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Pendo 10.1" Convertible Laptop Clearance $150 at Officeworks


Saw this on clearance at my local officeworks. I've been looking for a 10'' tablet this looks like a decent price for a convertible. Features atom processor and Windows 10. On 2GB ram.
32GB storage.(not upgradable from what i can see) but has usb3/2 ports for external storage.

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    Processor: Intel Atom Z3735 Baytrail-T(Quad-core) Processor



      Is this good enough to browse pdfs without lag and word process?

      I prefer android so probably won't get this. But this maybe useful for some


        you can't expect to not have lag, everything will lag a bit, because it's eMMC flash storage

        your pdf will load but it may stutter if u scroll too quickly. depends on size

        i have one of these Atoms, it's an older gen but it is more than enough for emails, word, browsing, can't open too many tabs though with just ur 2GB

        may i entice you with something a little bit more useable

        review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeD_MNG7FUY

        has 6500mAh battery, IPS screen, 64gb storage, 4GB ram, and an updated 2016 Atom which scores about 50% higher in geekbench. it also comes with a pre-applied screen protector. or take a look at any of the better reviewed Teclast, Cube, Chuwi on his youtube channel (stay away from Onda)

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        It's more than powerful enough.

        It can run Crysis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryaNlslwOD0

        Tony needs to do some research.

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        More than enough for both of those things. Can also handle light-medium web browsing as well as YouTube easily provided you don't have too many tabs open (RAM is the main limitation).

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        I do word processing, image editing (in GIMP, believe it or not… I was surprised), watching videos, playing 2D platformers, streaming games.


      "bail" as in the processor is inferior?


      That's a fantastic CPU for the price.


    Says "product unavailable".


    Its good enough as a cheap tablet
    the atom of yesterday isn't the same one of today
    it will do basic tasks fine

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    QLD -
    limited stock -please call
    Aspley, Bundaberg , MacKay ,toowoomba

    available stock-

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    don't buy this.

    i have bought a Pendo 8" Windows 8.1 tablet in the past and it failed.

    also bought this exact same tablet in this deal and it failed because the keyboard dock pogo pin contacts failed, so it would never recognise that the keyboard was in.

    Pendo were good in providing a refund, but if you do some reading there are a lot of failed machines out there.


    This would have been good to install a ChromeOS based distro onto.

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      I wouldn't give ChromeOS to my worst enemy.


        yeah, ubuntu or one of the linux GUI distros is far superior

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        I wouldn't give ChromeOS to my worst enemy.

        If I had to provide tech support for my worst enemy, I would give him ChromeOS.
        It is far and away the most low-maintenance OS.

        But you cannot just load ChromeOS onto a random tablet/laptop. Same as OS-X. You may be able to get it working sort-of, but miss out on the "just works" part.


    What was the original price? Google cache doesn't show it, as far as I can tell.

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    I had the 8" Pendo from Target (originally with Win 8.1). Mines still going strong. Has 3.8GB Usable HDD space and a nearly empty SD card (32GB).

    I only use it for Kodi/streaming now as it only has 1GB ram.. it's surprisingly good at this despite the lack of ram but it will punch out 1080p content all day! It will also serve up all your NAS connections. Using a small powered USB hub you can add a few extra peripherals and it also has BT for either a mouse keyboard combo on the couch. Mine lives permenantly under my 65" TV.

    I also did a fairly big cull of unnecessary background services.. this gave it some much needed resources and the speed improved greatly.

    For $150 it's not a bad buy as a media centre in my opinion.. Otherwise a Surface Pro is about the minimum I'd use for a portable productive tablet. The big issue with these low spec tablets is storage space. Although my 8" was capable of day to day tasks Windows update forever kept me busy keeping it's limited 16GB drive cleaned up. (Eventually suspended WU Service to stop losing space)

    Although the 8" was limited in use in no time the Atom has held up well and is the same model as this advertised unit. I only wish the 8" had more memory as I'd use it for travel and mix it up with a Chromecast as a portable media player. (Goes well in a backpack with a 7.5kg AUW restriction).

    The 2GB of ram may still be a limitation in a short period of time though if using as a tablet.. if you use Chrome, it will eat so much ram!


    I'm looking for a basic pad to play old dos or mame emulator 80-90s stuff. Think that it would be any good??

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      I'm sure this would be more than good enough. My Pentium 3 PC from 2000 was much lower specced than this and could easily handle what you want.
      I think the main weakness is multi tasking due to 2gb ram and multimedia storage given 32gb storage but you can always connect a portable hard drive.


    no stock everywhere

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