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Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC PRO 802.11ac for $195.20 Delivered @ Dick Smith / Kogan on eBay Plus Other Ubiquiti Products


Ubiquiti products on sale! Ending soon..

Dicksmith failed to increase some items related to Ebay's CYBER promo.

Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC PRO 802.11ac $195.20

Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Long Range $149.60

Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Lite (restocked) $104.00

Ubiquiti POE-24V-12W (24V, 12W) Injector $20.00

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X 5 port $76.80

Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X 5 port PoE SFP $114.40

Ubiquiti ToughSwitch 5port PoE Managed $124.80

Ubiquiti UniFi In-Wall WiFi Access Point $77.60

AmpliFi HD Mesh Router $193.60

AmpliFi HD Mesh Router + 2 extenders $480.00

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  • I got a lot of blank spots at home (I don't know why as the house is not that big). I have got old Cisco Aironet 1200 but it still doesn't cover the whole house.

    I would like to try Ubiquity UniFi but not sure if I should get Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC PRO or Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Long Range. By the name I would assume Long Range will give me better coverage?

    • PRO for sure, LR onlt good if your clients have strong radios

      two AC LITES may be best depending on size of home

      • Thanks for your input @bdl.

        Just need some clarification on multiple AP, how are they connected? Are they wired to the same router or they can be setup as repeater? And if the later, will half speed in best scenario still apply?

        • Wired APs is the best.
          There are Mesh models (AP-AC-M and AP-AC-M-PRO) which can connect wirelessly to AP-AC-PRO. They will use part of 5GHz band for Mesh links.

        • +2

          Wired to the same router, they are managed via a webpage which you set up on a local machine, vps, or use a Cloud Key (it's a hardware product on your network).

          Don't use repeater, slows down your network way too much…

      • +1

        I've read on the Ubiquiti site that that was the case with the previous version. The previous version was able to spit out a signal a further distance, but the issue was clients with weak radios couldn't talk back as they couldn't transmit the same distance.

        The newer version is supposed to have a better design to increase the range that it can "listen" to clients, which means that for mobile devices that have weaker radios it will work better.

        • +1

          Still, Physics.

      • +1

        Coincidently, I've been looking at getting a UniFi or two this week and I checked out the Pro and Llite versions. It looks like the Lite doesn't use 802.11af/at compliant PoE, so if you want to use PoE you need to go with their switches or the supplied injector. If you've got 802.11af compliant switches then you're better off with the Pro.

        • +3

          I believe there are new Lites coming with 802.3af, but AFAIK nobody has seen them in the wild. Apparently, UBNT has finally figured out that nobody else is interested in their 24V Passive POE. (Powered OK from their -older- devices, but even they are dropping the Passive 24V from their newer gear).

          They also have these now to convert from a standard injector to one of these proprietary POE powered devices. Not cheap though - depending on your requirments of course.

        • @Gareth:
          New AP-AC-M looks like the same hardware as Lite.
          But support 802.11af.
          But looks does not look that nice.
          But weather proofed. And Mesh.

    • +1

      The trick is to get two or three APs…
      If you devices are unable to reach Access Point now you have to move AP closer.
      Ubiquiti Unifi makes deploying and managing multiple APs very easy.

      • Hi @SickDmith, I suppose that will require wiring from multiple AP to the router? That's not currently possible. I currently use 1 access point and 1 repeater. Though it covers the house, sort of, but the speed in the area covered by repeater is not great.

        • If you can't hard wire I'd look at Mesh products. Part of the appeal of the APs is doing that hard wiring and having them run using PoE. Not sure if you've ruled out ceiling mounting entirely but perhaps a mesh based product designed to sit in a shelf and to act as a wireless repeater more or less makes more sense than the AP configured in such a way.

        • +4

          The other option - Ethernet over Powerline - in most cases this is faster and more reliable link than WiFi repeater.

        • @SickDmith: I used to use EoP, it doesn't give me the ideal speed but as you said, it is better than Wifi repeater. For some reason I found that EoP doesn't work anymore between 2 power points I used to use. If I put my EoP devices in the same room, they still work (connect to each other). But when I put them where they used to be (at the opposite ends of the house) they won't connect anymore. And no, I have not done any electrical job done at the house. So not sure what has caused that.

