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Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD Wii U - $22.99 + Shipping - Beat The Bomb


I noticed that Beat The Bomb has Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD for Wii U for $22.99 plus shipping. It's game only rather than the Amiibo bundle, but still it's the best price I've seen on it by quite a margin.

It looks like the direct link has been disabled, but it can still be ordered via the front page of the website under "Current Bomb Deals"

This appears to be part of a wider sale at http://www.beatthebomb.com.au/mid_year_game_sale

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Beat The Bomb
Beat The Bomb

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  • +1 for store repping ;)

  • Sold out perhaps? I can't find it on their site… They do have a great price on Wind Waker HD thought (AUD 37.99 + shipping)

  • right on the main page, under current bomb deals. cannot miss it

  • Awesome, been wanting to give this game a try (never played it on Wii) but Nintendo's ridiculous prices had put me off.

    • -1 vote

      Theres always the phone games, should you require something for free. Super Mario Run and Pokemon Go are the bees knees.

    • Be prepared to lose 60+ hours of your life … loll even at higher prices most Zelda games are great value for the enjoyment they bring…. :)

    • I didn't enjoy this one at all.

      Least favorite Zelda.

      The overworld stuff, especially when you are a Wolf is not fun.

  • i bought because ozbargain

  • +1 vote

    Thanks Rep…

  • Not bad, I got the Amiibo + game + soundtrack bundle last week for 39 at BigW.

  • Jeez I dunno if I can go back and play the previous Zeldas after playing the latest breath of the wild, so much freedom!!

  • Thought this was a full console bundle price mistake from the bargain title for a moment. Shame, I would have picked up a WiiU for that price :P

  • Bought both twilight princess and wind waker hd. I've never played either and my wii u is neglected so I figured I'd give them a go. I've heard they're good. Thanks op

    • Yeah both great games. Both perhaps suffer a bit from somewhat barren and boring overworlds and the odd pacing issue, but they make up for it elsewhere. They also make some of the best use of the Wii U game pad as far as I'm concerned…super handy to have an inventory right there.

  • I just paid $60 at EB. and that was after trading in two Wii U games

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  • wow a lot of people on these forums have a wii u. I thought they didn't sell well in Australia… somethings going on here ;)

  • What are the odds of this and windwaker coming to the switch?

    • I'd assume it's not out of the question. They might go with Skyward Sword or the N64 titles though.

      Part of me thinks Skyward Sword would be most likely given others have had more recent reissues and the JoyCons an opportunity to map the Switch controllers to the original Wii Remote.

      Should be interesting to see what the Virtual store ends up looking like.

  • Wind Waker for Wii U worth it for $37.99 (plus shipping) or worth waiting for a lower price? Never played it before.

  • Couldn't resist, even though I have it on Wii and never got around to playing it. Link rocks - the only amiibo's I collect - and will be good to enjoy this title in HD when I get around to finishing Windwaker HD, and before or after BOTW (and the other 40 games across platforms that are waiting for me…)

  • I remember buying Wind Waker HD from them, the first time I bought from them. Instead of being factory sealed, it was re-shrinkwrapped by them. The re-shrinkwrapping kinda crushed the crappy eco-case Nintendo was using at the time. I don't know if Beat the Bomb sent me a used copy or what, but I never bought from them again.

    • I've never seen any Nintendo Australia Wii U published games with shrink wrap on. Certainly third party games have, so have Nintendo published games I've ordered from the UK. But for the Australian ones they've always been open cases in my experience.

      • Nintendo never shrink wrap their games.

        • That's factually not true, when I went to Big W to buy Pokemon Sun & Moon, the staff were just taking them out of the boxes and they were shrink wrapped.

          I can't say about Wii U because I haven't seen shrinkwrapped Wii U games myself.

        • @lint: That was an exception but generally they don't. Pokemon Sun and Moon had a massive print so they most likely had to source distribution from overseas as well.

    • My game arrived yesterday in a thick cardboard envelope and seems new to me. Not sealed with nintendeo branded plastic but neither were games I bought at EBgame and BigW.

      Sounds like you had bad luck with shipping :(