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Buy 3 Tyres and Get The 4th FREE* Available on Bridgestone Ecopia, Potenza or Turanza Serenity Plus Tyres


Get the 4th tyre free offer is valid on purchases of four Bridgestone Ecopia passenger/SUV tyres, Bridgestone Potenza or Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus tyres in one transaction between 26/02/2017 and 29/04/2017 and is redeemable in store. Offer excludes government, fleet and wholesale purchases and all other tyres manufactured or distributed by Bridgestone. Not available with any other offer and while stocks last. Conditions apply.+Available on Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus tyres, only at Bridgestone stores. Full terms and conditions here.

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    These donuts taste like rubber.

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    Surely these "buy three tyres, get one free" promos are the new street price for tyres - every brand seems to run these at least quarterly. Not a true deal if you ask me, these are national sales promotions that run very regularly - as usual, full RRP is for suckers.

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      Agree. Never pay retail prices, unless of course you only need one or two in emergency cases then you have no choice.

  • Kmart price beat these deals on Tyres they stock.

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      Do you mean Kmart is selling 4 Bridgestone tyres cheaper than this deal?

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        Whatever deal you get they will beat by $5/tyre.


        • Saving $20.

          Does K-Mart offer the same maintenance care. As in 5 free Tyre Maintenance Checks at any Bridgestone Select in Australia over the next 2 years.

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        • Offer does not mention $5 per tyre. May be $5 on the quote for all tyres?
          Also "The offer only applies to the purchase of tyres we stock at the time of the transaction".

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          It has been the deal most others mention receiving here.

        • @D3NI3D:
          That's probably irrelevant. The after sales service we've got from the nearby (Tuggerah) bridgestone dealer negates the point completely. They just wanted us out of the door, lying, blaming everyone else. A year later the tyre is done on the outside because of the (profanity) there who wouldn't listen.

          I'll never buy bridgestone again, the tyre is mediocre (not in price!) and the service is attrocious.

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      the kmart i went to actually said the bridgestone ecopia's i wanted were overpriced and not worth it.
      reasoning was apparently their indonesian plant (where those tyres are made) isnt very good. The tyres become bad after about a year of use apparently.

      they recommended any korean tyre for "value for money"
      they also said if i wanted the cheapest price for ecopia i should also try costco
      they did also say if i insisted of course they could install bridgestones for me.

      I actually didnt end up getting something from them though because they didnt have my 2nd choice in stock after they scared me away from the ecopias

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        I've still got my original factory fitted 4 tyres in my Mazda 3/ 2013. Almost 70,000 km done. In my last car service @ 62000Km, advised me to run another 10,000km and come back.

      • I have ep100 ecopias on my i30 diesel. I find them good considering my car is a diesel and the torque and engine weight gives the front tires a good workout. I've only had them on for 10k though. Wearing well. I got them on this deal last year for $440 a set.

        I'm not sure about the fuel saving, any gains might be due to the higher psi that they will run at. mine are at 42psi. I think basically I was getting 600 KMS on a tank of diesel of 40lt on an urban cycle and now I get 625.

        Tyres are a very opinionated business. Prolly directing you to a good product with a cheaper supply price to match this deal with.

  • Damn, could have used this last week.

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    Bridgestone Turanza Serenity Plus

    Good tyres. Quiet. No issues with grip. Deeper than standard tread (very long mileage guarantee in the US) and should last a long time. Have had them for 15,000 km so far.

    If you buy 4 you end up getting a booklet with 1x free puncture repair and free rotation every throughout the life of tyres ( I think you have to elect to get a balance when you buy though).

    Ring around as different franchises can offer different prices.

    • Same here - we got Serenity Plus tyres on our aging Camry and they give a good ride. Much better than the 2 Ecopia tyres mixed with 2 Bob Jane All Rounders. :)

    • It's illegal to sell tyres fitted without a balance, maybe you mean an alignment?

      • Yes, sorry, meant alignment.

    • After reading you comments above, was keen to look into them further, but they only go up to 18"

      My car has 19" factory tyres, and at just under 90,000 KM its time to replace the factory Kumhos, and I have a spare set of 20" rims I was considering putting on.

  • +8

    I just got some Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003 fitted to my Falcon, best tyres by a million miles I have ever had on the car.

    • Same here RE003 on a XR6T, best tyre fitted so far.

    • What about for an 06 Mazda 3. Are these tyres overkill?

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        last time I insisted them to put in my Camry, they gave me a very weird look

        • I've heard Bridgestone now use a different compound and they're not what they used to be.

