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2% Cashback (up to $50 Every Month) - No ATM Fees - Android Pay - Platinum Debit Available - Bankwest Easy Transaction Account


Bankwest Easy Transaction Account.

  • Get 2% Cashback (up to $50 Cashback per month) with tap and go payments until 31 August and pay no ATM fees at over 10,000 major bank ATMs nationwide. For new transaction account customers only.

  • If you max the cashback out between now and August that is $250 Cashback total!

  • 5 Tap and Go payments per month to be eligible.

  • Cashback is credited monthly and can take up to 60 Days to be credited.

  • No ATM fees at Bankwest, CBA, NAB, ANZ, Westpac, St George Bank, Bank of Melbourne and Bank of SA ATMs nationwide.

  • Android Pay Ready
    See here:

  • $0 Account Keeping Fee if you deposit $2000 every month ($2000 requirement is waived until August 31st)

  • Debit MasterCard (6 Colour Options) if you deposit $0 - $3999 every month

  • Platinum Debit MasterCard (Only available in Black) if you deposit $4000+ every month
    See the advantages of the Platinum Debit Card here:

  • Overseas ATM Fee = $5

  • Foreign Transaction = 2.95% of the transaction amount

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  • New customers only

    Does this include existing customers with other accounts?

    • Terms and Conditions state:

      Offer is available to new Bankwest transaction account holders who open a Bankwest Easy Transaction Account from 1 April 2017 until 30 June 2017 and make a minimum of 5 tap & go transactions per month. Cashback is 2% of tap & go transactions to a maximum of $50 per month until 31 August 2017. The cashback will be credited monthly within 60 days of the end of each month. Monthly account fee is waived for new customers only until 31 August 2017. Customers who have held any Bankwest transaction account within the last 6 months are ineligible for these offers.

      So it looks like if you have other accounts you are fine to apply for it.

    • If you already have a transaction account, you miss out :(

      • If you currently have an account, or have had one in the last 6 months according to the T&C's.

        But it would definitely be worth calling them up on Monday morning to see if they can offer it to you if you plan on leaving them perhaps? Banks have retention teams just like mobile phone companies.

        • I tried asking them for this offer for existing customers, they unfortunately declined. Worth a shot but i dont like your chances.

  • It does not seem very clear whether the 2% cashback continues, after Aug 31, if you continue to deposit $2000 every month. Would be nice if this is ongoing.

    • Its pretty clear in the T&C's:

      Offer is available to new Bankwest transaction account holders who open a Bankwest Easy Transaction Account from 1 April 2017 until 30 June 2017 and make a minimum of 5 tap & go transactions per month. Cashback is 2% of tap & go transactions to a maximum of $50 per month until 31 August 2017. The cashback will be credited monthly within 60 days of the end of each month. Monthly account fee is waived for new customers only until 31 August 2017. Customers who have held any Bankwest transaction account within the last 6 months are ineligible for these offers.

    • If you max the cashback out each month between now and August 31st that is $250 cashback total you can earn. Not bad at all.

  • The only Bankwest transaction account that has no monthly account fee other than their student account.

  • so the 3 basic accounts most banks have are the

    Deposit certain amount and no fees
    Deposit certain amount and interest is decent
    Deposit certain amount and offset against home loan

    • ING Orange Everyday and Bankwest Easy Transaction are probally the 2 best transaction accounts going around.

      • No monthly account fee's if you deposit your salary each month ($1000 for ING, $2000 for Bankwest, $4000 for Bankwest Platinum)
      • Free to use almost any ATM free of charge
      • Pending transactions show up straight away in online banking and the app
      • Their mobile app's are very good
      • Both Support Android Pay (With ING also supporting Apple Pay)
      • Bankwest gives you colour options for cards

      And in Bankwest's case, if you combine that with one of their platinum credit cards - even the $0 Yearly Fee Zero Platinum Credit Card, you don't have any international transaction fee's too.

      Overall a good combo.

      • Macquarie has all that + no transaction fees. I'd say their app is better too (fingerprint login, plus options to upload receipts and categorise your spending)

        • Yes Macquarie and Citibank Plus also have better foreign transaction rate like 28 Degrees/ BW Platinum.

        • Macquarie Bank has some major issues:

          • No branches
          • No [email protected]
          • No cheque submissions
          • Slow money transfers
          • Widely reported problems with glitches in their online banking (just check Whirlpool and OzBargain forums)
          • Customer Support is average.

          • Do pending transactions appear straight away?

        • Macquarie works in android pay as well
          Edit, oops you said that

        • @E5TOQUE:

          Pending transactions do show up straight away (you get a notification on your phone too). I've experienced it a couple of times and thought it was a local issue. Doesn't last long but definitely is a problem.

        • @E5TOQUE: Most of these are true for ING as well though. No?

        • @virhlpool: ing has [email protected], so every auspost will let you deposit cash into ing. Cheque you can mail in I think.

