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Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC PRO 802.11ac Access Point - $199.95 + Perth Pickup or Plus Post - Vtech


Hi Everyone

Today we are offering:
Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC PRO 802.11ac Dual Radio Indoor/Outdoor Access Point - 122m range, AC1300
$199.95 - Retail package, with POE injector

  • Perth customers can walk in and buy (no need to order online)
  • Postage from $8 for Perth postcodes, $13-$17 for interstate

We're also clearing some one-off items (mostly computer hardware) well under cost on our clearance page.

- We ship Australia Wide via Australia Post's eParcel service and provide tracking number
- Deliveries require signature on delivery, or if you miss delivery, it will be carded and returned to local PO for collection

- No surcharge for Credit Card or Paypal
- Payment via direct deposit is fine, email us online receipt/screenshot to speed up order processing

- Pickup from our Canning Vale warehouse in Perth is welcome.
- Once your order is ready for pickup we will notify you via email

- Best way to order is via our website, where you can select pickup or calculate delivery cost and pay online.
- If you're having trouble ordering through the website, you can email orders to [email protected]

- If you wish to order other items on the website - we recommend placing the order separately
- Any enquiries please email us at [email protected]

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    These things are amazing if anyone is curious. Beats standard consumer grade wifi by a country mile. Pair it with an Edgerouter and you'll never look back, I wish I'd found Ubiquiti years ago.

    That said OP, and deals on the G3 bullet cams? I'm in the market for one more to complete a build.

    • What edgerouter would you recommend please…Currently using a Billion 7800DX since I'm on adsl2+

      • +1

        Edgerouter X is by far the most popular - $83 or $127 for POE model

        • +2

          I agree with Simonk83. Once you go Unifi you don't go back to All-In-One Consumer stuff.

          I'd would however, suggest springing for a Unifi Gateway (a router) and Unifi Switches over the Edgerouter line as this way you get one integrated GUI to manage all your devices, clients etc. Keep in mind that Unifi is a managed environment so you really need to have the Unifi Controller SW running on a PC (or the CloudKey).

          Great price on the UAP-AC-Pro

        • What this dude said ^

          You can do without the Unifi Switch, but the pretty graphs from the Gateway is neat.

        • @jmone:
          I already have this UNIFI AP AC Pro, bought it last year sometime from another deal on Ozbargain.
          I have it hooked up to my Billion modem/router. The Billion is only controlling the Adsl connection while the Unifi controls the wireless.

          So if I grab the Edgerouter X I can replace my Billion Modem.

          Thank you

        • @bbourizk:
          Keep in mind you will still need a Modem regardless of if you go EdgeRouter or Unifi Gateway (and you would want the modem in Bridge Mode in either case).

          I'd still plug for the Unifi GW over the EdgeRouter as you get much better integrated reporting and mgt from a single GUI like Topology Maps :

        • @jmone:
          Thanks mate.

        • @jmone:

          EdgeRouter vs Unifi Gateway?

        • @venomx2:
          While they both share the same internals and similar firmware, the EdgeRouter is a different product line from the Unifi AP and has it's own GUI. The Unifi line all uses the one GUI for all GW/Router, Switch and AP devices so they are easy to manage in one place. I went for the USG (in my case a USG4Pro which is probably overkill, more expensive and is a rack mounted format compared with the USG3). It also depends on what features you want exposed via the GUI. The USG has most of the common stuff but I had to modify a JSON file on my USG4Pro to get dual WAN Failover working how I wanted it. I believe that the EdgeRouter has more of this exposed in its GUI but they keep exposing more features via the SW Updates.

          Also the Ubquiti forums are very good and supportive.

        • @venomx2:

          I believe Unifi is the future.
          I was going to pickup EdgeRouter. But I am glad I picked USG.

        • +1

          Thanks for the info. Sounds like USG is the one to get.

        • +1


          What setup to have?

          Ubiquiti USG
          Ubiquiti UAP-AC-PRO
          Ubiquiti CloudKey
          Ubiquiti Switch POE 150W

        • @venomx2:
          Looks like a good setup if you plan to have multiple UAPs!