        • i have them on my camry

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        No, never overkill, you can never have too much grip in a passenger tyre.

        • Then you should have skipped the RE003's and looked at RS3's or AD08R's…

          And even as someone who generally runs the stickiest road-legal semi slicks I can get my hands on, I would have to disagree with "you can never have too much grip in a passenger tyre". By that reasoning, everyone should run stiffened suspension and upgraded brakes and regardless of cost and comfort concerns.

          It's all about trade-off. Typically as grip goes up, tyre life and fuel economy go down. The average driver who minds the speed limit and follows at a safe distance won't ever use the extra performance a high-grip tyre will provide and thus will have wasted a lot of money.

          I'm not suggesting that the cheapest tyre is the right choice; I've experience some were downright crap, even at the speed limit. But a high-performance tyre is generally unnecessary unless you're exceeding speed limits, or are tracking the car in competition events as I do.

        • @High PSI:

          Then you should have skipped the RE003's and looked at RS3's or AD08R'sā€¦

          Except this is about Bridgestone, so they are not relevant.

          Apart form that, I was clearly (I thought) engaging in a little hyperbole.

          won't ever use the extra performance a high-grip tyre will provide and thus will have wasted a lot of money.

          I do agree a good deal with that, except that the extra safety provided, if you get into an unfortunate situation, is worth it in my opinion. That is why there is a s huge choice for consumers to make, each has their own prioritises.

      • I have these on my 2010 Mazda 3 SP25 running the 18inch MPS wheels. Excellent tyre and a huge upgrade from the Kumo's I had on them before. The RE003 just hold onto the road including in the wet. Very impressed with them. Only thing that has me questioning this tyre is how long they will last. The Kumo's I had before lasted about 60,000K's which I felt was reasonable.

        • +2

          60,000 is a very good run. I don't expect the RE003s to make that.

        • @Saiya:

          The rears lasted me not even 10,000. I have a high powered car and a lead foot :) Awesome grip though, sticking with these for now.

        • +1

          There's no way you can make a comparison between kuhmo and bridgestone without telling us the type of kuhmos you had.

          The comparable kuhmos would not last 60,000. The comparable kuhmo might last 15-25,000.

        • I'm just shy of 30,000km into a set of RE003's.

          Grip in the first 10,000km was phenomenal, but after that has obviously tapered off. Grip is still very good, just not perfect, and I can see myself easily getting at least another 15,000KM off of them.

        • @smpantsonfire:

          Yes good point. Previous tyre was the Kumo Ecsta LX Platinum which looking at its features is a touring tyre. So a compatible Bridgestone would be the Turanza which the Bridgestone guy advised didn't come in my size. Checking on their website looks like it does. Not sure if he was fibbing or was just out of stock in the warehouse…

        • @snuke: my factory Kumhos are on 89,000 at the moment.
          Fronts have plenty of tread. Rears are worn on inside shoulder but good across the center/outside.
          My car weighs 2.2 tonne so isnt light. Lots of highway driving from Gold Coast to Brisbane CBD for work tho.

    • just got 4 of these fitted on my subaru impreza. I had the RE002's for a few years and loved them. Loving the RE003's best tyre on the market.

      Got them $180 each fitted from Bob Jane 205 50 17

      • with the 4th tyre free campaign it would have been $230 x 3 = $690 so a saving of $30. Bummer!

  • Are these any better than Bridgestone supercat ?

    • supercat is there most basic tyre they sell, which is why it's branded as supercat, and not bridgestone.

  • Also Goodrich are offering 4 for 3 until the end of Feb. Many dealers should be able to get this for you. There's a new range of all terrain/ road tyres that are decent. Picked up a set for $330 fitted so pretty happy with that. Beats any Kmart or Bridgestone deal.

  • What happens if you drive a 3 wheeled car?

    • +1

      You'll get a free spare

    • +1

      Free spare

    • +1

      spare free.

    • +1

      Free spare free…doh!

    • +1

      From the response I guess I'll spare it for a fee

    • +1

      Or if your existing tyres aren't in need of a change, 3 spares

    • If you have four 3 wheeled cars, get this deal 3 times and you can retyre all of them!

  • How often does Costco do buy 3 get 4th free? I called earlier for Potenza Adrenalin RE003 215/50/R17 but was told there was no such promotion but Bridgestone itself does the deal.

