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Surface Pro 4 (128GB, i5, 4GB) HK Shipped $980 | Surface Pro 4 (256GB, i5, 8GB) AU Shipped $1199 @ Dick Smith eBay


A couple of great prices. Note that the 128GB version is shipped from Hong Kong. The 256GB version is shipped from Melbourne. Have a great night, and enjoy the deal :)

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (128GB, i5, 4GB) $980
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (256GB, i5, 8GB) $1199

Credit to JaySu for the tip

Original 20% off Selected Tech Stores at eBay Deal Post

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  • The 256GB version is shipped from Melbourne.

    Shipped from Melbourne but is it local stock, or HK stock sitting in a Melb warehouse?

    If it's local stock, I would get this one over the HK 128GB one.

    • I believe it is HK stock. The reason is because "What is in the box" mention:

      International Charger
      AU/NZ Compliant Generic Figure-8 Cable

      Normally, local stock does not come with international charger. I could be right, I could be wrong.

      • +2 votes

        International Charger meaning multi-voltage, which they are.
        The charger then takes a fig8 cable, in this case its generic i.e. not genuine i.e. came from a country without the AU plug.

        But, the charger itself is the same one Microsoft bundle into all the units ever made.

  • Last time I asked they said they were grey imports. Although at that price I would just grab the 256gb model

  • What is the cost of the keyboard for one of these things?

    • $100-$150, although I think it'll work with the cheaper Surface Pro 2/3 keyboard cover.

      • wouldn't recommend it. the Type Cover 4 is miles above the previous ones, in typing experience somewhat (wider spaced keys with more travel) and especially in touchpad experience (much larger, actually made of glass). imo the SP4 type cover is the first one that's an adequate substitute for a laptop keyboard + trackpad and actually enjoyable to use, and the first one that can let you forget you're buying a device that's a tablet first.

        i'm all for saving money but imo the Type Cover 4 is worth the extra dough.

    • $200 or like. $150 on eBay.

  • Sexy price for the 256GB model, don't expect it to last long. Wish I had a good excuse to buy one!!

  • Damn…. Is it worth replacing my SP3 256GB 8GB i5 with this? hmmmm. the SP5 is coming out soon…. I'm torn. Such a good price

    • unless you've got serious problems with your SP3 i'd definitely wait, the differences between SP3 and SP4 aren't huge, maybe just upgrade to the Type Cover 4 because that's half the improvement :)

      • Yeah, that's what I've been thinking… I've been hanging out for a serious drop in the type cover 4….
        Also thinking about whether to get the MacBook Pro now.. hmm 20% off for Apple is a pretty good deal too….

        • Are people downvoting me because they don't like Apple? hahah
          I haven't bought it yet… I think the size is keeping me hanging for the SP5.

    • If you have SP3, I would wait for SP5.

    • Just grab one. SP5 will be expensive and we have no release date as of yet.

    • nah dont

      the pixelsense display is WAY too high a resolution

      causes issues with multimonitor cause its set to 200% scaling by default

      and just imagine the stress on the cpu and gpu to drive that resolution

  • [email protected]!

    Got the $899 CoreM version like yesterday night. At least I get the Aussie warranty!

    • You can return it within 2 weeks if you bought it at MS store.

    • Same lol but from jbhifi. My travel laptop let me down and I made an Impulse buy.

      Good little unit regardless though.

      • To be honest, got it in less than 24hr of ordering it. And opened it! Is a great device. Plus better to buy it off ms or jb than the dodgy dick.

        • Yeah I'm a bit iffy buying from dick. The wife ordered a phone from them and they take quite a while for shipping and even longer to process / dispatch it. Not that they mislead you, it's all in plain English on their site.

          Great deal regardless though

  • quick advise this surface pro4 or


    (PS:I've got ipad 13' at home already)

  • How does this compare to a yoga 460

  • +1 vote

    Can we claim TRS when buying this?

