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MSY - ASUS RX460 2GB Graphics Card $119 (Was $169)


Got this email last night, cheapest I've seen for an RX 460.

Now you might be asking, what would I need a low-end graphics card for?

This card does not require any external power, so it is a perfect fit for that prebuilt PC you bought with the last eBay deal

Performace wise it is about an equivalent to an AMD R7 370, or a Nvidia GTX 660ti

This card also may be able to be unlocked to allow for a ~7% performance increase Link

Here is a graph of the performance of the card locked and unlocked against the GTX 1050

8 " x 4.5 " x 1.7 " Inch
20.4 x 11.5 x4.2 cm

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  • +7

    Good budget card
    Once unlocked its even better
    reminds me of the old Nvidia Days where you could "chance" the GPU and unlock more power out of the cheaper binned series :)

  • +5

    For this price, the RX460 is actually amazing for an ultra budget e-sports PC for playing CSGO, dota, LoL etc when paired with one of the 7th gen pentiums.

    Even a 750 Ti is generally more than this and this thing kills it.

    • I think "kills" is a massive exaggeration haha

      • -2

        RX vs GTX

        7,000 MHz vs 5,400 MHz - Around 30% higher effective memory clock speed
        1,090 MHz vs 1,020 MHz - More than 5% higher clock speed
        112 GB/s vs 86.4 GB/s - Around 30% higher memory bandwidth
        2,150.4 GFLOPS vs 1,305.6 GFLOPS - Around 65% better floating-point performance
        67.2 GTexel/s vs 40.8 GTexel/s - Around 65% higher texture rate
        1,750 MHz vs 1,350 MHz - Around 30% higher memory clock speed
        1,200 MHz vs 1,085 MHz - More than 10% higher turbo clock speed
        896 vs 640 - 256 more shading units (Before you flash the bios and make it 1024 shaders)
        56 vs 40 - 16 more texture mapping units (Before you flash the bios and make it 64 TMU's)

        • +1

          Unfortunately not a good comparison as we're comparing vastly different architectures. Nvidia opt for fewer 'faster' cores whereas AMD throws as many cores as it can a problem until its fixed.

          Not that I'm complaining. I'm looking for an excuse to grab one.

        • Give me some real world usage comparisons hun<3

        • @spaghettiman:

          RX 460 vs 750 ti

          It outperforms the GTX 750 ti but only by a small margin

        • +10

          I have a 4GB RX460 in my PC and a 2gb 750 Ti in the wife's machine. She's running a Sandy Bridge Extreme Intel CPU, I'm running an Ivy Bridge i5. Most other system specs are similar - RX thrashes the shit out of the Ti in our environment.
          It's not just raw specs. It's supporting infrastructure. (And use case, of course.)

          Cheers for the downvotes from those who don't understand the reason behind the technical breakdown.

        • -1

          Cool. Pls no copy paste from GPU Boss or such

        • +1

          @Aethelbert: According to Futuremark (3DMark11) the RX 460 beats the GTX 750ti by ~18% (5620 vs 4590 points)

        • +2

          Digital Foundry has a very good frame rate analysis comparison vid right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5VCcsL81O8&t=171s

          More relative to say it trades blows with the GTX 950.

        • +1


          It's better, but "thrashes the shit out of" is quite the overstatement.
          If you look at aggregate user bench-marking and FPS reviews the RX460 provides about a 10-40% performance increase.
          Also, you'd expect the 460 to provide superior performance given that it costs more and consumes more power.

          Something to note with the 750 Ti: despite being advertised as a 60W card, its actually restricted to 38.5W in the BIOS.
          If you increase this you can get some pretty impressive overclocks. I've running +265MHz core (1390MHz) and +500Mhz memory (6400Mhz effective clock). This overclock improves FPS by an average 22% vs the reference clocks. This is 24/7 stable and 100% artifact free in all games, benchmarks and stress tests with cool temps on the stock fan profile. Most people run low 1400's and mid to high 6000's providing even more performance.

        • @Viper8:
          "thrashes the shit out of in our environment"
          I'm specifically talking about the games WE play and on OUR machines.
          I only got the RX because my old GTX570 started exhibiting instability and crashing out whenever games started up.
          Tell you what though, the difference in the level of noise in incredible. The GTX sounded like a jet.

        • +2


          It sounds like its more to do with the rest of your systems and possibly game settings and not so much the GPU.
          As I said, ANY game comparison review or benchmark tends to fall within 10-40% win to the RX460, when using an otherwise identical rig running games on the same settings with stock clocks.
          I'm pointing this out to others in case they believe that your personal experiences are representative of the norm.

