2 of these for the price of the MacBook Pro 13" Touchbar…

    • I have both Macbook at home & Dell Precision 5510 (XPS 15 equivalent). They are both very good machine. Back then my main reason to use macbook was battery life. But these days, the Dell lasts very long as well. No reason to get Mac unless you do some professional work required Mac. I would get a Dell XPS 13 for this price.

    • I'm going through the same process.
      One thing that seems to be slowing down the swtich to the dell for me is the apparent lack of TimeMachine equivalent on windows.. Or maybe I'm just not looking properly at windows backup solutions.
      for me the price is hard to beat, as are the ability to use regular usb sticks and connect via hdmi without adapters.

    • Biggest neg to the Dell is the screen. 1920x1080 is not terrible but compared to 2560x1600 on a MBP there is a noticeable difference. On the plus side for the Dell is touch screen option and the smaller bezel is super nice.

      There are also glare differences too.

      The Macbook touchpad is the gold standard. Dell touchpads are still good. If you haven't used an Apple touchpad you may think it is really great, because it is. It just isn't the same, though IMHO the Windows 10 operating system is not as keyboard/touchpad centric compared to MacOS and that adds to the difference.

      My wife has the touchbar MBP. The touchbar is neat but not needed. However, 4 ports is better than the 2 ports in the Macbook Esc.

  • Anyone know if you get an invoice Inc. GST or if it ships from overseas?

    • I'd like to know what the invoice looks like too. Does Dell provide their own invoice and does it mention eBay anywhere? If it doesn't you might be able to claim cashback from Powerbuy as well.

      • How's that work, the Powerbuy claiming?


          You forward your receipt to them. It says purchases only from the Dell website. But I don't know how Dell eBay do their invoices, maybe they send the same invoice in which case it might work.

        • @nubzy: So it's basically a cashreward for Dell with no technical capacity to track the transaction online? I guess it might work as Ebay pays Dell with the voucher value, Ebay pays CR for the ebay transaction, and Dell pays powerbuy based on invoice, so I see no conflict here if Dell does include an official invoice. Thanks for that.

        • @mily: That is my thinking too. I am very interested to hear from anyone who tries this. I will probably pull the trigger on the XPS 15 deal soon.

    • Ships from overseas but comes with invoice and GST listed separately. See comment

      I checked an invoice from family member for a previous deal as well to confirm, and it's for the full amount before discount:

      From this deal

      Tax invoice states:

      AUD Subtotal $362.73
      GST $36.27
      Total incl. GST $399.00

      • That's good to know. Does it say anything about eBay? Or does it look as though you ordered it direct from Dell website? Want to know, so I can try claiming cashback from Powerbuy as well. Thanks.

        • It looks as though you ordered it direct from Dell website. The only thing on it that could possibly link it to eBay is the fact the 'Ref No / Cust PO' is your eBay username.

        • @hamza23: thanks. I think it might work then. Hopefully someone here gets a tax invoice and tries it soon and can confirm.

  • Thanks OP. Bought one for the Mrs.

  • -1

    Intel HD Graphics 620


    • Care to explain? Something wrong with that model?

  • Anyone getting coil whine issues? Looking at buying one

    • Ive had 2 and they have both had coil whine, pretty much impossible to avoid

      • How audible is it on a scale of 1-10?

    • I was very concerned about coil whine. I was going to avoid the XPS line because of it, but jumped on an offer earlier in the year when they had the 20% sale.

      I have had absolutely 0 coil whine. Keeping in mind, I don't use this for gaming or anything - just usual word processing, research etc, but it runs fairly quiet and has a pretty awesome battery live.

      At the end of the day you do have a however-many day 'change of mind' warranty. Turn it on, see how you feel.

      Note: obviously this is my experience. The coil whine seems to be mostly luck.

  • Hi, just wondering. Does the invoice show the original price?

    • I checked an invoice from family member for a previous Dell eBay deal as well to and it's for the full ($399) amount before discount (not the $319.20 I paid):

      From this deal

      Tax invoice states:

      AUD Subtotal $362.73
      GST $36.27
      Total incl. GST $399.00

    • +2

      $1419.10 delivered is in USD. Equates to AU $1851.64 using MasterCard rates.

      Order Summary
      Items: $1,069.11
      Shipping & handling: $349.99
      Total before tax: $1,419.10
      Estimated tax to be collected:* $0.00
      Order total: $1,419.10

      • The $1419 is in AUD. The US price minus shipping is $1069

        • Sorry, you said '$1,419 delivered'? It's US $1419.10 delivered which is AU $1851.64 (using MasterCard rates, more using Amazon's rates)

          Free shipping only applies to US. Shipping to Aus is US $349.99

        • -1


          Oh my god (personal attack) just go through the check out and see for you self!! $1419 AUD!!!!

        • +3


          I just pasted the USD checkout. Here are both again:

          Order Summary
          Items: AUD 1,447.14
          Shipping & handling: AUD 473.74
          Total before tax: AUD 1,920.88
          Estimated tax to be collected:* AUD 0.00
          Order total: AUD 1,920.88

          Items: USD 1,069.11
          Shipping & handling: USD 349.99
          Total before tax: USD 1,419.10
          Estimated tax to be collected:* USD 0.00
          Order total: USD 1,419.10

          Checkout will be in USD by default in most cases.

          Edit: Okay user disabled their account :/

        • +9


          All kinds of special…

        • +2

          @hamza23: Plus, you'd be charged an import tax of approx. 15% (~AUD$250 - $300)

        • @hamza23: yea, id iot!!!

  • I really need to replace my Sony VAIO Pro 13 laptop, I need it for uni……… mine starting to lag and run slow even after formatting it.

    I was really considering this laptop….

    • Got the money?

    • Does that Sony laptop have an SSD? If not, just upgrade the drive to SSD and save yourself some serious money! The performance boost moving from spindle to SSD is day and night!

      • Yea its SSD….

  • OP: Link needs to be updated as it takes me to ebay homepage for me

  • Can I get a tax refund at the airport if I order this from ebay?

    • +2

      Yes, the Dell eBay store is just a shopfront and you get an official Dell Tax Invoice for your purchase.

  • +2

    Ended up buying one, Thanks OP!

  • -1

    Not as cheap as last time. Not a bad deal but probably pass.

  • Presumably this price does not include GST as it's shipped from Malaysia, and as it is over $900, tax would be payable on import to Australia.

    Does this ever get enforced?

    • +2

      It includes GST. Therefore, no import tax, and you will get TRS invoice.

      You're buying from Dell Australia, not Dell Malaysia. Where they ship it from doesn't matter. The Australian branch of Dell will invoice you, and charge GST.

      When you buy a phone from Kogan, you are buying from Kogan HK, therefore, grey import, no GST. At least for 4 more months.

      • Awesome, I scoured the listing to find "includes GST of xxx" but could not find it.

      • I know it's been asked before, but you can give me a "For Dummy's" TRS explanation.

        Do I just book an international flight, take the invoice to the TRS counter on the way out of Australia, and ask them to pay me back the full GST amount? And then do nothing on the return flight, no explanation required?

        • You have to take the laptop with you onto the flight.

          This should help.

  • +2

    Has anyone sent back the XPS 13 due to coil whine? What was the process like? Will the representatives argue about what an acceptable level of noise is?

  • This is also the old model - not the new 2 in 1 - the new one has hinges that stand out

    • It's also more expensive.

      • Yep - just thought id point it out since I find Dell's marketing confusing - they release a new version and keep the name pretty much the same

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