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Gigabyte Radeon RX 480 G1 Gaming 8GB Graphics Card $299 + Delivery @ ShoppingExpress


Delivery estimate was $10 for sydney metro area.
Cheapest I could find before this was $340 from MSY.
Sale only lasts another 1 days 8 hours from time of posting. Delivery estimate was $10 for sydney metro area.

Graphics Processing Radeon RX480
Core Clock 1290 MHz
Process Technology 14 nm
Memory Clock 8,000 MHz
Memory Size 8 GB
Memory Type GDDR5
Memory Bus 256 bit
Card Bus PCI-E 3.0 x 16
Output Dual-link DVI-D 1
Display Port *3
Digital max resolution 7680x4320
Multi-view 5
Card size H=40 L=232 W=116 mm
DirectX 12
OpenGL 4.5
Recommended PSU 500W
Power Connectors 8 pin

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  • Great price. I suggest grabbing one and not hesitating…. the new RX500 are just rebrands of the RX400's and you'll be paying the normal RRP for them when they release.

    • Have seen some people post about the release of those, so you dont think they will be have a great impact on RX480 prices?

      • +1

        Even if the price did reduce, it would not reduce to the point where it would cannabalise the sales of the new cards.

        Even then, there's only a limited supply of RX480's so it would be wise to grab the RX480 8G at this price, before it's completely replaced by the "new" stock.

        • When is the 5xx rebrand launching? I'm planning on buying a 480 but won't have the cash for one for a little while.

        • @BookerDeWitt:

          I believe next week

        • @aaronza: Dang it. I guess I'll be holding off on a GPU upgrade a little while longer. Thanks for the reply!

  • +1

    This is so tempting. The AMD RX 580 should be releasing next week on the 18th of April. But usually on release the cards are really expensive as seen by someone paying $400AUD for the AMD RX 570 and takes a while to settle down to the price it should be. This price is really good for the 480.

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    Remember this card had particular issues with cooling - to the point where it would throttle performance.

    Might be better grabbing the Sapphire or XFX offerings of this graphics card - minimal fuss and proven performance.

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      I'm using the MSI, no issues

    • +2

      I have the 4gb variant on the latest bios and have no issues at all. Maybe I lucked out though.`

      Overclocked in MSI afterburner as below:

      • core clock: 1390 MHz (Base: 1290)
      • memory clock: 2175 MHz (Base: 2000)
      • Core voltage: +48mV
      • Power limit: +50%
      • Max Fan Speed: 60% fan speed

      The card got a really bad rap from the JayzTwoCents review but I honestly think he got a really shit sample. I'm hitting max temps of 74C under load and have no complaints whatsoever.

      • Any feedback on how loud it is? Do you have a cooler in your tower?

        • Got this here and definitely does get loud. When idle, no problem. When a game is loaded up the fans spin up and you can hear the fans. Is it loud? I'd say yes. I do run the PC with one side of the case off, so it is obviously louder than it normally would be. However, great card for what we paid (more than this). I'd still buy another one as very good bang for your buck.

        • There's a bit of noise when idle on mine due to the constant 60% speed I set but yeah, I have a Deepcool Gammaxx 300 + 2 case fans in the tower so it's hard to tell where it's coming from.

          All I use my desktop for is gaming which is why I've just set the fan speed to a constant 60% (the fan gets too loud for my liking on the default fan curve). I don't notice any of the sound coming from the case at all when i'm playing as I have a couple of nice speakers on my desk while the tower sits below.

          It's possible to set a custom fan curve in a program like MSI afterburner so you can get it whisper quiet when idling but i'm too lazy to play with it haha.

          14 453 Firestrike Graphics Score for anyone curious (10 600 overall score)

          System specs:
          - i5-2500 @ 4.1
          - 8gb ram
          - gigabyte rx480 4gb
          - gigabyte z68 mobo

    • Apologies I meant to say this Gigabyte specific RX 480.
      The RX 480 is the bang for buck card at 1080p in both performance and future proofing as it is natively set up for DX12 as well as being able to capably handle anything DX11 as well.

  • Got one:)

  • Thinking of getting this or RX 470. I'm a casual gamer building ryzen 1700x system.

    • +1

      RX 480 for sure.

      • Thanks for the assurance. Got one

    • Casual gamer? Maybe go the Ryzen 1600x (or 1600 w/ overclocking) instead save a few bucks and get some nice 3000+ Ram to push performance.

      • I will use this for doing some work as well and I got that 1700x from the last bargain from amazon.

        After a bit of research I'm seeing bad review of this card almost everywhere on internet. Can't be they all got dud cards? Can someone explain why this card got such serious negativity?

        • Nice pickup on the 1700X at that price - great value and to be honest will be able to do anything you need it to, for a very long time at such a great price.

          It appeared to have a significant issue (this Gigabyte model that is) dissipating heat from the chip using the third party build. I would always recommended an RX 480 (especially for 1080p) however would recommend the XFX, MSI or Sapphire models instead.

        • @kykachi: Yes the 1700X pick up was such a great value.

          I think MSI is the best of this class (RX480 8GB). But for $310 delivered I still got a bargain. Let's hope it doesn't hot-crash my PC.

        • @f38r1: Item hasn't arrived yet but MSY now already reduced price to $309 :(

  • I have a Corsair CX500W PSU, is it good enough for this card ?

    • Says a 500W is recommended

  • Sigh, had just bought a used r9 390x for $255.. kinda thinking maybe I should have gone the extra $50 and gotten a rx 480.. but I hear the 390x still beats the 480 on a fair few dx 11 games which is mostly me trying to convince myself I didn't do something silly :P

    • +1

      The 390x is still a very powerful card, although it's much less power efficient since its a 28nm silicon while the current gen are 14nm.

      No need to despair unless you are worried about Dx12 performance and heat /power usage.

      • Yeah I'm pretty happy with what I got, esp since it's an ASUS Strix 390X. I think it has got a fair bit of life left in it yet :)

        I think I'll be waiting till there's a decent leap in performance before I go looking for another card. All this rebadging is just annoying. Hopefully Vega is a decent improvement in architecture, it's been too long for AMD to have been using the same basic structure in their cards.