          As for noise: that would be whatever brand and model of cooler you got.
          Pick any card you like, there will always be loud cooling solutions and quiet cooling solutions (same with hot and cool).
          If anything the 750 Ti has a heat and noise advantage (ignoring the 3rd party cooling solution), as it has a real TDP of 38.5W vs 75W for the 460.
          I take it she has a single cheap 80mm fan blowing on a small low fin density aluminum block? Compare this to 2x quiet 80mm fans on a large high fin density array with multiple copper heat pipes.
          Point here is that again, your experiences are not representative of GTX750Ti vs RX460, rather your specific models coupled with whatever case and chassis cooling you have.

          Your experiences seems to be an outlier.

  • +11

    Great fps/dollar ratio here.

    Would be a very nice GPU to add to an older system or one of those real basic i3/i5 systems that fill up offices to turn it into a capable gaming machine.

    Last week I got a R7 360 fom MSY clearance to put into my old Q6600 DDR2 build I had lying around, it's a ~10 year old CPU/MB combo that's very long in the tooth. With a modest overclock it barely bottlenecks the GPU and actually holds up in modern 1080p gaming (although at low settings for modern titles), but titles from a few years back run ultra high settings 60fps with AA on which is just awesome for a CPU worth $30 on eBay.

  • Is this VIC only?

    • +1

      Generally no, if MSY say something is specific to a store/state, it will advertise that such as "Clayton clearance centre only" etc.

      • Correct. This should be nationwide at all stores.

        Clearance only sales look like this: http://cdn.msy.com.au/Parts/clayton1.pdf

        Actual MSY store specific clearance sales wouldn't be allowed to be posted on OZB due to stock limitations.

        That R9 Fury for $276 seems like a ripper of a deal actually, pity there's only 1 left.

        • What was even more of a ripper of a deal was a 980ti going for the same ~$270. Still kicking myself for not getting it.

        • Just wondering when does MSY usually have their clearance sale?

          also, how do you get notified of their sales?


        • +2


          AFAIK they don't advertise these clearance items apart from you checking each stores clearance page.

          I manually check them once in a blue moon, or if I'm considering some hardware.

          Getting an Asus 6950 for $250 in early 2011 that I was able to flash to a 6970 ($550+ RRP at the time) was awesome. Although it turns out flashing an already hot running 6950 and then overclocking it will kill it in ~3 years.

        • +1

          @Halsmich: when i tumbled into MSY mitcham a few weeks ago to try and get one of them, i was told they sold the very day the clearance price list went up. and since MSY never answer their phones, it is a complete crapshoot as to whether they'll have stock once youve made your way to the store. i wouldnt feel too bad about missing it.

        • @CBR250RR: They update the list about once every two weeks

  • +1

    This would be good to be paired with a budget Dell Optiplex SFF build. Probably can get a really good value system going.

    • +2

      It's not low profile though.

    • Brilliant minds and all that, but I don't think it will fit. 4.5" high

      • +1

        It will fit if you use a pair of tin snips, zip ties, duct tape and a PCIE riser to mount it vertically inside the case :)

        • Ah damn, I saw people comparing it to the 750 TI so just assumed it would be low profile.

        • +1


          Most 750ti cards would not be low profile, they love to put dual fans and big heatsinks on them as that's what people like to see as a bonus luxury in that price bracket.

          From what I'm reading, many different Optiplex cases don't even need a half height or low profile card anyway - it should take this card fine, apart from possibly the length of the card hitting into a bracket or other component.

          I wasn't joking about the tin snips. I've done it myself and if you don't need an optical drive or additional hard drive bay in the machine, then cutting into the bracket to fit in a GPU can actually be a good idea. Although that was in a normal ATX case where a GPU was hitting into non-removal HDD bays.

        • +1

          @c0balt: I got a LP 750 WI from MSY a while back. Optiplex's come in various factor forms.

    • i just bought a GTX 1050 2gb LP card, it works on my dell optiplex 990 MT case… work great for CSGO, and light gaming..

      • What's the clearance like in that case? Could you have fit a non LP card if something non-essential was removed from the case?

        From the first imagine I found on Google, it looks like that case could fit standard cards easily, and possibly any card if the HDD bays were relocated: http://data.stuartconnections.com/object/image?p=7802&i=3

        • +1

          My R9 390X did not fit in my Dell Optiplex 990 MT when I had one. If I removed the drive bays it would have been a comfortable fit.

