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Crucial MX300 525GB 2.5" SSD - $159.20 Shipped @ Fastshippingtech eBay


NEW Crucial MX300 525GB 2.5 inch SSD, 7mm & 9.5mm adaptor , 530MB/s reading & 5

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    maths not strong?


    = $188 shipped, using CYBER code.

  • Good effort on ya first post. Good but not great bargain.

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    So CYBER works for $159.20 delivered…almost tempting.

  • Yeah ….. 1TB seems to be the norm now …. 250GB is a bit like 8GB and 16GB sd cards ….. the drives are getting cheaper but the limited number of sata connectors in a laptop and sometimes desktop makes 1TB more attractive, especially if OS needs to be installed, not just storage expansion.

    • im tempted to get the 2TB model for $679.

    • the drives are getting cheaper

      NAND, and DRAM, prices are actually rising.

      • it depends in what sizes and what technologies, many of the NAND dies, especially 3D, are getting very good yields, hence cheap 500 and 1TB drives, 2TB still more than double 1TB as it's a different die due to chip size.

        DRAM ….. well they change tech with every new intel chipset release, so I now I max my ram on new mother boards because when intel bring out a new technology ….. if it involved new DRAM, manufacturers shift to the new intel chipset so older DRAM types are finished on production lines.

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    OP, please add CYBER code to your post which brings the price down to $159. MSY sells these for $189.

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    Cheers guys for your replies guys.
    I'll spend abit more time on it next time, 😅

    • +2

      You did good :)

    • Fixed.

  • -3
    Shoppingexpress: $185.00



    Umart: $189.00


    While not including shipping but still cheaper if you live in a Capital City.

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      Title price was changed 8 mins ago… how long did it take you to write that comment? :P

      • +1

        Yeah, not going to lie, I did write it then get busy and hit submit a while after.

    • how is it cheaper?

  • What warranty would this get?

  • how does this compare to 850 evo 500gb? I'm in need of another ssd and since I purchase my last from Ozbargin deal - $188 I'm regretting it now that i didn't buy 2 :(

  • Sold out.
    Get the following
    "This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available."

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