expired Dyson Handheld DC30, DC31 and DC31 Motorhead - free $99 Accessories pack.


Dyson is having a Father's Day promo on their Handheld Vaccuum Cleaners.

I was able to get the DC31 Motorhead for $270 at the Good Guys in DFO Moorabbin. With the free accessories pack, thought it's a pretty good deal. RRP for the DC31 Motorhead is $349.00 w/o the free pack.

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    Good rebate. Same rebate as one earlier this year. I'd get the dc30, cheaper and powerful enough already. The dc31 motor is 200w, 140w for the dc30 i think. Battery is 6cell for 31 and 4cell for 30.


    I was told the DC31 can run on the same strength as the DC30 for 10 minutes rathen than 6 minutes (DC30).

    However the DC31 can run for 8 minutes on Full strength.

    Basically the difference between the Blue DC31 and the yellow DC30 are
    1. Bigger battery - 10 minutes instead of 6 minutes.
    2. Boost Button on DC31 - Extra suction strength
    3. It's blue instead of yellow.
    4. It comes with an extra attachment - but with the bonus, this is pretty much negated.
    5. $50 RRP more.

    The DC30 could be a good buy as most shops have it for $199 on special, while the DC31 Motorhead is $270. Not sure about the DC31 blue, but I assume between those prices.


    Thanks for this. Been looking at these, and saw there had been the bonus offer earlier in the year, and was hanging out for the offer again. Went and picked up the DC31 Motorhead for the same price at Good Guys Brighton East this afternoon.

    Have already tried it out. We have a Dyson already for normal vacuuming, was amazed at what the DC31 picked up from a small patch of carpet (which we thought was clean). We now think we now need a Dyson Motorhead version of the big vacuum cleaner.


      DYSON'S SUCK! Which, ironically, when it comes to vacuum cleaners is a VERY good thing!

      The motorhead with a couple of going's over makes a big difference, well worth it. Glad mine came with one!


    Thanks for the post. I actually purchased a DC30 2 days ago from the good guys for $185 (down from $249). If it wasn't from this post I wouldn't have found out that there was a promotion to claim a free accessories pack!!! The good guys did not have it advertised in the store.


    Just purchased the DC30 from the Good Guys for $186. They were wanting $325 for the motorhead!!! Thanks to multi97 for posting this bargain.


    Hey ljg00 and aldog, which GG stores did you go to?

    i went to binglee rockdale and the guy wouldn't go below $220.

    did you need to haggle to get down to $185?

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