        • @jackdevries01:

          Could have cut the bays out and mounted your storage up against the motherboard tray using double sided tape, or jammed them into an ODD bay and used zip ties to hold them in - true scrapyard PC building :)

        • @c0balt: I opted against it. End up selling it for $75 more than I paid after about a year of use and now I've got a much better build. I always use Optiplex's when building HTPCs might use your trick if I find a cheap MT on Gumtree.

        • @jackdevries01:

          So the MT is next larger case than the SFF case?


        • no the width of the card is about 10cm and the width of the case is about 5.5cm I ended up buying a GTX1050 2gb , only comes with one fan.. seems to work fine in my DELL, it only comes with a 250w PSU.

  • +1

    'Member the Radeon 9700 Pro? 110 million transistors of early 2000s dominant gaming awesomeness. Good times, good times.

    • I 'member. I think I actually have my ol' Sapphire sitting in its retail box somewhere!

  • Performace wise it is about an equivalent to an AMD R7 370, or a Nvidia GTX 660ti

    Really? Does that mean my GTX660 is way out of fashion and it's time for an upgrade?

    • +1

      Compared to modern offerings like the RX480, GTX970, or even nVidia's new 10 series (1060 or greater), the 660 gets absolutely blown out of the water.

      It really depends on the titles you play - older games such as CS:GO, LoL, Diablo would still run well on a 660. However, if you're looking at titles like BF1, or really any triple A title from 2015 onward, I doubt the 660 would have an easy time on anything but medium-low settings.

      Display and resolution is a factor as well - if you're running at 1080p/60Hz, the 660 is acceptable. But an ultrawide monitor, or a 144Hz+ monitor would be very tough to drive with that card.

      So it really just comes down to your use case - an upgrade is only worth it if your current build just isn't cutting it anymore with your expectation of what's "good enough".

    • It's not terrible. It's about as fast as an R9 270. But we've reached the point where even this $119 GPU can beat it.

      Any current GPU <$300 (GPU sweet spot) would be a massive improvement. I'd say good time to buy.

  • +2

    This would be a great/cheapest way to get HDMI 2.0 and x265 hardware acceleration into an older HTPC for 4K video playback. Though the cooling may not suit a HTPC.

    • +2

      Eh it'll run fine. Would produce what, 75W of heat approx? Not a huge deal since any quad core will be producing 65w to 90W and a G4560, less.

      Well within the thermal envelope of situations this would be used in.

      • +3

        I think the acoustics is what fat beer is concerned about

  • Is this card higher performance than a PS4? or equivalent or less?

    • +2

      From what I can find it is about equivalent, but with a smaller VRAM so it may struggle more than the PS4 in games with high-quality textures

      • The RX460 and GTX1050 are roughly equivalent to a PS4 (50% superior to a Xbox One).

  • Will this fit an Antec NSK2480b - Both dimensions and power wise (The NSK comes with an EarthWatt 380W PSU)?

  • +1

    neck and neck with a hd 7870. i have both cards. this one is 3fps avg higher than my old hd 7870. uses way less power though.

  • is this card better than a 750 ti 2GB OC?

    • Yes. By 10-40% depending on the game or benchmark.
      However the 750Ti is cheaper and generates less heat (lower TDP).

  • Saw this and st ra ight away was thinking about my dell optiplex sff but with mine the drive sits above the mb and there is space for thw card but the top cover needs to come out and a dlot grinded into it to allow the rest of the card to stick up….. not going to go that far with it as its getting old and ubuntu specs are starting to out do it now…….
    Some day ill have a new computer rather then a gand me down.

  • +2

    But can it run Crisis?

    • not at 4k

      • I think that was supposed to be a sarcastic post lol!

  • Are there any good deals on an OEM/prebuilt machine from a major manufacturer? I'd like to pair this card up with something. You're able to add cards without voiding warranty right (they used to have this sticked on the case ages back)??

  • i wonder how noisy this card is. can handle dota at max graphics?

  • Would it be worth buying 2 and hooking them up together?

    • How many M/B would handle 2 of these side by side anyway?

    • +3

      The performance will still slightly fall behind a single RX 470, and it will make a lot of noise and fill your case with hot air… So it's a pretty bad choice for xfire.

      A RX470 with 4GB of VRAM sets you back $267 (MSY price). If you bought two of these it'll be $238 (this works out to be $29 dollar difference) however recall that crossfire doesn't double your VRAM, so you are still stuck with an embarassingly low amount of VRAM (2GB), more heat and loud fan noise..