          And that got me started again looking for a solution for my home networking. Been thinking to get one of Ubiquity AP which I hope can cover the whole house. But I hold off that idea because EoP somewhat worked. It doesn't anymore though … so I am revisiting that idea.

        • The Unifi APs can uplink to each other so only one needs to be cabled into the network.

          Don't think of the non-connected one as a repeater though, it's not a bandwidth halving scenario like most repeaters.

          As long as the non-connected one is in reasonable range of the connected one you'll get good coverage and throughput.

    • A single good AP should cover a big house. Have you got it inside the loft beaming down?

      • It depends on the construction of the house and the siting of the AP. WA tends to have brick walls internally and they can attenuate the signal considerably, particularly the older houses that tend to have random cupboards and strange nooks all over the place (like mine). I've tested several enterprise level APs (Cisco, Xirrus, Ruckus) as we sell them at work and no single AP can give a reliable signal over the whole house. That's why I've just bought 2 of the Pros from this post, so thanks kuripot.

    • I replaced a Cisco 1142 with a UAP-LR and the UAP penetrates so much better - even the phones have a much better time picking up the signal.

  • Thanks. Grabbed an AC PRO.

  • Ubiquiti sits in an interesting place in the market, it's at the very bottom of SMB and is almost like consumer grade posing as commercial grade. Interested in the router though, is it ready to use out of the box?

    • +17

      Ubnt is actually commercial grade, priced as consumer grade- their software, app, diagnostics, and cross-compatibility are unsurpassed. They have some amazing systems, I've rolled out many in corporate situations - and at my home. I'd assume the router would require some configuration through Unifi controller? Their products are flawless.

    • Router has some auto config wizards that should get you most or all of the way to working in a standard home config. Just uses a standard web interface, no central controller software (yet) for the routers.

  • I need something with better wifi signal over my townhouse, currently using my Fritz 7270 for 2.4Ghz and a WD N600 for the 5Ghz bad, but getting really bad range on the 5Ghz even when just walking out to the verandah.

    But can't justify buying the AC Lite but really want it, someone talk me out of it!

    • +3

      LITE OEM (no PoE)

      • +3

        This should probably be highlighted up top - kinda need that to make it work. Ppl might miss that when rushing to get a bargain

        • To right it does. I have asked to cancel my order with them as the headline listing while browsing on mobile phone does not show that the Poe injector is included. I quickly bought it while on my lunch break and only saw that it was restocked and quickly bought two of them.

          This is what the listing looks like.

          Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Lite 802.11AC Dual Radio Access point - range 122m - OEM (

          My fault for not noticing but it seems a little convenient that the 'no Poe' was left out when there was plenty of room for it to be included.

          Add the cost of a Poe injector and what do you know, it's the same price as everywhere else without the discount code.

          I would rather spend my money with another retailer with better ethics.

    • +4

      Is it worth 14c per day over 2 years to not deal with crappy WiFi every night?

      It's not a huge sum to fix a hassle.

      • +1

        Is it worth 14c per day over 2 years to not deal with crappy WiFi every night?

        I like your maths and justification with that for sure. Luckily it's only really my iPad and iPhone that uses the wifi as I have the placed wired up with Cat 6.

        This definitely does include the PoE injector though? I see other stores say it does, but never know with DSE/Kogan.

        EDIT: Actually just saw, it's OEM so doesn't include it. Makes the price not that good in reality.

    • Buy it :) Not going to talk you out of it :D

      • Haha just did it, but had to buy the PoE adaptor as well. So all up came to $124.

    • I have the WD N750 and the wireless range is pretty terrible.
      The AC Lite is good if you really want AC, but I think Ubiquiti are a bit overkill for a house setup. You could get something to beat the WD for around $50.

      • The weird thing is in my last place the range was actually really good on it, just in my new place it's pretty terrible.

        Both houses were double brick, and if anything range should be better in my current place (townhouse) as the actual distance (and one less wall) to go through when outside.

        I haven't been able to find something that is dual band with a decent range on it though (for a reasonable price), as my Fritz 7270 is upstairs in a robe where all my networking gear is and the N600 is downstairs in my entertainment unit acting as a cheap switch as well for the devices that don't need Gb Ethernet.

        This will replace having 2 different devices doing 2 different bands. Although in reality I should have just picked it up for $15 more from Netplus here in Perth…

  • Have been using these units for well over a year and has improved my wifi throughout the house.