    • Hi, just confirming this is the SKU you're after - UVC-G3? For 1 unit I can't do much better sorry - $218.
      But if buying in bulk quantities then I can do much better pricing.

    • Sorry in advance for noob question! Why is it so amazing? I have a ASUS RT-AC68U router currently - would it improve that or replace that?

  • These are cheaper delivered from Amazon.

    • FYI - According to Ubiquity there are some HW Enforced band differences on the US vs Intl Models, but on my testing (I have a couple of their US Mesh Beta Units) I've not seen it (band 13 on 2.4 maybe???).

    • US models are different from International models.

  • +1

    Also the AC Lite is probably enough for most people, that's what I went with.

  • Just be aware that Ubiquiti isn't fast at fixing reported security issues. The listed devices are for the PicoStation etc but doesn't say what the others they suspect are vulnerable. I'm not at all recommending against them (hell I run Netgear which is about the worst for chasing up security flaws) but just be aware

    • The co-founder of pfSense (now working for Ubnt) posted on reddit regarding the timeline for this latest security issue:

      I'm not excusing how long it's taken them to address it in this instance, but at least it sounds like they are making a pretty good effort to improve the process going forward.

    • have you seen ciscos attempts at fixing bugs? netgear are no angels either. I have a fr114p sitting in a box somewhere and I'm aware of a bug/exploit that still exists today where you can gain remote access to the web panel in about 30 seconds.. that old girl was a trend sitter back in 2000..

    • +1

      Good luck with Netgear fixing anything.

  • OP - any deals on the switch 8 Poe or UniFi gateway? Can you also confirm that the switch 8 will power the AC AP PRO? Thanks.

    • No probs powering UAP-AC-Pro's from any of the Unifi POE Swithces including the US-8-60W and US-8-150W switches (I have both and other Unifi POE Switches). If you are referring to the new US-8 with POE pass-through on one port, I've not tried it but it should work.

  • Thanks mate. Appreciate the feedback.

    Hopefully OP stocks them!

  • Bought this during a 20% Off ebay deal for that price and i'm very happy with the performance, with some caveats.

    I had issues where certain devices would drop connection when connected to the Unifi AP AC PRO.
    I resolved that by disabling wifi transmission from my modem/router, which was only 1 foot away from the AP.
    So take note - if the AP is very close to your modem it may act up, and you may need to deactivate wifi on your modem.

    But ever since that change, it hasn't missed a beat. Also, what's interesting to note (coming from an outdated modem owner) is that the AP automatically chooses a frequency band for my 2.4GHz devices that helps avoid microwave interference. No more frustration, win win!

    • It doesn't make sense to keep two WiFi ACs (Unifi and your router) next to each other - you create nothing but interference. :)

  • I have AP model and they're good but I wouldn't call it amazing… best thing since sliced bread etc. I bought it to improve my wifi reception. Placed it in the same spot as the 10 year old netgear wifi router and the reception around the house was marginally better. Good enough for me but nothing drastically better. Sure it has the fancy enterprise interface which as a geek it's interesting but for the avg person I don't know. Anyway I psid $85 snd it looks cool in my living room. It's cheap, it doesn't have 58 stupid antennas but it's not some miraculous product that some are making out to be. May be this model is far better than mine.

  • +2

    Keep in mind these are designed for Managed WiFi where you have multiple AP to provide coverage over a wider area that one AP can not (realistically) cover. Hence, I'd not recommend Unifi if all you need is a single AP. Where it shines is if you want good solid coverage over a larger area. The usual deployment is multiple APs running at lower power spread around rather than one AP running at MAX (as your client devices have much less power so they tend to struggle with one AP regardless of how powerful the AP as the distance increases).

    While this stuff is designed for Commercial Applications, it also works really well for larger domestic installs (esp for the Geeks in us). Here is my Topology Map as an example. -

    • Troy? Is it you? ;)

      • Nope! :)

    • Makes sense! QQ if I have, say 2 UAPs at the house, would my wireless devices seamlessly connect to the stronger signal as I move around the place? Other than than APs, would I need any additional hardware to make this happen? Thanks!

  • Dick smith ebay doing the PROs for $195.20 and free postage with code CYBER

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