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4 x 480g Specialty Coffee Beans Fresh Roasted $59.95 + FREE Express Shipping @ Manna Beans


$59.95 deal includes the following:
1 x 480g Nicaragua Dipilto SHG
1 x 480g Honduras SHG Special, Intibuca
1 x 480g Jamocha
1 x 480g Lucky Dip

$69.95 deal includes fresh roasted Organic CACAO Beans:
1 x 480g Nicaragua Dipilto SHG
1 x 480g Honduras SHG Special, Intibuca
1 x 480g Jamocha
1 x 480g Lucky Dip
1 x 250g Fresh Roasted Organic Cacao Beans

Nicaragua Dipilto SHG
Varietal: Catuai
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1,300 masl
Cupping notes: 83.5
Medium weight with cherry & berry aromas. Orange, citric acidity & juicy mouth feel is coupled with rich chocolate flavour, as well as notes of cherry & raisin.

Honduras SHG Special, Intibuca
Varietal: Caturra/ Catuai
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1,200 – 1,300 masl
Cupping Score: 83.5
Full weight with lime-like acidity. This coffee is bold with flavours of red apple, citrus, lime, caramel & peach.

A strong full bodied coffee blend with rich creamy mocha, fresh orange and chocolatey finish. Very delicious. Using some of the best coffee beans from around the world.

This is part of Mother's Day deals for 2017.

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  • Do these come in bags with valves?

    • +2

      Certainly do, valved resealable bags :)

      • Great, how long do you think it will last while bagged?

        • +4

          Generally coffee is at it's best for about 4 weeks after roasting and then the quality will start to decline until it becomes similar to what you'd find in the supermarket :)

          Storing in the valved bags in cool dark place is best. Some people choose to freeze if keeping longer and there are various opinions on the results online however it's not something I personally have tried :)

          Have a great weekend

        • @mannabeans: How long generally do Beans last for when they have been grinded and kept air tight and in a cool dark place?

        • +1

          @mouseman99: mmm that is subjective but I would say you that once ground they are more vulnerable to heat moisture air and light as you are exposing more of their surface area to oxidise quicker.

          Maybe half as long as whole beans and grinding as you go :)

        • @mannabeans: Thanks, just bought!

        • +4

          @mouseman99: wouldn't recommend pre ground at all - in any circumstances.
          By chopping up the coffee into tiny pieces, you're exponentially increasing the surface area (amount of coffee exposed to the air, i.e. oxygen) and it is much more vulnerable to oxidation - it rapidly declines in quality.
          If for home use, I would strongly recommend buying a decent hand or electrical burr grinder (not blade).
          If buying bulk coffee, it's perfectly okay to freeze your beans. Cheap hack - just try to squeeze the air out, and throw them sealed in the freezer. Then pull it out when you're ready to use them. Not quite as good as fresh, or freezing with a vac pack, but MUCH better than using 6 week old coffee.
          If you've got a vacuum sealer for any reason (sous vide etc.), you can vac pack them and freeze and they'll last forever.

        • @ts13: thanks for the reply. I have a hand grinder that I use. Was more wondering from the aspect of grinding a larger quantity and then storing after that. I was worried that I would have to grind and use straight away
          Good tip on the freezer though. I'll give that a go

        • @mouseman99: if it's for espresso, hand grinders don't really cut it. unless you're using something crazy such as this.
          Hand grinders work great for little filter batches - but would recommend a zippy burr grinder for espresso. One of the cheap Baratzas (anything better than a Baratza Forte) will do the trick, or a higher end Breville.
          Feel free to grind the coffee straight out of the freezer! It grinds… better. but this gets complicated. pm me if you're interested in learning more :) Just watch out for that nasty condensation - coffee doesn't like moisture. You'll find that condensation tends to form not ON the coffee, but actually on what it's stored in (the bag or the container). To avoid it, either let the bag warm up to room temperature before opening it, or just seal it up and try and get as much air out as possible.

        • [@ts13](/comment/4622588/redir
          I agree and store my stocks in the freezer. Always let the beans return to room temperature before opening the bag though to avoid moisture condensing on the beans when cold.

  • Hi Rep. Just placed an order and sent you a whim. Could you please check? Ta!!

    • No probs, PM'd you :)

  • +1

    Ordered. Thanks, been waiting for a deal to try out your beans

    • +1

      Awesome, welcome aboard and hope you enjoy! Have a great weekend :)

  • +1

    Manna, manna!

    • fr33loader fr33loader Caffeine Caffeine!!

  • My last order lasted for around 4 months and I noticed that the taste deteriorated over time. Can I order 2 X 480 g bags with or without the cacao beans?

    • Sure happy to 2 x 480g for $35 delivered or with cacao for $49.95 delivered if that helps :) You can send funds through Paypal to [email protected] and leave a note! Thanks

      • oops sorry meant with cacao $45

      • Hi, I too struggle to get through the 4 bags. I have PayPal'ed $35 to the email address. Hope that's ok, thanks.

  • +1

    Thanks. Ordered and emailed for lucky dip request :)

    • +1

      Thanks :) Have a good weekend!