    So much better then little wireless a/p. And the hand off between units is great.

  • Prices are up ~20% already :(

    • +2

      I think OP's prices are after the 20% discount. The prices haven't changed since the post was made.

      • You are right… Got to Lites. Thanks

  • Thanks just picked up a PRO as well

  • +2

    How do these compare to top of the line consumer grade routers (eg. the Netgear Nighthawk R7000 that is posted here regularly)?

    • I dont think its fair to compare them, as an AP only, Ubiquity is better regarded, and im pretty sure the router is better at routing as compared to netgear.

      • +2

        Netgear has greater speeds, however ubiquiti mesh can be used to cover larger area.

    • +5

      From my testing netgear has greater top speeds, however ubiquiti is more reliable and a mesh covers greater area. Id only get this if you were planning on purchasing more than one to form a mesh.

  • really reliable network signal. set and forget.

  • I have the pro it is amazing. strong signal that goes through a few walls and is usable in most of the house. (large house)

  • Does anyone know it comes with POE injector or not? the description say included but not showing up in what's in the box, if no POE injector then not a deal.

    • To power or just for the benefit of PoE?

    • I found out before when I bought the Lite, that seems to be the only one that doesn't as it's the OEM version, so when you add in the PoE injector it becomes $124, still the cheapest I could find it available for me in Perth, in NSW it may be different for you.

      • Where did you find the injector to add?

      • Can you buy the Edge Router X and AC Pro.

        Use the PoE injector into the Edge Router X then pass through to the AC Pro?

        Looking at getting a new router and AC Pro. Want to minimise the power adapters I need. Since I will need to keep my ADSL Modem in Bridge mode.

        • The Edge Router X comes with an AC adapter and has a PoE port (that does not have to be pass-through) so you can power the AP with that.

    • +1

      my AP and cameras all came with a POE injector, love their gear.. have my house fitted out with all their range:

      AC LR (covers large 4 br/2 living room house easily with 5 chromecasts all over the place)- POE to router
      EdgeRouter POE on FTTP NBN
      ToughSwitch POE5 for extra POE ports.. have the switch + router mounted in 1RU small rack with a small metal housing that holds the router and switch side by side
      2x ubiquity dome cameras, 1x bullet camera- POE
      homemade NAS/plex/everything server (openmediavault) also running the ubiquity NVR/DVR software (you can buy their $600 DVR or just download the software for free and run it on any Linux box).. dropbox syncing the folder so the videos get uploaded to cloud immediately.. learnt this after being robbed the day moving into newly built house and they stole all the cameras and DVR (old analogue system).. their softwares great quality better looking and functioning than most systems.. easy to skip through timelines, setup motion detection and all the cameras.. everything autodetects everything else

      all just works flawlessly and hands free.. never have to login or touch it.. family/kids.. chromecasts, phones, tablets, laptops all have no issues

      • Hi, how do you find the surveillance stuff? Is 1080p enough? I was thinking of buying some hikvision gear but if this is cheap, might get it instead. Having said that, what's the DSE pricing like? Haven't looked around much for Unifi cameras:

        • +3

          surveillance stuffs pretty good.. side of my house is next to an alley so it gets number plates of cars that drive down.. night vision isn't the greatest (but isn't in any camera.. usually you need a motion sensor to go with it).. the software is brilliant though, configure different motion settings, zones etc for each camera (I believe its all offloaded to the individual camera too).. good iphone app to check on things when I'm out and about. have a bullet cam pointing down the (loooong) side of house which also snaps alley, a dome camera in driveway and a dome out the back entertainment area that covers kids swimming too. i bought all mine long ago and wasn't worried too much about price as had my business pay so all up i've probably spent a grand on everything listed above. i have setup a cheaper chinese DVR/camera system at my girlfriends parents for them and believe the ubu gear's better picture and overall better software to view, search, more configurable, great quality iOS app so i can check from anywhere when out and about.. all has sound too.

          my cameras are different to whats on the site now.. from what i can see i have the last model but imagine they're fairly similar.

 is the software.. i use openmediavault on the NAS (debian based can't remember exactly) so just used one of those packages and configured it to save to the raid5.. get more use out of a single box then as it does NVR, plex media server, sonarr/TV/etc and anything else u wanna throw on it.

