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Lenovo ZUK Z2 White 5.0 Inch FHD 4GB RAM 64GB ROM Snapdragon 820 Mobile Phone ~AU $209.54 (US $158.39) with Coupon @ Banggood


First up No B28
Pretty sharp price for a Snapdragon 820.
Just purchased one from Banggood.
Antutu Score of around 130000.
Good battery life, nice screen and runs all the latest games with no problems at all.
Pretty impressed with how good it is for the price.
Dual Sim (Sim 1 4G, Sim 2 3G)
You should be able to get this lower if you go through Top Cashback or Cashrewards.
If you want it have it in your hands quicker I'd pay for express shipping.
I received mine in a week via DHL.

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  • +5

    Thanks OP, jeepers that's a fantastic price, too bad i've bought too many phones over the past year

    • +1

      Can you quantify too many have never heard this term before 🙉

      • hmm few optus pre paid phones, Redmi Note 3 which then smashed screen then Mi Max. ok maybe not so many.

        • I just did some searching on taobao.com. The redmi note 3 screen including kit only @ AU $20 (100 yuan). However, here is Australia…

        • @ShaNn: yeah but i have Redmi note 3 pro (what others called special edition). It is 2mm taller so the kit doesn't fit. Did lots of searching and couldn't find a kit that does so I'm up shit creek for the time being

        • +2

          @adrianhughes1998: Doesn't help you, but that was one of the disappointments of the Redmi Note 4 launch. Hoped that it would have all the bands in one model, to avoid the whole 2 editions of 2 different sizes mess that happened with the Redmi Note 3. Unfortunately that didn't happen. The RN4 also didn't get 3 separate slots for the SD card + SIM 1 + SIM 2 (like in say the moto G4). I guess there's always hope for the Redmi Note 5 to correct both these things, as well as have a local Australian retailer so that we can get a proper warranty (2 years statutory warranty with ACL protections + 1 year extended warranty from credit card but only for items bought in an Australian store) :-)

        • @nickj: for the price we pay for these devices, honestly warranty isn't an issue to me. i suppose people are justified to be hesitant though and i can understand that….

          that being said, yeah i reckon it didn't get Band 28 because the RN3 Pro didn't do well in taiwan (which is the market it was released for mainly, with the B28). we aren't really a dual SIM country here in Australia as much as Asia is, so like you say bit baffling that they haven't gone down the three slot road……but other manufacturers are starting to, so it should start the copying trend for them at least.

    • +1

      I don't know about this model but my mobile phone lenovo a7000+ suddenly showed one or 2 bars mobile signal where i have had received full signal for two operators for the past 2 months.

      But when going to rural areas it completely loses gsm signal (when the same sim card put in another mobile it has full signal!!!). It is now practically for wifi browsing and quite useless just like ipod or apple' or any brands' products without the ability to make phone/sms connections. (You might argue that the products are not designed to do so but to me without the features they do not give much benefits, quite useless and therefore no deal!!)

      On google search find out that lots of people in quite many different countries have had the same problem and many say it is probably due to defective board. Not sure.

      I have purchased Lenovo tablet, laptop and mobile but i am not quite satisfied with lenovo. So I try to avoid this brand.

      NO MORE Lenovo!!!!

  • +1

    I'm keen to buy this phone but I've heard issues about play store on this phone since It is not originally shipped with play store (as intended to only be sold in China). What do you think OP? What makes you decide to grab this phone?

    • +4

      Looks like the ones from Banggood come with a modified ROM that has Google Play Installed.
      The ROM had very little bloatware installed and I ran a full malware check etc and it all came up clear.
      I am currently looking to flash the Indian ROM on this as it looks as though this is the most vanilla stock rom and it receives updates. I could really leave it as is but I don't mind tinkering.

      • +2

        Thanks for your clear answer. It seems this phone have a large fan base as well as custom roms available.

        I had a Redmi Note 4 before my dad took it off me and that was a bargain. This phone may have top that….

      • Check out zuk fans to grab Indian ROM which will allow playstore out of the box and OTA updates. Bought this last week from gearbest for $250:(..

