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30% off Kogan Mobile: $10.36/1GB, $17.26/5GB, $23.01/10GB, $30.49/14GB, Eqv. Per Month, When You Pay for a Year Upfront


Received this in my email today. Huge discounts on the yearly pricing.

Including unlimited calls and sms.

Work out to be
$10.36 / 1GB ($125.93 upfront, Was $179.90) Link
$17.26 / 5GB ($209.93 upfront, Was $299.90) Link
$23.01 / 10GB ($279.93 upfront, Was $399.90) Link
$30.49 / 14GB ($370.93 upfront, Was $529.90) Link
Eqv. Per Month, When You Pay for a Year Upfront.

Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 30/06/2017.

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  • +4

    Really good deal especially now that Aldi has 'sold out' of their 365 deal.

  • Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 30/06/2017.

    Decent time to activate for people still on their previous 12 month deal and not expired.

    • Does it stack? I thought it was for new customers only?

      • Won't stack but you can activate it when your current one expires.

        The previous deal lasted just under 2 months. So for example if your previous subscription expires in may 2017, buy another 12 months while its on sale and activate it after your current expiry.

    • ALDI voucher had 12 month expiry for activation

  • +3

    whats the service like? it is ok?

    please share it looks tempting

    • +6

      It's the full Vodafone network.

      I've had no issues in metro centres but YMMV. Try a $2 sim to see if it works for you before diving in for 12 months.

    • No problems in Melbourne but i did have major issues when i went to Sydney for a week when i was with Vodafone. Kogan is good so far despite been on the Vodafone network.

      • +2

        Dude your speed test dates are
        1/31/2017 at 9:53 PM PST &
        2/11/2017 at 9:12 PM PST
        They are pretty far apart…
        This could be using a totally different provider. But thanks for the info I guess.

        • +1

          Tests were different locations probably. Just pointing out that speeds vary with small changes in location. Speeds are best at home where I don't need it :(

        • Sure, I getcha

        • @Steptoe:

          Doesn't that rule apply to all three telcos most of the time? Unless flat area and really built up, there is mostly a reception and speed difference between locations and providers depending on where towers are and many more factors.

        • +1


          Sure. You gotta check it works where you will need it to work.

          For me Telstra was more consistent speed but Optus was worse than Vodafone.

        • +1


          So true. User beware. Test service where you need it the most over a few different days and times to test first.

    • Mines a 5/10 score, they claim i need a 4G phone for where i live but the deal is stove hot, i will bite

      Check the t&c, i think Kogan will let you out if its poor reception, i live with it

    • +2

      I signed up for there similar deal at the start of the year and have had no issues throughout Sydney or the south coast. Will get for the wife too now

    • +4

      in the gold coast. switched from vaya (optus) to kogan (vodafone) during the last promotion. MUCH better reception legitimately haven't had any dead spots yet, only one i can think of is on south stradbrook island in our little villa at the hotel i had no reception in the bedroom but the resort was pretty much in a jungle lol

      4g a lot more reliable than vaya (they used to drop and lose service all the time) , would recommend.

      • +2

        I too just switched from iinet/optus to Kogan. As much as the guy is a speeding lunatic, he clearly has some business sense. These results are nuts, they're much faster than even my land line ADSL2+ connection..

        Granted I am basically in the CBD but yeah

        • (rural SA)

          That's quite a standard result for 4G these days. It's limited more by what spectrum the company owns locally rather than anything else these days. Vodafone has 30Mhz in capital cities though only 5-10Mhz in rural locations, limiting speeds to ~20-35Mbps rurally. In cities you should see 100mbps+ at times - theoritically 30Mhz is enough for 112.5mbps I believe.

          Note Optus and Telstra both have A LOT more spectrum for rural use. This is a downside to Vodafone.

          Also note the list I use is outdated. He's a link anyway…

          Using my phone as an example, Optus owns 20Mhz of band 7 which is used rurally. Using this information + coverage maps I can predict my location would receive up to 75mbps speeds (as 75mbps = 20Mhz) from the single 20Mhz channel. The 56mbps result seen is around about in line with this estimate. I've used the same educated guess for other locations and it's worked similarly well except right in Melbourne CBD where there's a lot of congestion issues (was around Melbourne cup time though - understandable).