          main thing with any camera is distance so better to cover any really important areas with multiple cameras and angles to try get at least one close up picture but end of day they won't provide a pixel perfect picture but usually good enough to get important details.. always have insurance too tho :) has actually come in handier for other scenarios for me like receiving an email saying your package was delivered at 1:30pm .. no it wasn't.. check driveway camera and no sign of a courier ever here.. find out they delivered it to the wrong house.

          my GF's parents caught youths setting xmas decorations on fire out on the road out front of their house 2 weeks after installing them.. they were the chinese cameras so really bad picture and from a greater distance but showed the police and they recognised them from appearance/clothes etc (small town) and caught up with them. mate's PC shop was robbed about 2 months back from ice addicts so footage of them ripping laptops off the display area, damaging nearly all of them.. he uses really good geovision cameras I believe but again being nightvision you don't get mugshot quality pictures but they were recognised and busted a few days later.. can see footage

          cameras do work, and there's certainly a quality different over the really cheaper chinese DVR packages and the better quality IP cameras.. but still got to have reasonable expectations especially with distance involved

        • +1

          @ozmian: Thanks for the detailed info, ozmian. Still mulling over whether to buy. Promised myself this morning I'd lay off the purchases for a while after I paid off the credit card yesterday!! Decisions, decisions. I should lay off ozbargain for a while I think.

  • man i dont know if i need this. not sure if my modem is bad or its just congestion … mind you i should be getting 100 mbps NBN

  • Awesome thanks heaps grabbed one of these for $480

    Ubiquiti Amplifi AFI High Density Home Wi-Fi Mesh include 2x HD Extender

    • Is that any good compared to just getting ap?

      • Depends what you want I guess, I find same brand gear plays nice with others so rather get the pack than just a wifi to add to the current setup but each to their own

  • Correct me if I'm wrong but none of these have Australian warranty right?

    They are effectively imported ones which could easily be had at that price from overseas vendors (especially Europe that uses the same international Unifi wifi models).

    • my last ubiquiti AP purchased from ebay-kogan/dse came from HK but with AUS ac adapter. Comes with AU warranty.

  • I do not recommend Ubiquiti. They make big promises and deliver little.

    I bought their Unifi AP PRO (non AC model) and had the following 'features':

    1. Advertised features they didn't have (zero handoff)
    2. Were slow to fix problems with new firmware. New firmware introduced new faults
    3. The model makes an audible hissing / buzzing noise under heavy load.
  • +1

    I just came here to see what an Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC PRO actually is!

  • been meaning to sort this out for my dad. Just purchased him two APs and a POE Switch.


  • I always buy my unifi from here. Much cheaper and always get within 3 -5 days
    Just keep orders under 1k to avoid tax

    • Be aware the Unifi wifi APs sold in the USA are specific to the American market. Their wifi channels are limited by firmware and also they are export restricted by the USA government (technically need a license to be able to take them out of the USA).

      The wifi channel issue and lack of warranty might mean you're better off buying either from Europe or a cheap Australian supplier with local warranty too.

      • Nope they are same ones we get here.
        As long as your not getting the poe adaptors they can be set in the settings country your in.

        • A friend of mine sets theirs up under NZ to allow for stronger radio strength.

        • People saying they are different.
          Ubiquiti always had US and World versions.

    • Looks like bhp don't ship the PRO Ap's outside of Australia. ;-(

  • wow this is a great price need a few of these around the office - Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC PRO 802.11ac,

    Have a few questions;

    1. Does anyone know if these will work on any POE switch? or do you need a Ubiquiti POE switch?
    2. Can these APs be configured in conjunction with each other with same SSID
    • +1

      On Point 1 from memory the Pro uses some standard so it should be ok, but do check.

      For point 2 they certainly can all share the same SSID and password and I believe that'd be the recommended configuration for most use cases unless you explicitly want two separate networks.

    • 1). Any POE (if you get the PRO)

      2) yes, up to four

      Do some reading! :)

      • +1

        I don't think you answered q2 correctly… Poster asked if these APs could be configured in conjunction with each other with the same SSID. The simple answer is yes.

