expired Tile Mate / Slim 4 Packs US $70 (AU $92.44), Free AUS Shipping


Free Shipping to Australia Store-Wide: FedEx Priority (10-12 business days)
Shipping usually ~ US $20

Available as
- Mate 4-pack (US $70)
- Slim 4-pack (US $70)
- 2 Mate + 2 Slim (US $70)

For 8 Tiles
Slim: Purchase 2x 4-packs (US $140)
Mate: Purchase 1x 8-pack at this link (US $135): https://www.thetileapp.com/en-us/store/tiles/mate

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    These have been a lifesaver.


    worse product ever, it works great as long as the battery doesn't die. But when it does they make you buy a new one instead of replacing the $1 dollar battery. I can't believe they rather create more e-waste than offer the option of replacing the battery. Such a scam product


      It's a feature that it's non replaceable. Allows for waterproofing. No e-waste as they recycle the old tiles and give you a new one for half price. Lets you upgrade to their latest revision of the Tile every year as well. It's a great price for a great product.


        yes there is e-waste, because the cost of shipping it back and the replacement cost is equal to the original cost price. So why would you ship it back to put a new cr2032 battery when you can just buy a brand new one for the same cost price. I bought several of these tiles and was so annoyed at how i spent so much money on a disposable product based on the companies premise that you keep re buying a perfectly working product to replace the battery. Also waterproofing is a scam aswell, anything you attach it to most likely doesn't want to be near water let alone in it.

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      whats the battery life?

      Are there any alternatives? Cheers


    I saw some 'nuk' or 'nut' on ebay that are about $10… how do they compare? interested in one or two… seems expensive for these though…


      I use 'Nut' Bluetooth trackers as they are cheaper and quite good but not as good as 'tile' but considering they are half the price in comparison to 'tile'. They work well as long as your within 30 metres of the tracker. Also the big plus is the battery is replaceable so no need to shell out money constantly for the product. The annoying thing about 'nut', is that it keeps tracking your tag when your 'bluetooth is switched on'. With constant reminders on your phone when it goes out of range.


    I've had 4 of those for a couple of years and unless you lose your keys a lot, these things are useless. Not once I was able to track it outside the Bluetooth range.


    I was looking at bluetooth trackers in general and saw this one on Indiegogo called iKON that seemed pretty good compared to the competition. Plus user replaceable batteries ! I haven't bought these myself though.


    Any similar product but GPS tracking?

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