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BlitzWolf Type C Car Charger,5 Port Desktop Charger- US$4.99 (~AU$6.65),USD $ 10.99 Shipped @ Banggood

  1. Power3S Technology
    It is also compatable with all non-Quick ChargeTM 2.0 phones and tablets and will charge at their normal charging speed (up to 5 volts / 2.4A Max)
    with Power3S technology protection.(For QC 2.0 charging, please see BlitzWolf''s BW-C2)

    1. Guaranteed Safety
      Designed with advanced technology to provide over-voltage and short-circuit protection.

    2. Multi Voltage Input
      Compatable with all vehicles with a 12-18V DC input, it's a truly universal charger and perfect for international travel.

    3. USB Type-C(3A) Compatible models
      Lumia 950,Lumia 950XL
      Oneplus 2
      Meizu Pro 5
      ZUK Z1
      New Macbook 2015
      LeTV One Max, LeTV One Pro
      All other USB type C devices.
      Not for Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, especially not charge the phone when use the navigation function.

    4. 5V/2.4A Compatible Models (faster than conventional charger)
      iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nexus, Xiaomi, HTC, Meizu, LG, Lenovo, Huawei, Digital Camera, PC, Xiaomi Yi, Sjcam Camera and most USB devices.

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    Why not my 6P? :(


      The BW-C3 version is the compatible version for the 6P. It rapidly charges my device.


      I have the BW-C3, the same one the rep has linked to in this deal & a Nexus 6P.

      Looking back at my original order email, it is described as:

      Subtotal of Items:
      2 x BlitzWolf® 5V 5.4A USB Type C BW-C3 Car Charger 27W for Nokia N1 tablet, Google Chromebook Pixel, Google Nexus 6P, LG Nexus 5X, or Apple Macbook 12 inch and more (1008254) US$19.98

      So rep, are you now saying that the BW-C3 shouldn't be used with a Nexus 6P? Because I've been using it quite a lot and have been impressed with the speed it charges at, and I often use it with Google Maps running as well.


        This charger should work fine with the 6P as the 6P charges @ 5V & 3A


          It does work fine, I am just wondering why the rep is stating this model isn't "compatible", when they sold it to me a while back promising it was.


      I have this charger, and when I use navigation on my 950XL (particularly in bad service areas), it doesn't really seem to charge the phone quick enough. ie. The battery barely charges, or in fact discharges - I'm not sure which (have never tested whether it's charging at 3A, and whether it goes up or down when using navigation - I have just noted that when I've taken my phone off the charger on long road trips, my battery has been unexpectedly low).

      So navigation (and network connection) is depleting the battery as fast/faster than the charger can pump out.

      I'm guessing that the same might be the case for those phones mentioned, hence the disclaimer. In which case, it would be more accurate to say that the charger DOES work with those phones, but may not work fast enough to fill the battery quicker than it's drained by navigation.

      Just my guess!


        I'm curious if your navigation device is on the window or otherwise getting hot and not quick charging for that reason?


          Hmm, could be. It was attached to the air vent, so was being blasted with aircon for the most part. But there was one point that the aircon was off, and I noticed the phone was heating up and switched on the aircon…but I cant say whether it was the heat causing the issue.

          Will try to pay more attention to it next time! (this was just what I noticed on one long roadtrip - I otherwise dont use navigation heavily, as I dont drive around much!)

          Also, I would stress that on this particular occasion, I was driving the great ocean road, where the reception was especially dodgy - so network reconnection, and probably gps satellite connection, would definitely have played a big part in the rate of battery depletion!


    Hi bought one some time ago, and so far I've been impressed with it.
    I have a Moto Z, and my girlfriend has a Samsung Galaxy S6. It works perfectly with both devices, charging at the fastest rate allowed by each device.

    However I noticed that some times if you are using both outputs, the second device you plug charges at a slightly lower rate. The 12V cigarette output of my car are rated for 130W, so they should not have an impact on this charger

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    Not quite sure why they've written "not for Nexus 5X/6P, especially when navigating". I've been using this exact model for over a year on my 6P while navigating for hours with no problems whatsoever. It even says "charging rapidly" like the official wall charger does and charges the battery quickly even when GPS is active. It doesn't seem to get excessively hot either. Weird.


    Hi Rep, I need a good one of these but for the micro USB port, any suggestions?


      This one is a good choice,tiny and powerful,if your phone is not QC,http://www.banggood.com/BlitzWolf-BW-C4-Portable-Fast-Car-Charger-with-Power3S-Technology-24W-2-Port-2_4A-p-1018188.html

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    I use this and its the best car charger I've had.


    Thanks OP, just ordered one.

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