        As for your answer, you can have many, many more than 4 APs wth the same SSID. In fact I'm sure this has no limit and there's lots of people with hundreds of units working together on the forums. I suspect you've answered the question of how many SSIDs can you have on an AP, which is indeed presently limited to 4?

        • +1

          Exactly and Correct, I am looking at in conjunction with each other, example being, I want to purchase 3 APs for my office, and connect it to an existing switch which the switch has access to Internet through my router.

          As I am running everything on the cloud, all I am concerned about is strong WPA2 security on my APs, though want the APs working in conjunction with each other without staff moving from floor to floor or to warehouse having to move to different APs

          Hope this is clear…


        • +1

          Four SSIDs per WLAN group. One WLAN group per radio, so limit of 4 SSIDs per radio. If dual band, then 8 SSIDs per AP.

          It wasn't mean as a complete answer, prefer the OP do some research cause these things can be made to do whatever you want :)

        • @bdl:

          Thanks. I was more clarifying the last reply was answering a different question to what had been asked rather then correcting the number of SSIDs quoted. Just didn't want poster to think he could only run 4 APs or something by misinterpreting your response.

          Hopefully he gets everything up and running now he has the full info.

        • +1

          @zfa: We've converted another one! <evil laugh>

  • Out of stock on the Lite model :(

  • +1

    i believe i can configure the edgerouter to load balance my 2 fttp connections? anyone tried this already? planning to isolate some of my iot devices too. thanks

    • I've read that this is possible too. There's even a bonding setup scenario in the router I have of theirs.

    • I've done load balancing on their Edge Router Lite. It works.

      Also easy enough to seperate your​ IoT devices by putting them on your own VLAN, or simply giving them fixed IPs and implementing some firewall rules.

  • Ubiquiti Networks Unifi 802.11ac Dual-Radio PRO Access Point - Amazon - 149.04 USD - 192 AUD Delivered

    • And that would be US version?

  • The Pro has 2 LAN ports as well as the PoE - could I use PoE to connect the AP to my router, and then have some networked devices running off it as well like a PS4/Steamlink?

    I could use wifi for those devices but prefer the extra stability from having them wired in.

    • +1

      Yeah you can. One LAN is for input and power, other is for network extension.

      Caveat is you're adding a potential failure point to the network in the AP, and in the future if you upgrade you'd want to find another that has an output Ethernet (perhaps not an issue). When I installed mine I ran two cables from the router one to the AP and one to the devices I wanted to physically wire up. It added a few dollars to the cable but in terms of work it was the same amount of effort and means if I take the AP down for some reason or if it oneday fails my other devices stay up.

      Not a biggie, but might be worth considering.

      • I'm renting, so AP is to get better wifi coverage and PoE/LAN ports is to get video streaming devices going to the TV.

        Alternatively I'd just get a powerline adapter and not have the extra wifi boost, or run a second router off the back of the powerline with LAN ports but this would consolidate the PoE, Wifi and LAN ports into a single device.

      • Oh. My mistake - these still need a LAN cable as input right? I was confusing them with Ethernet over Power.

        • +1

          Yeah they are generally powered over ethernet (unsure but they may also allow another power source). You could in theary use a Ethernet over Power to one of these if you really wanted. If you're renting you might be better with that mesh product since it's designed to just sit on a shelf and would take care of bridging for you.

        • @Smigit: Yeah I misunderstood, I really want a EoP device that gives me an AP and a LAN port or 2 at the other end. I got a little too excited that this should do it for me, but running a LAN cable is too inconvenient for where I wanted to use it.

          I could do the Mesh with any pair of EoP adapters, but I already have a R7000 that I could use instead so might just get the adapters.

          Thanks for your help!

        • +1

          @Domingo: I can't recommend a device but I'm fairly sure I've seen EoP devices that terminated in a wireless access point. Unsure if they also had LAN connectors or not and how good or not they were but.

  • the AC lite in the title has a "(" at the end, It missed the "No POE injector" bit further down in the description.
    Also for those who are not aware, they are passive POE so will not run on 802.3af injectors…. the injectors are not expensive but if you are running more than two I would suggest the "Ubiquiti ToughSwitch 5port PoE Managed" if wiring comes back to one point
    For AP's to work you either need a PC running 24/7 or something to run the management.
    I run mine off a Pi, but have also managed to use the qnap container to spin up a VM and manage them fine.
    either way for their price they are great access points.

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