        Was also disappointed that the Redmi 4 had sub par specs to the Redmi 3 which I have.

        I bought this as well due to a cracked screen.

  • -3

    no sd is sucky as is the plastic shell

    • +8

      64GB is a generous internal storage size at least

  • +9

    recently bought one for $237 from banggood.. damn it

    overall I think it is very good phone for the price (esp. as a replacemnt for my redmi 3 pro)
    however must have protection before you start using because of the glass back is slippery and fragile
    also my front glass got cracked from 50cm drop on a tile on day 3 (negligible crack but annoying) .. just bad luck.
    no gorilla glass - which is expected at this price point.

    really depends on what you want, but most importantly, best SD820 5inch phone for the price.
    Im using Mokee Rom now; the process of unlocking bootloader and installing custom rom was easier than redmi but takes some research

  • Nice price. I will however hold off until it's been confirmed it's getting official Nougat, though it's kind of unlikely it'll get an update.

  • +1

    Pretty happy with mine. That's my two cents.

    • +2

      Can you expand on that?

      • +3

        For the price the processor and ram which use to give me the [email protected](s on my old S5.

        My phone never feels slow, and the camera is pretty good.

        Finger print sensor is amazing. Compared to the S5 it's chalk and cheese.

        Battery is big on this phone 3500mah I think from memory

        Bare in mind no Nfc or SD expansion.

        I read a few reviews before purchasing this phone and I still think it's the best phone you can get for $200.

  • +4

    No microsd card slot is a killer for me….

    • +1

      True but 64gig for 200 bucks.

      More than enough space for most people.

      • Yeah when I replaced phone last September SD slot was a must. Bought Z2 at release and still love it & still have lots space

  • +3

    Aw, got all excited, then realised I'd missed the bit about no Band 28. :(

  • What's the best 5.5 inch alternative to something like this, price less than $300? Ideally with a decent camera and battery life… If possible?

    • +1

      Le Max 2, but it's 5.7", 2K screen not 5.5" FHD.

  • +5

    Got mine few weeks ago from Banggood, best 5" phone for the price.
    Full review from here: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Lenovo-ZUK-Z2-Smartphone-Review...
    Phone comes with modified Google Player Store installed, which means no OTA update.
    downloaded stock ZUI 2.5 (Nougat) released earlier Feb, flash through MiFlash tool, no need unlock bootloader and root.
    removed few preinstalled apps, then install google service and play store, all set.

  • +2

    no black colour…

    • Such a pity, the white looks so tacky. In recent times I find most black models of Chinese phones run out of stock or sellers ask a huge premium (mi5, mi5s, Zuk Z2, etc)… Shame really.

      • +1

        I agree but still bought it. Plus a $4 plastic case off eBay… That'll do!

        • Same as Tafe, nice blue $4 case, survived many drops

  • A couple of commenters have left their opinions on their phones - seems like it's "good bang for buck". Any particular comments on battery life? The fact that there's no mention tells me it's either as you would expect (average) or not good!

    Also this vs Xiaomi Mi 5?

    • +2

      I've had this for a few months, came from a Nexus 5 and running LOS 14.1
      Fantastic phone and battery life, a bargain at this price
      Camera is good enough for my casual use
      Though I have a black one and something on the rear glass to stop it being so slippery

      • +1

        How much did you pay for the black one?
        Did you get it from Banggood?

        • Yes Banggood from a deal in January. $273 including $24 for DHL, it took a little over a week to arrive

        • I'm happy with battery life

  • is photo quality OK? anyone tried?

    • +1

      Photos are good in the day/good lighting. Leaves quite a bit to desire in low level lighting though.

      I definitely rate the phone, I paid about $250. For this price it's a steal.

    • Coming from a Nexus 5X the camera is pretty average - even in good lighting. Not bad though, just average.

  • +4

    Keep in mind the Z2 from Banggood seems to come with a custom rom of sorts that won't get OTA updates automatically. If you want OTA updates you'll have to flash a completely standard rom of either the Indian or Chinese variety. Takes a about 30 mins - hour of reading, downloading, and doing if you've played with roms before. If you don't care about OTA updates it works completely fine out of the box.