          Here's a result in Adelaide where my phone has access to 15Mhz band 3 and 20Mhz band 7. Theoritically 35Mhz = ~131mbps. Note Optus may have since added frequency or the speed test may not be entirely accurate (they often aren't 100% at higher speeds, ie 800-1200mbps seen on a 1gbps link lol)

          And Melbourne, same channels as above.

          Tl;Dr: These days 4G speeds are 80% spectrum allocation, 15% congestion and 5% coverage. If they're paying for the channels, chances are they'll have a tower there if there's signal at all.

    • Excellent results for me in Melbourne, I love being on the $10.36 plan, how could you not?

      • When Kogan do $1 for 12GB unlimited prepaid, loving anything else is tough to do

        • +1

          Well yeah, but I get Telstra NBN and the free Telstra Air means I don't need much mobile data.

        • -1

          @Gershom: even if not much mobile data is needed, $1 beats $10.36 any day

        • @lovepeoplenotmoney: And if it were $1 every month I'd be buying it.

        • @Gershom: it's $1 per month until 30 June you know?

        • +1

          @lovepeoplenotmoney: Actually I didn't know that, but I spent the last 2 years porting in and out of MVNO's every month and I frankly got sick of it. Mind you, I averaged less than $4 per month using discount starter kits, so it is profitable.

        • @Gershom: fair enough, it's annoying to spend 30mins on the phone every month, but you can get $4 for 6 months, even -$50 (refunded back to you) when these companies screw up.

    • Terrible in rural areas like Mildura, but great in the cities.

    • Works great for me in Melb (as good as Optus was before I switched). Worked fine in Canberra too. Will try it in Sydney soon.

      For 10.36/month, I couldn't say no. I don't worry about credit for calls anymore. I monitor my data usage, and I was over 900MB the first month, but that's partially due to travel.

    • I'm using it, fine to me. I mean, when you get signal, you do get fast 4g.

  • +1

    Thanks was hoping this would come back

  • +7

    This deal still active if you want to test the network.

    • +1

      Thanks, I had not realised. Ordered one. Want to see if Vodafone is better than last time I was with them. I bailed out a few years ago because everytime I was in a shopping centre I had 5 bars reception and 0kbps throughput due to over-congestion. Couldn't even get phone calls or SMS's through!

    • Thanks for that link. Very helpful, as I have never been with Vodafone. If it's better than, or even similar to, Optus then I'll switch to this deal.

      • International calls to your friends in USA are not included. (Of course a go-talk card is cheap cheap cheap).

        • Yeah, but still it's a lot better than my Optus prepaid for local calls and data.

        • @AussieDaddy: Yep, I've been delighted with it.

    • This deal is doing so much better than other offers

  • +5

    Great deal. I just spent 125+125+209

    Everybody on the kogan train

  • +1

    Thanks. Just signed 2 of my kids up. Great deal.

  • Its a 5-star BONZA deal, i am in!

    Vodafail network is semi-crap where i live, ie southern metro Melb. [alleged a 4G phone can fix this??] but can live with it.

    Thanks poster, unbeatable deal!

    • I'm in southern Metro Melbourne with 4G, no problems at all. Coverage from Portsea to city and all over Metro area.

  • I'm currently on vaya. What do I need to do to move over to kogan?

    • You activate the SIM card when it arrives and you plug in the CURRENT mobile number you wish to port, then wait 4~10 hours and you are done.

      • thanks m8

      • with vaya do you pre-pay for a full month? is it best to port over on the last day of the billing cycle?

  • +1

    I am currently with Yomojo and bought the "1 x Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: EXTRA LARGE (30 Days | 12GB) - NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY" for $1 a few weeks ago. Can I use this deal "Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: MEDIUM (365 Days | 3GB Per 30 Days) - 30% OFF" after using the earlier one?

    • Yes.

      • So you just enter a code as a recharge then? No need to port out then back in?

        • Just go ahead and recharge via the phone or online for an existing account, no need to port out and in, it's for existing customers too.

        • @Gershom:
          Is that with the 365 day voucher code?

        • @dan76n: Yes, or any of their recharges.

  • Any special requirements if porting from TPG?

    • +3

      Nope except TPG will charge you money for port out fee. Also when porting make sure to select post paid and use your correct account reference number or you will have failed port.