  • I think this might be AU stock.. The terms and conditions state "Dick Smith" is the Pty Ltd australian entity.. but "Dick Smith Electronics" AKA DSE is the Hong Kong entity… anyone else want to check the Terms and Conditions to confirm whether I'm thinking correctly?

    This one states

    This Product is offered and supplied by Dick Smith pursuant to the Terms and Conditions.

    Whereas the Hong Kong shipped ones state

    This Product is offered and supplied by Dick Smith Electronics pursuant to the Terms and Conditions.

    • I think others above have this correct, it's HK stock but shipped from Australia.

      It's over the $1000 mark so would have to pay duty if shipped from HK so better to ship from Australia to stop irate customers who have to then pay 10% extra.

  • Is it even worth it seeing as it's a grey import? Wouldn't things like warranty be a nightmare? I was trying to decide between a SP4 and Dell XPS 13 and was leaning towards the XPS because of the price (plus hidden +$200 typecover cost for SP4) and the fact that SP5 could come out really soon but this SP4 price is very tempting.

  • I upgraded from the SP3 to the SP4 late last year when my SP3 battery was dying I was lucky mine was still in warranty and JB HI FI let me upgrade because Microsoft said they would replace it but I went straight to JB and they let me upgrade and I got warranty to 2020 this time! :-) IMO the SP4 is awesome a lot faster and no issues with the battery I still have the keyboard from the SP3 I do want to upgrade it will one day but I love the face detection so I don't need to put in a pin etc. But I'd be checking warranty on it and term and conditions before buying it might be worth spending the extra in an Australian store to get better warranty. I didn't pay much more to upgrade to a SP4 as it was on special at the time and she threw in the extra warranty free. For the service I got from them I cannot complain :)

    • This is what they state, wether or not it's true….

      Warranty Terms and Conditions

      This product is BRAND NEW and comes with a 12 month Australia wide warranty. In the unlikely event that you require a warranty repair, we will collect your item, repair or replace it, then return it you at no charge. It is a requirement of warranty that you keep the original packaging for transportation.

      • So we buy what is one of the most portable mobile computing devices and are expected to keep a shit tonne of packaging on hand.

    • Please use some commas.

      • Maolin can you please not be so rude! Just because I may not be good at Grammar does not mean I'm not good at other thing thank you very much! I have dyslexia so think before you speak! Common sense goes a long way in an adult hey? I'm pretty sure there is a lot of thing you are not good at! Please get off my post and go else where!

  • did they just get more stock of the 8gb ram version? because im able to buy it right now at $1199 .. somebody stop me

    • Did you end up getting it? Can you stop me?

      • id be $1199 in debt if i did press that button.. safe to say i didnt, also id need the keyboard and it doesn't stand up very well on uni lecture swing tables >.<

        • Haha, But is being in debt worth it? Ill go with you on this one and sit out.
          Maybe next time :(

        • @dylanando: my mate has one and it is amazing for 800 grams they manage to fit a core i5 8gb ram and 256gb ssd

          also has a full size usb port .. I swear SP5 will have usb-C and how useful is it going to be for the next 2 years -.- death by dongle

        • you can lay it flat and use pen to write on lecture PDF slides. That's the whole point of me wanting to buy SP4. I have the first SP and battery just die too quick (2 hour lecture) then SP is done.

        • @MADBONE89: Ah, You're supposed to talk me out of it. Might wait for the next one. Unless you're buying this one ;)

  • What can we expect the SP5 to be priced at when released? Anyone remember what SP4 was priced at when released?
    Not sure whether to bite the bullet on this ripper deal or wait for SP5!

    • Sp4 rrp was $1499 for i5/4gb/128gb and $1999 for i5/8gb/256gb. But of course you can wait for an eBay 20% deal.

  • For the price i couldn't resist the 256GB version, and thinking SP5 will be way over my budget when the time comes! Thanks OP!!