    The worst thing about the phone is the stock rom doesn't have the ability to expand notifications.
    Everything else has been awesome, super fast, great connectivity, camera is impressive in good lighting, battery lasts a full day easy even when I'm smashing data. Super happy with the purchase :)

    • You mean you're stuck with one line of information per notification?
      No two finger drag for additional?

      • Yep, exactly that. I find it annoying but not a deal breaker. There are plenty of custom roms that resolve the issue if you want to go to that length.

  • +2

    Damn you ozb, giving to one hand and taking from the other :p good deal.

  • Any protective cases for this?

  • Thanks,grabbed one..it s time to my Redmi Note 3 pro to go…

  • Can someone tell me if this phone support QC 3.0?


    • It does, but you'll have to buy a new charger.

  • Great price but just fixed up my oneplus x for $150! Lol..

  • +3

    Great phone. Best bang for buck at this price especially with 4GB/64GB/Snapdragon 821.

    You'll have to follow this guide to install an offcial ROM, I prefer the Indian ROM cause it does OTA without the need for a Chinese VPN. Nougat update coming soon. Took me 30 minutes.

    Download ROM here:


    Follow this guide to flash:


    • +1

      Snapdragon 820. Completely agree with you, great bang for buck.

      • That's something you would describe a hooker as.

        • twss

  • But no B28! What if you ever want to port to Telstra or Telstra MVNO?

    • You do what so many telatra users do and simply only use band 3 LTE.
      I've never noticed a difference outside of speedtests.

      • Do you get the same coverage Dan?

        • Never seen an issue, i live and travel around Sydney and surrounding cities and i rarely see the 3G icon, always 4G.
          I know in theory there are places that might only have band 28, im yet to see one or have an issue. Still waaaaay better than my work Optus phone with all the bands.
          I would much rather get a better phone and/or save hundreds of dollars then maybe once a year be without 4g for a few minutes…

  • Looking at buying one of these, would paying in cc (no international fees) or paypal be better?

    • +1

      PayPal charged to your cc. That's what I always do.

      • thanks!

    • +4

      Do it via PayPal but make sure you click the paypal conversion rate link and set it to your CC. Your FX fee free CC will be cheaper than PayPal converted amount.

      And make sure you set Banggood to USD instead of AUD to avoid their conversion rate too.

  • +1

    More discussions in previous threads.

  • +1

    I bought this phone from Banggood in previous deal. Unfortunately, the model they sell does not support the 3G/4G network of China mobile when I was traveling in China a month ago.

  • Anyone here know if this will work on Aldi Mobile for calls and texts? Internet / data is irrelevant. Cheers, guys!

    • I'm pretty sure it would, but I'm not an expert :)

    • http://willmyphonework.net

      Without checking, I'm pretty sure it supports all major 3G bands in Australia- for voice/text/data.

    • I am using this phone for few months now with two ALDI sims and they work really fine for calls/texts. Also one is 4G and other is 3G.

  • I'd be concerned over updates. I have a Lenovo tablet which received only a couple of updates before they stopped pushing them.

  • +1

    About to order but I really want a black one… lol

  • +1

    At ~$200 I think it's worth the compromise of potentially losing support of updates, lack of sd card, poorer camera and band 28. Not like the big brands don't compromise in some of these areas too, especially updates. :)

  • I used this phone for about three months while my Nexus 5X was getting repaired:
    Pros - great battery life, very responsive
    Cons - photo quality, phone call audio quality (esp loudspeaker), screen quality (not too bad, but not as nice as the nexus), no nfc

  • +1
    Placed an order. Thank you for great deal, Original Poster. Have a nice day.

  • I emailed them it has a global rom
    anyone bought this phone from them
    what is the updates like
    any likelyhood it will get Nugat 2.5 ROM OTA

    • No OTA for global rom, in fact if you update through internal storage the phone will ended in boot loop, best way is flash Indian ROM or stock Chinese ROM (Nugat 2.5).

  • Have one question every time :) Which is the cheapest phone have B28 ?

