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VICKS VAPORIZER V188 - $49.99 @ Pharmacy 4 Less


Came across this great deal.
These are generally around $55.
You can also get priceline to price match it.
These guys also have an ebay store so you could use a further 5% off + cash rewards with the "C5AUS" code. eBay item number:221791574625

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    Seen these as much as $65 in chemists. Bought one when one of the kids had a nasty cold and cough and was up all night choking and not being able to breathe as well as the Vicks liquid and it is excellent at keeping airways clear all night (a full bowl of water with 10ml of Vicks lasts around 10-12 hours). We have two because guaranteed there will be two of us in a family of six that will have a cold at the same time.

    Tried several oils and additives but have come back to the Vicks liquid as it smells and disperses the best. The heating unit has a little catch that allows it to be opened and cleaned of scale which is excellent as we have hard water with lots of calcium that builds up.

    Hot, dry days are perfect for this too in the living room as it keeps the air feeling moist and fresh.

  • damn already have humidifier but reading the above review i want this as well.
    @bUrd - do you think this vicks can help with coughing because pollen allergic as well?

    • Sorry, wouldn't have a clue. Might help with keeping your nose clear or throat feeling less scratchy, but pollen is an allergen so I can't see this alleviating the itch/burn/coughing from that, perhaps just from being blocked.

  • Bought one like 5 years ago still going hard perfect for the kids and adults no regrets
    Best investment I have made in years :)

  • can i use this with my hash?

  • Can i use this with Electronic Cigarette E-Juice? :)

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      Let us know

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    Get an extra $5 off $35 spend at Pharmacy4less with a shopadocket

    @ Top Ryde




    or @Reservoir


  • Does Priceline generally price match? I can't find anything on their website.

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      actually i tried once long time ago they said no

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    The perfect way to create mold and mildew in your house!

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