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ASUS Radeon RX 480 Dual OC 8GB (£184/~ $295AU) Delivered + DOOM Free @ Overclockers


From doublezero1's post and Overclockers UK's facebook

Copied the title

It's even cheaper today for 24 hours only

RX 480 8GB Delivered for under $300 AUD.

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Overclockers UK
Overclockers UK

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  • dang this is cheap.

    Any idea if this mob covers international warranty?

    • Not sure, but I used Amazon Pay and they said I'd be covered with Amazon Warranty.

      • sorry another noob question but; what is Amazon pay? is that like another e-commerce pay tool like Paypal?

        • I think it might just be paying through Amazon's platform. It was an option available amongst Paypal, credit/debit card and Amazon Pay.

          Basically uses the CC details amazon has on you.

  • Good deal considering the cheapest local stock I could find for an 8GB RX 480 is currently $339.


  • This or R9 fury?

    • Where are you getting an R9 Fury for around this price?

      I'd go R9 Fury if heat output or electricity cost isn't a concern as it smashes the 480 but uses ~2x the watts to do it. 4GB HBM memory also which stacks up (pardon the pun) against 8GB DDR5.

      • I have an RX470 4GB and a R9 Fury and the Fury is great card for the money. Very heavy and built like a German brick shit house. 😁 Performance wise similar to the GTX1070 especially if you game in 1440p upwards. Picked mine up for $350 AUD (inc Shipping) on Amazon US a month back. It does use more power so if you have a low watt (sub 500-550w) or cheap PSU the RX480 would be the better bet. You also need 2x 8pin power from your PSU. I think the RX480 use a single 6 or 8pin PCIE power cable. If you only want to game in 1080p then the RX480, hell even my RX470 gets 60FPS in 1080p AAA titles.

  • awesome even better bargain!