      Crossfire is also more trouble than it's worth, there is loss of performance efficiency as not all games are optimised for multiple GPU configurations

  • Anyone know the recommended minimum power requirement for this card? I couldn't find the info on ASUS website.

    • +2

      350~400 watts is the recommended wattage however this means nothing if your power supply is a cheapskate brand from some unknown Chinese OEM, they frequently overstate specs.

    • +1

      If you believe B&H Photo;

      Power Consumption: Not specified by manufacturer
      Recommended System Power Requirement: 350 W
      Usually pulling less than 75 watts, the Radeon RX 460 doesn't require a separate power connector and provides lower temperatures.

    • +1

      Thanks for all your replies. If it only draws 75w from the PCIe slot and does not require a 6-pin power connector then it must be a very power efficient card compared to other cards of similar specs.

      • +1

        I think if you got PCIe 3.0, you'd be fine. I have a Dell i7 Nehalem with PCIe 2.0 and needed an EVGA PowerBoost, otherwise my system won't POST. Tried it on a Lenovo i7 Sandy Bridge and it wouldn't POST, regardless of PowerBoost. Both were tried with a 750w PSU. I guess my motherboards didn't necessarily provide 75w to the card.

        • That's interesting. I was of installing the card on an old PC with PCI-E 2.0. I don't understand why the Sandy Bridge wouldn't POST even with power boost though. Have you tried removing other cards from the bus to reduce the power draw and see if that helps?

        • +1

          @EarlyBird: The Lenovo only had two PCIe slots, one had the RX 460 and the other had the PowerBoost. It had older PCI slots but they were empty. I'm thinking it was just a quirk of the board as it originally came from an SFF case so maybe it never was set up to accommodate the power usage of the card, or maybe it's just some other incompatibility. Tempted to try a low profile GeForce 1050 though and use it as an HTPC.

  • Website is like… down.

    • Its like up now. I just ordered one. They were probably updating their pricelist.

      Thanks Piggy.

      • Yes thanks! Shame it is hard to pick up, they charge a lot for delivery!

        • +1

          Shipping and handling cost me $16.35 to Cairns. I ordered from their Queensland site.

  • -1

    So is it sold out? Can't find the it in the store, search or deal of the day category.

    Edit: nevermind: http://www.msy.com.au/viconline/pc-components/17641-asus-dua...

  • -2

    I have second thoughts after reading this review

  • +1

    Bought one in store at Auburn. Didn't ask them to count, but looked like 13 on the shelves.

  • Any idea how this would compare to my ooooold 5970?

  • +1

    Radeon 560 will be coming soon.

  • this or the gtx1060?

    • +1

      That depends on what you intend to use it for.
      The 1060 is more than twice as powerful (also more than twice as expensive).

      If you play older games, Esports games or don't mind playing the latest AAA titles at low-mid settings go for the 460.
      If you want to be able to play the latest AAA titles @ 60fps at high-ultra go the 1060.

      FYI the 1060 is comparable to the 480 in terms of performance and price.

    • +1

      Get the Rx 480,you will get Doom as a redeemable bonus

      It's a sweet game

  • Cool, thanks OP, I might pick up that mouse.

  • How long do MSY hold online orders for? Looking to pick it up on Thursday/Friday and have placed a order online.

    • The MSY confirmation email reads - "The items will be reserved for you for two working days, please pickup within this time or we cannot guarantee the availability of the reserved items."

  • +1

    Just in case this helps someone. One GREAT use for this card in particular is in a HTPC. I bought mine a few weeks ago and therefore unfortunately for me I missed out on the discount…

    Reason it's great is it is the lowest cost card which sports a HDMI 2.0 port which gives [email protected] on a screen that supports it. Streaming games from my main PC to a 70" TV at said resolution and refresh rate and couldn't be happier with it.

    • +1

      I picked one up yesterday. Same intention, to use in a HTPC. The one I was replacing was a fanless Gigabyte HD6770 Silent Cell 1GB video card.
      I was a bit skeptical on noise levels because the previous one was fanless and this has 2 fans.
      However, quite pleased with it. It is very low noise, something you would want as a feature in HTPCs.
      Might get noisy when its stressed while playing intense video games, but that is not what I mainly use it for. Yet to try games on it.

      • Yea you wouldn't play games on it directly. I use it with Steam In-Home Streaming which lets my GTX 1070 on my main PC do the brunt of the work.

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