    • I don't think Costco ever do promotions like that, I heard they use different distributors

    • +1

      They did twice in the last 6 months. Got both cars fitted the potenza RE003 within the last 6 months. Thought the pricing was very competitive even per tyre. Free rotations and repairs included.

      • 224 ea for 215/50/R17 91W, very competitive considering the free services included.

        Will wait for the Costco promo again.

    • Bridgestone Silverwater offers 245 ea for 215/50/R17 RE003, wheel alignment is another $45. Is it worth it? Any better deals (add-on values) with similar price?

      • Costco has advertised today that the deal is available
        10th March to 26th March

  • +5

    I remember when Amex had the $120 off at Bob Jane T-Mart last year and the Portenza had the promo buy 1 get 1 free. Ended up paying $435 for 4 tyres and wheel alignment. Good old days.

    • Haha I jumped on it too, now got Potenza on my civic (overkill) but great tyres!

  • I recommend messaging a few tyre sellers on eBay and seeing what deals they can hook you up with. These are often accounts run by big retailers and they can offer you better deals that are unpublished anywhere else. It all helps to move tyres for them and its a good way of segmenting & targeting us bargain-conscious buyers.

    • Yeah, but they have to baat it by at least $20 a tyre. Fitting, balancing, disposal.

      Another $20each lower if they need to ship.

  • +1

    Need a deal on AT's or MT's for my ute…

    • Likewise.. I've been waiting for a sale.. 4x4's seem to miss out looking through the previous deals..

      • I just noticed going past tyrepower they are doing a buy 3 get one free with Maxxis.

  • So am i expecting kmart to beat this offer? if so, im getting a set asap LOL

    • See comments up the top re Kmart

  • the best deal was still 4th free plus amex $120 off from bob jane.

  • +1

    Best way to take advantage of this offer for a set of RE003s?

    I've asked bridgestone for a quote, i suppose i'll call around afterwards and see if anybody will beat it.

  • Last time around Bob Jane did 225/45/17s RE003's for $175 ea = $525 ($400 with the previous Amex deal).

  • +1

    So many upvotes and I don't even know what the price is

    • Depending on location and stores. I live in Darwin, so the pricing will a lot more than southern states. But still a good deal for a good tyres.

  • Would anyone know the pricing of RE003 in 255/35 18inch ?

  • Been contacting a few places in North Sydney, re003 205/50/17

    Jax $195,
    Bridgestone select $220,
    Bob Jane $200

  • 225/50r17 - 190 a corner so works out 570 for the set. For re003 lock that price in, im getting mine done today. Ceebs mucking around looking for a better price

  • 205/65R15 Turanza Serenity Plus
    $129 each, so $387 for 4. + $69 for Wheel Alignment. = $456

    I've booked in for service tomorrow

    • +1

      Edit : Went to bridgestone service center and got it done.
      When I pay, they marked $119 for each tyre. So total $426 for 4 tyres and WA

      • May I know which Branch? Thanks

        • +1

          Bridgestone Cleveland, QLD

        • +1

          @Medi: Ah.. When you said WA I thought you're talking about Western Australia. LOL

        • @npnp: WA for Wheel Alignment :>

  • Jax Tyres are now advertising they are participating in this deal, but seem to have snuck pricies up a little šŸ’µ


    As are Bob Jane.


    • Hey Steptoe. A good deal this month. Some prices have gone up a tiny bit which is fairly common in the industry just due to raw material and tyre unit prices. A free tyre on the Ecopia and Potenza tread pattern lines making it a good time to have your tyres fitted with us. Best ^ JAX Tyres

      • +1

        Hard to go with JAX when Kmart will beat you guys by $20 and offer the free wheel balance plan via the Tyre Life Saver Plan. Bridgestone also do similar.

        What can JAX do to better that?

        • Hi Steptoe. We have a price match promise also and a more comprehensive myjax platinum tyre maintenance plan; https://www.jaxtyres.com.au/promotions/myjax

        • +2

          @JAX Tyres:

          Fair Enough. However, the link doesn't actually say what the $500 Value includes. Plain English is always better than Weasel Words.

          e.g. How many Free Wheel Balances are included, and how often for how long after purchase? What else is included?

  • Surprised to have been told that my Mazda 3 2014 rear tyre needs to be changed after only 21k when I went for last service. Any good recommendations. Also suggest should I leave the front tyres as such or replace all 4

    • How much life left in the fronts?

      Did they suggest the wear was unusual?

      If changing only 2, put them on the front on a front wheel drive

  • I have a Toyota camry altise 2014 model. would you suggest what would be a good deal for tyres for my car?

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