  • Have a Surface 3 at the moment that is starting to struggle with the weight of uni and work. Upgrade to an i5 8GB SP4 at this price is too good to pass up, plus an AU receipt for tax.

    Thanks OP!

  • Just missed out on 256gb. Managed to get all the way to checkout then sold out.. I'll take it as a sign.

  • Can you take advantage of TRS with the 256gb model coming from melb?

  • Be quick! 256 back in stock!

  • Snagged the 256G model this morning, had been holding but great price, thanks OP.

    Now need to work out a keyboard, Type Cover 4 was mentioned before, and reviews look good so will begin price hunting for it!

  • Yes got one cheers

  • 256 back in stock with at least another 55 available

  • For the same price of the 256 version are there any equivalent 2 in 1s out there with the new 1050 nvidia chip? The intel 520 is the only thing holding me back here

    • I'm curious what you intend to play on this, esp at that resolution.

      • Nothing specific really, its just the thought of knowing that the GPU is pretty average

        • Powerful GPUs are cool, but just remember they will drain battery faster (and produce more heat) than something that merely gets the job done. You don't want a mobile device to draw more power than is necessary. So it might be worth rethinking what product to buy based on your needs. I'd recommend an Ultrabook or laptop over a convertable tablet.

          A 1050 card would also be more expensive.

        • @lostn: Might wait for the Lenovo 720 to come out. Yes it will be a bit more, but at least will be very up to date

    • Anything with a decent GPU like the GTX 1050 is going to be significantly thicker, heavier and more expensive.

  • Anyone worked out if the 256gb model is AU stock, or just HK stock sitting in melb?

    • Prevailing theory is that it's HK stock with an AU plug. It is sitting in an AU warehouse because Kogan imported it to save you from paying import duties. That does imply Kogan paid the duties themselves and may or may not have passed them on.

  • Bought it! Can't resist due to its low price. Was wanting to wait for the SP5, but the price is unbeatable. 1499 and another 20% off. Now just waiting for it to be dispatched!

  • Delivery suggest over two weeks? Is this the case or is it fast delivery?

    • Pretty standard for Kogan when from Hong Kong. Few posts say they're in Melbourne already though.

    • I bought this Sp4 8gb ram last Thursday, and I'm still waiting for it to be dispatched. I bought the keyboard from them as well - but that's been dispatched. Anyone have their SP4 dispatched? Or from previous experience from kogan/dicksmith

      • +1 vote

        Dick Kogan have taken quite a while to dispatch on every occasion I have bought from them.

      • Thanks for the update

      • No notification of dispatch for me either. Perhaps they didn't have any in stock at the time…

      • I've sent them an eBay message, here is their response: Please note that this item usually ships in 1 - 2 weeks after your payment has been received, and delivery then usually takes 3 - 5 business days.

        • Yup. No stock.

        • I've sent them an eBay message too, but they didn't bother replying me haha. I have already received my SP4 cover keyboard yesterday, still waiting for the actual SP4 to be dispatched (I bought it almost the instant when the deal came up). Thanks for all the updates. It does have an estimate of Mar 31 to Apr 7 for me, which means the dispatch should be end of this week or early next week. I'm still curious to see whether anyone has theirs dispatched yet. I'm not sure why it is taking this long, when it states that the 256 is from Melbourne. So I guess, they might be sourcing it from Hong Kong.

        • @jasonlau924:
          I ordered the i5 256 4gb model on Saturday and it was dispatched yesterday from HK so the delivery estimates on eBay seem accurate. I'm guessing they physically didn't have stock in Melbourne for the 8gb model which is why it's taking so long to be dispatched.

      • Mine is saying 3 to 10 April

        • Update for you all: My 256 8gb got posted late today from Vic. Should arrive Friday/latest Monday, which would be before estimate time.

  • Perfect timing - my laptop's "I" key and "W" stopped working last night! Grabbed the 256gb one - such a good price! Now what was the consensus on if you can claim the 256gb model on TRS?