    • +2

      Telstra 4GX Smart White $69.00.

      • I mean comparable to the Lenovo ZUK Z2 :)

        • +2

          In not sure if its comparable but heres a list:

          Onetouch Shine Lite
          Onetouch Hero 2
          OneTouch Pop 2
          Onetouch Pixi 3
          Onetouch Hero 2C

          R7 (Taiwan), R7 Plus
          Oppo N3

          Note 2

          Find more Here and Here EDIT: Here

        • +1

          Probably the Xiaomi note 3 pro international version. That doesn't have a snapdragon 820 though, and only snapdragon 650. I doubt that's there's anything this price with band 28 And these specs exactly.

        • @Ronnnie: xiaomi note 3 have great battery with 650. The only thing is too big for me :)

  • This might seem a little weird but does anyone know if this phone can screenshot the display? Bought another cheap Android phone awhile back and cannot figure out how to do it on that.

    • Doesn't power plus volume down at same time work? I thought it was the same on all android phones.

      • I'll have to find it and check. Another outdated Sony Xperia phone let me press the power button and have an option on-screen to select it.

        Not really a regular Android-user. The phone in question was like $50 after $50 off ZTE Blade from Woolies. Bought mainly cause it was so cheap, screen size (5" I believe), 4G, long battery life, and mostly to potentially save long-term battery life on my iPhone (6s).

        Definitely not to play Pokemon Go (shifty eyes).

        But it's likely the above works, or at least somehow for $200+. If this is the case, everything (except it not being black) checks out for me.

    • +1

      Yep it takes screenshots by swiping up, then in the drawer (where you can change brightness , turn the flashlight on etc) you'll have a screenshot button.

      • Thanks for that, I find it really helpful when I'm shopping on eBay and the like to help keep track of things and found it surprisingly super annoying on the Blade when I couldn't. That and the inaccurate touch response on the plastic screen without a glass screen protector fix.

        EDIT: should maybe add/fix my above comment, I could Hold the power button on my old Experia phone to bring up an option to screenshot the display

  • +2

    This is an excellent phone for the money.
    I had it for about a week, and decided to sell it.
    Reason for me, was, that I was used to 5.5" + screen, and 5" was just tiny in comparison (no fault of the phone)
    The stock rom in English has issues (the lack of expanded notifications ticked me off) and hasn't been updated to nougat yet.
    The china rom, has too much garbage to make it usable.

    the custom rom community is very weak, but I did noticed there is a mokeerom build now.
    the phone should work great with that.
    Shame LineageOS hasn't decided to support this yet, they do the z1, but not z2 :-(

    EDIT: I forgot, loudspeaker was pretty meh too.

  • does OTG work on this phone.

  • I placed an order on 18 March 2017. I have received a shipment notification last night. Mobile phone is being shipped by EMS Post from Singapore not from Hong Kong or China. I have got a Singapore Post tracking number which tells me that shipment has not yet left Singapore. I am not sure how long it is going to take to get to Australia from Singapore by EMS Post. I paid about US$12 for EMS shipping. So far I am not impressed with the shipping service with the amount of time they have taken to process and dispatch the order.

    • +2

      Usually most businesses won't do much until the Monday if you purchased on the weekend. Also don't be suprised if your order changes over from EMS Post to DHL. This happened to me when I purchased on the 5th. I had a EMS Post Tracking Number that didn't do anything for 4-5 days then I received an SMS from DHL with their own tracking number. From then on I knew what was happening every step of the way to having it delivered by the Driver. My whole process took 7 business Days (10 Actual Days) from Order to delivery. Good Luck with it.

    • Banggood can be a bit hit & miss with shipment times. I once paid extra for express shipping and the item wasn't shipped for 10 days so it defeated the point. Other times they ship in a day. I have always got my goods within 3 weeks.

  • The coupon seems not to work.

  • Good luck to those who ordered. Banggood routinely lose orders - see other threads. They improved enough to get back on here- and now they seem to be back to their old ways.How long before they're banned again?

  • i tried to buy that phone and promo code did not work at all

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