        • @E5TOQUE: No slow money transfers here; generally money is across within hours between Macquarie and CommBank.

          And Macquarie do better than just showing pending transactions instantly - you also get a push notification whenever a transaction is made using the card, which is brilliant.

      • Just to clarify, there are no monthly account fees with ING. The $1000 deposit is to avoid ATM fees and to gain bonus interest on a connected savings account the following month.

  • "Platinum Debit MasterCard (Only available in Black) if you deposit $4000+ every month"

    Does it stop working if you forget to deposit $4000 in one month?

    • I don't know. I would imagine the card will continue to work fine. But the bonus platinum debit features you get won't be valid any longer. Perhaps if you continue to be below the $4000 threshold for a few months they will mail you out a normal debit card.

    • You probably just pay fees


      I just looked this up, according to some whirlpool post, bankwest check the $4000 deposit every three months instead of every month. Although this was back in 2013, things may have changed now.

      I'm wondering if you can just open a savings account with them and transfer $4001 every month between the accounts. Sort of like the St George bonus $50 offer a few years back

    • How useful are these "Platinum" features anyway with this and other banks?

      Let us know your experiences OzBargairners!

  • I feel you would be better off getting a friend to refer you to ING Direct so you both get $100.

    ING also offers free ATMs with no restrictions. Literally anything that dispenses money and says ATM is covered.
    The interest rates on their savings account are also really good.

    • If you give me back the $100, I'd nearly be there…..mmaaaaaaaaatttttte

    • ING doesn't offer a $0 Annual Fee Credit Card with $0 foreign transaction fee's. Some people may want to combine a everyday transaction account with no monthly fee and free ATM withdrawals with a credit card that doesn't cost anything and no international fee's.

      ING and Bankwest both offer Android Pay
      ING and Bankwest both have very good online banking and mobile apps.
      Bankwest is giving you 2% cashback with every paywave you do - just like ING used to do and everyone seemed to love.
      Bankwest gives you a platinum debit card option
      Bankwest gives you the option to choose your card colour

      Completely agree the savings account with ING is far more flexible and give you higher interest.

      • Bankwest gives you the option to choose your card colour


      • You mentioned XE fees, however neither of those accounts offer a decent rate. Macquarie and Citi Plus do.

        • All I was pointing out is that Bankwest has some very decent credit card options available. Most of their platinum range have no international fees.

          So for those people who want to have a transaction account + credit card combo with the same bank this would be up there.

          • 2% Cashback
          • No ATM Fees
          • Android Pay
          • No monthly fees

          Combine that with the Bankwest Zero Platinum Credit Card

          • $0 Annual Fee
          • No international fees
          • Travel Insurance included.
          • Android Pay
        • @E5TOQUE:
          I used to be with Bankwest for everything, but moved to ING for my everyday account and linked my home loan with the offset facility.
          Kept the Bankwest platinum CC.

          This works for me, no fees on the savings account, any ATM is free.
          No exchange fees for overseas with the CC.

          Bankwest started charging for their offset facility recently, so I personally found the setup I have works for me.

          But having used Bankwest solely the past ten years, they're a good operator. And this would be good for someone who piles ALL their expenses onto their debit card (rather than say the credit card and pay it off every month)

    • Is it not $75? I got my friend to sign up, they have deposited and we're still waiting for our $75 each from the promo last month :O

      Should I be following up somewhere?

  • everyone seemed to love

    Love = 5%
    Just Tolerate = 2%

  • I just switched from Bankwest to ING. Changed pay deposit scheduled all direct debit arrangements. ING still wins Bankwest may be a runner up but this offer is not for existing customers so even if I was with Bankwest right now it was still worth to switch to ING with $100 Welcome offer.

  • 60 days at the end of each month is waaay too long! ING's old 2% cashback deal definitely wins!

  • I think it is worth asking Bankwest to give you this offer if you already have a transaction account

  • Pfft. I hate it how they never reward existing customers.

    • Loyalty is dead!

      • +2 votes

        And not just for banking. Insurance is one of the best examples where loyalty is generally rewarded with an increase in premiums.

      • As they say, loyalty is for dogs. Business managers get rewarded for two things: attracting a new customer, or stopping an existing one leaving. If they keep a customer who isn't going to leave there is no reward, so existing customers are left out of all special deals.

        Try calling your bank and saying you want to close your account. They'll first of all pretend to be a moron and not understand what you're saying. After the fifth attempt they'll start ponying up special offers to keep you.

  • What are the monthly account keeping fees if you don't deposit anything?
    Do you think an automaatic internal transfer between accounts would be allowed?

  • By the end of the year, stocking up different cards for different purposes (i.e. cashback vs foreign purchases vs emergency ATM) may be a worry of the past as long as you have internet access.

    The upcoming realtime payments system should make shuttling funds easy (and could revolutionise direct debit).


  • Edited.Just a OK deal.

  • cash back from August will not arrive for 60 days, late October or November. An extra two months of doing the $2k shuffle to avoid the fees.

