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Skybus Melbourne City Express 15% off @ Skybus



Received this deal via email. Enter the promo code FABFEB when buying any Melbourne City Express fare online. Promo code expires 28 February 2017 at midnight (AEDT).

Adult Price:
- One-way: $15.30 (6 Months Expiry)
- Round Trip: $29.75 (6 Months Expiry)
- 5 Trips Saver: $72.25 (12 Months Expiry)

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  • +2

    Perfect. Off to melb tomorrow!

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Purchasing a ticket on the website is very slow at the moment.

  • could've used this at the start of the week, doh!
    Many seem to complain about it, but as someone who often travels solo to Melbourne, I think its a very convenient service at a reasonable price.
    It's once you have a family / group with you the price gets a bit beyond what a split cab / uber would be and can see complainers points.

  • website not functioning atm…

    • They're accessible again :)

  • +7

    I wonder why the sudden generosity.

    I still can't justify $29.75 compared to $8.20 for the train/bus myki combo.

    • would you elaborate on the train/bus myki combo? (is it from melb airport?)

      • +15

        Take 901 to Broadmeadows station from Melb Airport and then catch the Metro trains.
        The 901 stop is located near T4 so might take 10-15 walk if you are going to T1 if you are flying Qantas Domestic

        • Visitng Melbourne next week. Thanks for the tip!

        • Is it the same to go to the airport?

        • +1

          Thanks, I always thought Skybus or taxi was the only way to get to the CBD. I'll try the bus/train route next month.

        • +1

          I honestly thought SkyBus was the only way. I'll have to look into this.

        • @GaelicAU:

          You need to get a Myki for 6 bucks though. Not sure if you can buy them on the bus, so probably try a news agent at the airport first.

        • @garratt torlesse: they can also be ordered online

        • @Cluster:

          Probably wont arrive in time if he is flying in next week. Should be easy enough to buy one at the airport.

        • @garratt torlesse:

          I'm sure the driver would let you on the bus if you said you were going to buy a myki at Broadmeadows train station.

          Half the people on Melbourne buses don't pay these days anyway.

        • @zrach:

          Yep…the 901 is very frequent too

        • @garratt torlesse:

          Already have one from an earlier visit. Thanks.

      • +2

        901 bus to Broadmeadows and train from there on.

    • +5

      The attractiveness of using the 901 bus/train option from the airport really depends on where your final destination is and what an hour is worth to you. Skybus runs 24/7 every 10minutes and gets you to Southern Cross in about 25 minutes. You can also get a free transfer to hotels in the CBD and East Melbourne.
      If you are going to Southern Cross, the 901/train option will take an hour at best. More likely 1hr 20min assuming a 10minute wait for the bus and a 10 minute wait to transfer to the train.
      Also, if you are going to St Kilda, Skybus will take about 30mins compared to almost 2 hours using Myki.

      Note: Adult Myki fares are capped at $6 for the whole day on Saturdays and Sundays

  • +1

    A ozbargainer would catch a train to Broadmeadows and bus from there.

    • +13

      An OzBargainer would catch the plane to Avalon airport to save $20, walk 8 km to Lara Station (in 30 degree heat and over a bridge that lacks pedestrian access) and take the train in to Melbourne.

      • +5

        In Adelaide we would walk to Avalon airport, in 40 degree heat, backwards… during a blackout.

        • You're lucky you could walk! Back in my day we had to crawl to Avalon, backwards, on broken glass in 43 degree weather. Mind you it wasn't a blackout but we would have WELCOMED the blackout since our eyes were blistering from the sun's intense rays

      • No international flights though. The key to be thrift is to save a couple bucks on the thousand dollar trip.

  • +2

    By the way, you can get double Velocity points until 28 Feb…

  • +1

    Nice one. Fit nicely with my trip to Melb in June for a football match.

  • Is the Double Velocity points still on?

    Edit: yes until 28/2

  • I took the Skybus a few times but hard to justify the cost.

    So much better to get the train to Broadmeadows station, then 901 bus to airport (15 min ride if that).

    All for the price of the myki - ie 2 hour fare.

    They don't signpost the 901 bus very well as they want you to be tricked into using taxis/skybus. It's outside T4.

  • Can you buy myki at the airport?

  • Thanks.

  • Can anyone verify if the Myki bus/train combo is viable if two people are travelling with 20-30kg of luggage each? Or will SkyBus have better luggage options.

    • Skybus has designated luggage storage areas and the driver will even help you if you need it. Luggage on the train should be no problem unless you are travelling in peak periods. Can't comment on the luggage facilities (if any) on the 901.

    • Skybus will have dedicated racks.

      901 bus is a standard bus. There are typically 6 folding seats towards the front that can fold up for wheel chairs/strollers. So there will be space for suitcases, provided that the bus isn't packed/full.

      So it really depends on if you are in a rush or not, and whether you are coming in during peak times or not.

  • Thanks OP - glad I held off on booking last night! :)

  • Aw yiss motha-freakin-multipass

  • I bought 5 trips saver one last time and don't remember how many trips left on the ticket. Is there any way to check?

    • +1

      go to Skybus booth and they will check it for you how much rides left.

  • Nice

  • Tried with different cards , browser and mobile . But can't process payment ?

  • Code not valid?

    • Still works. I just bought a ticket.

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