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Original Xiaomi Mijia Pen - US$1.89 Delivered (~AU$2.52) @ Gearbest


Good pens at a good price!

Original Xiaomi Mijia 0.5mm Writing Point Sign Pen 9.5mm Durable Signing Pen


① Switzerland imported refill: smooth writing and smear-proof, retractable and refillable
② Japan imported ink: smooth, rich black ink for effortlessly strong impression
③ 0.5mm fine point draws razor-sharp, consistent lines
④ 9.5mm contoured grip for superior comfort and control
⑤ Handy retractable and rotatable design, convenient to use
⑥ All-metal precision connection parts, 50,000 times rotation life test


Brand: XiaoMi
Material: ABS,PC
Product weight: 0.020 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 14.30 x 0.95 x 0.95 cm / 5.63 x 0.37 x 0.37 inch

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    you might actually receive these from banggood, unlike the tinydeal offer from months ago

    • +1

      Eugh. Banggood has never failed me. I'm still waiting on those tinydeal pens.
      Has anyone received them? Have you contacted them?

      • +3

        Still waiting for tinydeal here

      • Still waiting here too..

      • Still waiting from tinydeal as well from their January offer.

    • Still waiting on mine from everbuying

      • +1

        everbuying = gearbest

        i raised a support ticket with everbuying once and they replied to a closed ticket that i had with gearbest

  • well that didnt last long, sold out

    • +1

      Changed the link, Gearbest are cheaper :)

      • +3

        i'd rather pay more and knowing the item will arrive.

  • +1

    Would not blow wind up a Pilot Gel of Japan pen

  • The price went to $3.65

  • +4

    Have not/did not receive my order from 2 months ago from GearBest. Just a word of warning. Got assurances from Sunny and talk about repurchase/resending that never eventuated. Something better to pay a little more (nothing much in $ terms) and actually get the product and/or shorter shipping times.

    • I've bought about 20+ items from Gearbest in the last 12 months and every one of them has arrived.

      • I've had nothing but a good experience with Gearbest also. Everbuying, however, have a few items that have just passed the 12 week mark. The two seem to be related somehow and others here on OzB report the opposite pattern to me. I wish we understood what happens to all of the missing orders from China.
        These days I don't order unless I can use PayPal and/or pay for an upgraded shipping option.

        • My bogey company is Zapals.
          They regularly sit 'processing' an item for up to 2 weeks before sending it.

          Happened twice on items that were supposed to be 2-7 business days delivery time.

          I just logged a ticket with them last night to cancel my order as it was still sitting as "Processing".
          I get an auto-email this morning saying the item has miraculously been shipped out, followed by a reply in my ticket saying "Sorry we can't cancel your order once it's been shipped".


    • -1

      What a huge surprise… I don't know why GB was allowed back on here.

  • revoked my +.

  • +12

    No band 28

    • HAHAHA

  • What about refills?

  • +2

    Still waiting for both my gearbest and tinydeal pens from 2 months ago.

  • Now A$4.86

    • A$2.52 for me

      • Ok, once I ad it to my cart it goes down to a$2.52. But it lists in the description as AU$4.86

        • oh ok, could be local caching or CDN issue.

  • Can't beat Pilot Retractable Fine Point. Cheap. Reliable. Made in Japan.

  • I bought 3 of these. I read that they don't smudge.

    Very untrue.

    The ink comes out wet and stays wet for a while.

    The ink isn't even. You see some strokes dark and some strokes broken.

    Totally jipped.

    • Maybe a dodgy one? I love mine and havent experienced any of the issues you said. Even did some basic chromatography using a few different solutions and the xiaomi pen was the only one that stayed put.

      • they do smudge but it depends on material you are writing it on.
        nevertheless, they are still pretty good! i like them, and i end up getting few more as i tend to loose pens quite often.

  • I absolutely love mine so much that I bought more from gearbest about six weeks ago. Haven't received them yet.

    I'd rather order from somewhere else knowing they will arrive in a timely manner.

    • I also did not receive a couple of pens that I bought 2 months ago. I've ordered a few other items from them before/after that time, and all received fine. One thing I noticed is that these were sent via Netherlands Post, and all other items were sent via Switzerland Post. I wonder if this has anything to do with it. I've raised this concern with Gearbest support, but they ignored that part, and instead pointed me to their insurance options. They eventually offered a refund of half the purchase price, not sure if I should take that.

      • My current undelivered Gearbest Xiaomi pen orders are with a vendor known as "CJAHAM" - and they haven't updated the tracking information, so I have no idea when they'll be coming. My original GB order for the pens came through Netherlands Post, so I hope that's some sort of consolation for you.

  • Hi OP,deal back:
    Original Xiaomi Mijia 0.5mm Sign Pen

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