  • YES!!!!!!!

  • Apparently cashback isn't taxable for individuals for now (https://mozo.com.au/rewards-credit-cards/guides/credit-card-...).

  • Great. Love the cashback. I'm in.

    Not interested in the other bits.

  • The 2% cashback is really good but Bankwest's Platinum Debit Mastercard is absolute crap compared with Bankwest's Zero Platinum Mastercard Credit card.
    Why use your money when you can use theirs free for a month and get all the extra benefits of a true platinum credit card without the ridiculous eligibility criteria.
    So maybe grab their debit card for now and reap the 2% cashbacks until August then swap the Platinum debit card over for a ZERO Platinum credit card which has no annual fees and heaps more benefits including free comprehensive travel insurance (normally pay $70-$120 for 10 days) and zero transaction fees too (normally 2.5% of purchases)

    • Agreed. BW's Platinum credit card is a great product and easily beats pretty much everything out there. Paying an annual fee on a credit card was a cute thing to do in the 1990s, but certainly an anachronism today.

  • Here is the obvious catch: You need to deposit $2k into the account every month otherwise you'll be charged $6 per month. BankWest is counting on customers forgetting to do so after August and the bank makes a free $6 on them per month, every month.

    How easy is it to close accounts with BankWest? I remember trying to close an NAB credit card.

    "I want to close my account". Are you sure? "Yes". Well, you've been with us for a long time…. "Just close it". You've used this card a lot… "Please close" Let's see if I can do something to give you special offer… "Final call, close" I can waive the annual fee for this year… "FFS"

    • I fail to understand peoples problems with the $1000/$2000/$4000 monthly deposits into these good bank accounts like ING Oranage Everyday and Bankwest Easy Transaction Account.

      Just put your salary in! Easy. set and forget.

      • It's easy, but I have an ING Direct card too into which I need to deposit $1k per month to keep fee free ATM access for any machine in Australia. BankWest's offer comes close, but isn't quite as good. So now I would have to put $2k into BankWest and $1k into ING every month.

        I also have a CBA Complete Access account (it came with my home loan, I didn't ask for it). That needs $2k fed into it too every month otherwise I get charged $6. That's three accounts I need to do a little dance with to avoid fees and keep bonuses.

        • It's not difficult to setup auto transfer through a few accounts. Say $500 from ING to Bankwest Monday, $500 from Bankwest to CBA Wendesday and $500 from CBA to ING Friday. Repeat it weekly and occasioanlly pay attention to publich holidays.

        • Since you didn't ask for the CBA Complete Access account (and I presume you don't use it), can you just close that account and save yourself from the money shuffle hassle? Or is having the account open mandatory for your home loan?

        • You should be able to get the account fee on the CBA Complete Access account waived because you have a home loan product with CBA (even if you are not on the Annual Package). It's definitely worth at least asking someone at a branch.

      • Well, let's see, being unemployed and on Newstart allowance as my only source of income, that's not going to make it to $2000.00 a month.

    • It is Very easy with Bankwest. Just type up a letter with your details and that you wish to close the account. Print it, Sign it, Scan it. Than email to <[email protected]>

      My account was closed with-in three days, no follow up email or call which I prefer as I had already signed up with ING and was thinking too much hassle depositing money and withdrawing every month with no extra benefit, I liked their green card color option though. It was cool. I still have the card, just can't use it.

      • I just noticed this in the "Your guide to banking fees" PDF Effective 4 April.

        Closure of a Bankwest Account
        Closing a Bankwest-branded account at a Bankwest Store^ FREE
        Closing a Bankwest-branded account by other means $10.00

        I would assume using the method above now attracts a $10 fee.

  • It would be good if it's World Mastercard as it has more perks. Premium MC does not have much to offer.

  • hi guys i have a question if save $2000 per month can i still get all benifit when i move to another bank account

  • If I don't deposit $2,000 in the month of August, then it looks like I'll get hit by the $6 account fee on the 1st of September. Correct?

    • I just confirmed with their live chat staff, correct.
      You're welcome to make a deposit, and then withdraw it as soon as it clears.
      You can also transfer internally between BW accounts.

      I guess we'll have to do this for a good 60+ days (2 months) until we get the last of the cashback rebate coming in.

  • if you have a bankwest zero credit card you are still eligible aye?

  • fees for non-bankwest internet transfer and hefty fees for periodical payments to non-bankwest accounts. Would of thought these would be free

    • Really? That sucks trying to find the details in the pds. Is this the $10 fee for outward transfer?

    • hmmm true so there is a 25c fee to avoid a $6 fee. Still ahead, very sneaky though. Makes this account very unattractive as a primary transaction account.

      • i can confirm the fee is written in the Your Guide to Fees. However, I just netbanked a friend using CBA from my easy transaction acc and I wasn't charged the 25c fee. Might one of those things where officially they "can" charge you but they "wont" coz its douchy?

  • Looks like I'll be paying all my bills at the post office again for the next few months