      • Wow thanks heaps with the tip about post paid!

      • +1

        Why postpaid? Advice from TPG to me was to use prepaid when porting out?

        • I just activated my new sim with kogan, porting from TPG and I selected Post Paid, instead of Pre Paid, and it worked. Thanks to Suudo.

      • how to find out the account ref number on the tpg website plz?

        • should on the website after you login

        • @suudo: thx find it at the invoice section next to username. they only need this number and your mobile number.thats it. and take 5mins for the voice to port and halfday for 4g data to be active.

  • +2

    I used to be on Vodafone and the data side of it was terrible. Switched to Telstra and so much faster. This is in Sydney

    • +1

      There's always one. You get what you pay for. Go look at boost if you want Telstra. For what this is, it's a damn good deal.

      I got the 8gb late last year and I haven't looked back. I came from 12 months with Telstra. Is the service as good? No. But I now have 8 gig for $23 not 3gig for $50p.m

  • I used my e voucher I got from my last order which was a pricing error to bring it down to $105.93 for the 1gb 365 plan thanks OP

  • I'm glad it's back! So many people wanted it after I told them about it and it was expired lol.

  • +3

    Thanks OP. great deal . Bye Bye Vaya , Kogan here I come.

    • +1

      did this a few months ago on the last promotion and i dont miss vaya one bit.

  • If I buy now when is the latest date
    you can activate? Anyone knows? How long does activation take?

    • should be 30th June that what it was for me

    • Activation took me about 2 hours

    • Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 30/06/2017. Activation or recharge must be made before the voucher expiry date.

      • Thank you all

  • Can I use the free sim card that I ordered some ago to use on this plan?

    • +1

      Yes you can, you just need to go onto the Kogan Mobile website, click 'Activate Sim' and enter the voucher code you received from the purchase.

      • I also tryed to activate my old sim card, am not sure if I've done it correctly in the last step asked me for credit card details. I Wondering to ask as I already paid for for it and have got the voucher will I get charge again?
        I do appreciate if you can advice me.

        • +1

          It'd be better to call Kogan and confirm whether it has gone through or not before proceeding.

        • @chipmunkdude:
          Thanks 😊

    • +1

      I just did with a SIM I ordered 6 months ago

  • +1

    So I just bought 2x 8 gig. Receipt shows that I paid for 8GB and pic shows 8GB but wording shows 3GB. Anyone else have this issue?
    Your voucher code for a Kogan Mobile Prepaid Voucher Code: LARGE (365 Days | 3GB Per 30 Days) - 30% OFF plan is

    • +1

      Yeah had the same. The 'Large' is correct though. Sent them a query.

  • Nowadays,Kogan mobile provide the special plan all year round.This special was just ceased 31 January this year. They merely changed the direct pay to voucher this time. But they lower the lowest normal month rate(unlimited call & txts) to the $10.36. Good example!

  • +1

    yes me too. I bought the 8gb one but the voucher says "LARGE (365 Days | 3GB Per 30 Days) - 30% OFF plan is:" . Anyone else too ?

    • I got that as well. Waiting to hear back from Kogan support about it. I don't need to use the voucher for at least another month, so didn't want to wait until then to find out it is the wrong one :S

    • +1

      All good now. Kogan sent a clarification email confirming its 8gb.

      "Some of the emails you received from us may have incorrectly stated that the voucher was for 3GB. Rest assured that you purchased the voucher for the Large (8GB) plan at an awesome 30% off!"

  • will vaya to a price match on this? or would this one be considered a promo deal?

    • Vaya was having the deal as 12months for $120 that same as kogan's offer 1GB with unlimited calls. But voucher is good as you can redeem any time before expired, Vaya offer has to be taken for sign up.

    • i heard that you required to make $20 deposit for yaya for whatever reason…have to say no

  • I switched from Virgin to the 8gig $23 plan and speed and reception are top notch. However late at night it sometimes
    drops out as I use my phone data as a wifi modem. Otherwise very happy!

  • +1

    Can u bolt on more data (packs) if so how much does it cost?

    • +1

      $14.90 for 2gb. 30 day expiry (30 actual days, not when your monthly cycle starts again)

  • Can you upsize from the existing 1gb plan to the 3gb without penalty? I got quite a few months to go on the existing plan..

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