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Ed Hardy 50% off Plus an Extra 10% off Only at MYER


Went to MYER (Sydney City) store today and they have a further 10% off everything at ED HARDY, this is on top of the 50% discount off already. So 60% off! There are quite a lot of shirts and jeans left, very few hats.

Their online store has an up to 75% off, best bargain is a SMET tank for $9, normally $119! Enjoy.

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  • Sorry guys, Ed Hardy Australia is going into administration. :P

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      That's awesome news.

  • Ed hardy is in administration, so looks like MYER's clearing its stock…

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    Bogans will love this clearance while stocks last.

    • +15

      Thanks to Ed Hardy I recognise morons right away…

      • it's a little unfair to be stereotyping other people don't you think?

        • +2

          it's a little unfair to have to share oxygen with bogans.

  • +3

    Haha people with no fashion sense and true aussie bogans will be all over this junk

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    ed hardy = douchebag uniform

    not for me thank or anyone with discerning taste

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    for the love of god/good fashion please do not vote this up

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    I don't mean to be a schtikler.. but doesn't a further 10% from -already- 50% = %55 off total.. not 60 =p

    • Yes, it does (at Myer anyway).

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        No, it doesn't.

        say a shirt was $100… 10% off the already reduced price (which would be $50) would make it $45…. which is a total of 55% off the original ticket price, NOT 60%.

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          He just said that. What's with the "No, it doesn't"….?

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    I voted just for the lols :). Go on, spam me :P

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      I voted + just for your honesty :)


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      I'm very tempted to vote positive for the lulz, too. I mean, this might be the last time we see Ed Hardy on OzBargain!

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    friends dont let friends wear ed hardy …

    as a side note, 10% off of 50% is more like 45% off, cause it'd be 10% off of the 50% price, not 60% off of the total

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      Um, no. Try 55%.

      • Yeah i think he confused himself there, he means you pay 45%, so 55% off.

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    This also has some good comments:

  • so sexy.

  • Ed Hardy is the new douchebag Wu Tang/ Fubu/ Ecko.

  • Wow so many haters, looks like i shouldn't post up anymore bargains?!

    • Wow so many haters

      What gives you that impression?

    • There, there. I've voted positive if that'll make you feel better. :)))

    • lol it's not like we're hating on you so don't worry - no negative votes as yet!

      • lol

        Isn't it obvious? He actually bought some and wears them, all the while we're all saying how they are the clothing equivalent of glow in the dark condoms (d**ks wear them to try and look cool)

        I lol'ed a lot when I read his last post ;)

        • LOL, yup brought sum…gonna wear it this weekend…any haters will get smacked! :D

          • @romeome: You "brought" some? As in the past tense of "bring", instead of the past tense of "buy"?coughbogancough

            • @Josh81: Brought some down from Frankston maybe?

              • +1

                @tomsco: I haven't lived at Frankston for about 2 years now :)

                I need to update my profile

            • @Josh81: Isn’t it obvious? He actually bought some and wears them, all the while we’re all saying how they are the clothing equivalent of glow in the dark condoms (d**ks wear them to try and look cool)

              See the comment above, "He actually brought some and wears them??" i belive im not the only bogan..PROUD TO BE A BOGAN! Yeah Yeh :P

              • @romeome: Ummm… but you mis-quoted him, he said "bought", which you've included in your post, but then seperately quoted a specific line from his post with the word "bought" changed to "brought"….?
                I don't understand. :/

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    Thank goodness there are not enough crazy people in Aust to pay the full ripoff price for this stuff. No wonder they went broke. Only worth it at greatly reduced prices.

    "Locally, it had recruited Melbourne underworld figure Mick Gatto, who yesterday confirmed he had received free clothes as an Ed Hardy ambassador" Crazy…

  • the stuff they have is just plain ugly.

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    Their prices now represent what they should have cost this entire time.

  • Isn't Ed Hardy like "dada" of the 90's ?? I unsuspectingly bought one of those shirts once and even bogans paid me out !

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    thank f*** for that

    I hate this stuff, wouldn't pay a dollar for it, I appreciate nice clothes but that stuff was plain old nasty

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    $119 for a tank top. lolz.

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    What will the habibs wear now.

    • they'll still have Mish Mash!!

  • Years ago I bought some Chuck Taylor's with cool imagery of panthers and falcons on them.

    At the time I thought they were basically non-brand extras from China because they were using all those old (and what I presumed to be out of copyright) sailor tattoos on them.

    I really needed shoes, and they had definite kitsch appeal, so I got them (even though it made no sense that they cost more than the Converse.)

    Then I had to go back to the shop to ask for the missing laces

    and then I went to Red Path and bought some laces

    the eyelet panels were sewn shut.

  • Perfect timing! I need some new shirts for spring/summer!

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      Perfect timing! I need some game for hunting season!

  • The 50% off has been active for quite a few weeks now, so I'm not sure how much "good" stock will be left.

    • +1

      There actually ever was anything "good"…

  • +1

    What are you guys talking about….? This gear rocks!

    Check out this awesome design:

    Ok seriously, i would buy some T's for $9 if they were fairly plain looking, or if i could alter/remove the design from them. But doesn't look like it's feasible.

    And also noobs, 50% + 10% is $60 only if it's $100. So 60% off $119 shirt is $71.40, so it's really 71.40%, cause it's a percentage, mm-k. :D

    • It is:
      50% off $119 = $59.50
      10% off $59.50 = $53.55
      $53.55/$119 = 45%, so 55% off.

      Who are you calling a noob?

      Do you normally wear Ed Hardy?

  • how gross are ed hardy t shirts..not surprised!

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