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Oral-B Sensitive Replacement Heads - 2 Pack $6.99 @ Chemist Warehouse


I came across the Oral-B replacement heads on sale when out and about today. $6.99 for a two pack which is great. These are usually around $11 when on sale (Coles this week).

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  • When does the sale finish?

    • Im not 100% but the catalogue has similar items on special until 6 April.

      • thanks

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    oh well, just bought a pair for $11 last weekend…

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    Whoa good price

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    Or the online link here: and get free shipping after $20 with this links code

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      Awesome. Got 3 at a tad over $20. You and op rock!

    • out of stock now

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        Not anymore

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    $3.50 per brush is "great".?

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        Unfortunately evolution didn't give me an ability to grow another set of teeth once original ones are worn out.

        You may be fine with yours. I don't know, you might be one of those lucky ones to have horses teeth, so anything you throw at them won't kill'em.

        But as for me, $14 a year is a small price to pay for a piece of mind.

        PS: If you believe experts, electric toothbrushes are superior to manual ones.

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          The odd thing is I know plenty of people who never had a single hole in their life who use manual brush. I think it has to do with food habits. People who drink coffee regularly are prone to more holes. My dentist said that's due to sugar acid attacking the teeth and it takes 20 minutes before saliva neutralizes it. I googled this after I had a filling and that seems to be common knowledge… I bought a Oral-B electronic brush I paid $140, 10 years ago and I still manage to rack up a filling every couple of years. :/

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          Drinking water and chewing sugar-free gum right after coffee definitely helps.

          Also, never brush your teeth immediately after eating something, especially if it was highly acidic food/drink — because your enamel is in a weakened state, so you risk brushing/eroding it away.

          Part of it is genetics as well — I can't have soft drinks because they're highly acidic and they've eroded my teeth enamel, but I know people who drink 4-6 cans of soft drink every day without brushing their teeth, drinking much water or chewing any gum, and they seem to have perfect dental health.

          It's kinda like people who chain smoke all their lives and never get cancer and die of old age at 90. It's the luck of the draw.

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          Don't believe in experts! Believe in systematic reviews.

          Randomised clinical trials:

          Parallel study:

          Teeth are expensive to fix. Preventative costs are much lower than restorative costs - it's worth investing in oral hygiene. I'm glad you want to look after your teeth :)

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        Why cheap out on hygiene? You have people paying hundreds of dollars for shoes because of a colourful highlighted tick on it, yet won't spend money where it is important.

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          I'd agree but it really depends on the product. Knock off electric heads from ebay are pretty much the exact same.
          Most people don't use proper technique and floss enough anyway, the genuine brand won't save them from that.

        • @enceladus94: What's the proper technique for moving a brush over one's teeth?

        • @Diji1: Brush in circles, no back and forth 'sawing' motion, don't push hard should only be light pressure, brush where your gums meet your teeth as well as the teeth on their own.
          Focus on each surface individually (outside, tops/bottoms, inside) don't try that 360 around the world technique CGI ads seem to do.
          I will admit, brush long enough and even the worst technique will yield the same results. But proper technique means people who perhaps don't brush at long as they should will still have good results.

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      Going against the mob here it seems but I agree that even at $6.99 it is hugely overpriced. It's two pieces of plastic. Volume manufacturing cost would have to be in the cents. Once you add on everyone's cut along the supply chain it's still a rort.

      "What price do you put on hygiene or your health" are very old and yet still very effective sales tactics. It's a shame so many still fall for it.

      • I agree they are expensive for what it is, but getting public to boycott them till they get the message is another thing.

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    Bought mine here.. much cheaper for those willing to wait

    Edit: when not on sale

    • Have you received them? Can vouch for them as being genuine?

    • That is a great price, but alas, they don't sell the Oral-B Sensitive brush heads.

  • Just curious, is there any (actual) evidence that these are better than the non-genuine ebay alternatives that sell for a fraction of the cost?

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      I find the eBay & Kogan ones to be terrible. They stop rotating after a week.

      • Maybe you should try rotating while holding it still O_o

    • My dentist has never complained and I've not had any technical issues with them.
      My only guess is they probably fray faster.

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      I had some eBay ones that slipped off the toothbrush constantly. Not as snug. I knocked my gums with the metal bit a few times and went back to official ones

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    Thanks. Was thinking of stocking up on new brushes.

  • I normally have a very sensitive head on Sunday mornings
    Will these help?

    • No they can't knock you out.

  • The sensitive head is crap, precision clean still better, best is the floss action but it cost arm and leg and pretty much never on sale.

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      Funnily enough I'd rate these in the opposite order; Sensitive > Precision > FlossAction.

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      It's obvious that the Sensitive brush head doesn't clean quite as well as the other options, but it's much easier on your teeth if you've already had enamel damage. I like the floss action heads but they're a bit too rough so I rarely use them — I think of them as the equivalent of a "Hard" manual toothbrush.

    • Floss action is also on sale, not as cheap though

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    As usual, two heads are better than one

    • What are you referring to

  • Lol ozbargained. Sold out at Watergardens

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    I love giving oral…. B my support

  • Are these different to the 10 pack that Costco sell since these are "sensitive"?

    • Yes the Costco 10 pack are not sensitive - they're 8 x precision clean and 2 x floss action (I picked up these in Feb when they were $10 off for $26.99)

  • Im guessing sensitive doesnt have hard bristles?

    • Yes it's pretty much the same as the normal ones but softer bristles. More, thinner bristles.

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    Agreed on the Kogan/ebay repros being crap. Sure you get 6 or something but some last a day, some a week and the few that have better innings fray up badly. My 5 year old oral-B $30 unit now sports an eneloop inside and rarely needs charging, What else was I gonna do with 20 packs of them! Thanks OB.

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    Tagged as 12.99 at caddy. Scans as 6.99. Thanks op

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    Bought 3 from CWH Church St Parramatta. Many in stock in the aisle and showed $12.99 but scanned at $6.99. None at the end of the aisle where it was labelled $6.99.

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    Thanks OP. Bought a year's supply.

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    Only had 4 left a cannon hill qld… said $12.99 on ticket but scanned at $6.99.

    I got 2 and left the other 2 for another ozbargainer

  • CMW Cannington - ozbargained. No stock. Bummer.

    • Try a different store or ask when more stock is expected to arrive. They may even let you raincheck or offer to call once they've got more. The deal still goes for another 13 days so best of luck.

  • Got the last 5 boxes from Chemist Warehouse Glenelg SA.

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    Ashfield NSW was completely out of stock.

  • I buy these ( generic heads, they are not the "sensitive" heads (not exactly sure what that means anyway) and are not Oral-B brand, but they are $1.45 for 4 heads, has free postage and comes with 4 different colour bands so each of my family can each have their own coloured head. In my families experience, these generic heads are fine, the bristles don't go shaggy any less frequently than the Oral-B ones do. 5 x 4 head packets lasts my family of 4 the whole year, pretty good for 36c per brush.

    • Thanks, I'll give these a try =)

  • Couldn't find this price at my local, is it on the catalogue?

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      read please.

      • I'm sorry, could you be more specific please?

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      I found some today. Turns out, my local has notoriously mislabelled the items and don't care to restock too often.

      Thanks for the deal, op.

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    Just a heads up - they are back in stock online. Just a reminder that code FS8724 will give you free delivery on orders over $20 and don't forget Cashback.

    • Thanks! I just ordered 3 packs :) Came to just over $20 using the coupon FS7824.

      • Same , Many Thanks! I just ordered 3 packs :) Came to just over $20 using the coupon FS7824.

  • dont forget cashrewards, you save 20C.

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