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Motorcycle Spec Semi-Synthetic Oils: Nulon 10W-40 5L $31.88, Penrite HPR Gas 10 10W-50 5L $37.99 at Supercheap Auto


Been looking for cheap motorcycle oil and found these deals which meet or surpass the requirements for JASO MA (for motorcycles with a wet clutch). These deals are about $6-7/L for semi synthetic oil, whereas you can often pay up to $20/L.

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    The HPR Gas is good stuff. Zinc rich, amazing TBN, and as you said wet clutch compatible.
    I use it in all I can thanks to the TBN


    Other oils not mentioned (not on sale, but generally are really cheap then they are ) Valvoline Engine Armour 10w-40 and Gulf Western Synx3000. Have used both in my bikes with no problems. No JASO stamp on it, but called both manufactures and they told me there are no issues using them in a bike with a wet clutch.


    Which one suits or best for Ninja 250r..?


      Probably any of the ones I listed but just check your owners manual. Apparently the recommended oil for a 2012 250R is:

      Type: API SG SH, SJ, SL or SM with JASO MA, MA1 or MA12
      Viscosity: SAE 10W - 40

      The manual will have a chart showing what oil viscosities are good for different temperature ranges. It also says that:

      Although 10W-40 is the recommended oil for most conditions, the oil viscosity may need to be changed to accommodate atmospheric conditions in your riding area


        Yea read that from the manual. As I am new Type of engine oil confuses me. Do you use synthetic or semi synthetic..?


          Older bikes Rubber seals can be eaten up by full synthetic's, so you will have to research whether your individual bike will take it but all these oils are semi so should be fine
          Also some automotive oils have thickner agents which can shear out at high temps,
          causing clutch slippage, potentially, I read,
          but there is plenty of back and forth on oil in bike forums about that


          @Beach Bum: The Castrol Activ 4T is not semi synthetic.


    What bikes are you using these oils in? 4cylinder Japanese high compression? I have a 900cc Kawasaki from 2000
    Quality of some semi-synthetic at bike shops has got me looking elsewhere, in particular motul semi now made in Thailand, rather than in France anymore
    The penrite hpr gas sounds alright from an aussie company
    (nulon is also aussie)


    are you sure the Nulon Semi-Synthetic High Performance Engine Oil is suitable for motorcycles? It looks like it has friction modifiers


    Bought the penrite, to be sure

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