  • Can anyone review these coffee bean? I'm using sensorylab steadfast at the moment, and they are very good.
    Is Manna also a good coffee brand? Thanks

    • +4

      In my opinion mana beans is excellent and I highly recommend you give them a go, everyone I have shown manna beans to has loved them.

      • Appreciate you're support and glad to hear that you're enjoying the coffee :)

        • I will give it a try, hi Rep, which two are good for latte? Many thanks

        • @dreamblue: Should all perform well for latte :)

      • Steadfast is also very good
        Have you tried it?

    • +1

      manna is excellent quality i think. and super fresh.

  • I too would only want 2 bags like a previous poster. Which ones would work best with an Aeropress?

    • +2

      No probs, they are all central American so similar characteristics and perform well for espresso and milk based but maybe Honduras and Jamocha would be a good start :)
      Aeropress Rocks! I don't go away without one ;)

      • +1

        Just ordered two to give them a go. I really should upgrade from a hand grinder ;)

  • +1

    Just popping in here to say that Manna Beans offers great coffee beans and awesome customer service!
    I generally don't drink more than 1 - 2 cups a day, so their 2 x 480g for $35 delivered deal is perfect for me.
    Just send them the $35 via paypal with a comment, and they'll look after you.

    • Thanks heaps :) Awesome to hear from a happy customer. Enjoy the weekend and all the extra holidays we've been getting haha. Next one Anzac Day!

    • +2

      Coffee is best 2-4 weeks after being roasted.

      • +2

        Bang on! to add to this for others reading generally it's best to wait at least a few days after roasting for beans to degas for improved results. Different coffees degas at different rates. 5 days min as an average but some of our Ethiopians for example I find perform best from 14 days onwards :)

  • Can you do me a deal on filter roast beans?

    • Sorry nothing roasted for filter at the moment so would require an individual small batch roast. Happy to roast as filter for you but would need to be from the standard website listings :)

      We do have some really special coffees for filter at the moment including the Ethiopians Leku and Areka, Honduras Cheli and Monzano, Els Salvador Milaydi and La Avila, Panama geisha and I have 3 new Colombian geishas that just landed which will be up on the site in next couple of weeks :)

      • +1

        I love a good Ethiopian.

  • +3

    Their coffee is awesome! Great Deal.

    I've been buying their coffee for years now, I can't remember life before… because i'd never lived.
    I think that's the 4th coffee of the day talking..

    • +1

      Awesome feedback from one of our long timers :) Thanks very much!

      Remember to sleep lol :)

  • Hi, thinking bout trying your coffee beans. I like my coffee strong & dark, usually as an espresso or macchiato(traditional). Which beans do u recommend?

    • Hi, would be happy to welcome you as a customer. The coffees in this deal are medium - medium dark roast and suited best to milk based and espresso. Maybe a good starting point to try a few different coffees.

      If next time you have specific roast preferences(like darker or light filter we can roast to order but needs to be from the standard website listings as they will require an individual small batch roast :)

      I'm really loving some of the El Salvadors at the moment for espresso as well.

      • Cheers. How much would i be looking at for the small batch dark roast?

        • You can have a browse through the website for more info on what's available if you like :) www.mannabeans.com.au Prices are listed and anything can be custom roasted for you.

          I would recommend the El Salvador El Brasil as a good option, also the El Salvador Providencia. Some nice Ethiopian which are much fruitier if that's your kinda thing or you want to try something more unique :)

          Obviously the cup of excellence and auction lot coffees would perform well but carry a more expensive price as well.

  • Would love some coffee, like a medium aromatic, and would probably get 2 x 480g bags - which two would you recommend thanks

    • Sure, a good start would be Honduras and Jamocha. Please leave notes in Paypal as per your requirement and hope you enjoy :)

  • Just sent you a paypal request for 2 x 480g bags. Let me know if you can't see it.

    • Certainly can :) Thanks for the order and enjoy your night!

  • +1

    Just in the process of enjoying my blueberry smoothie with your cacao beans and am down to my last few….good timing!!

    • +2

      Sounds interesting! Probably healthier than banana and peanut butter :)

  • Can you grind roasted cacao beans in a conical burr coffee grinder or will it clog up the grinders?

    • It's possible but it makes a hell of a mess to the grinder. Wouldn't recommend. Short bursts of a blade grinder or blender is better :)

  • +1

    I love the coffee from here, big upvote. Can I also get in on the 2 for $35, please rep?

    Also, I still have some cacao beans left over from several months ago. How long do they last? I don't know much about keeping cacao.


    • +1

      Thanks, pleased that you're enjoying the coffee :) More than welcome to jump on the 2 for $35 please send funds via Paypal and leave notes. Once Cacao beans are roasted they should last at least a year if stored properly :)

      • +1

        Brilliant, thanks Rep, done! I've convinced another friend to try you guys out too.

        Have a good weekend.

        • You're a legend ;) Appreciate the referral. You too!

  • +1

    Brill, was running low on coffee - keen to try!

    • Awesome welcome aboard the Coffee train Choo Choo!

  • +1

    Got one from the last deal! Definitely would recommend fast shipping easy to deal with :)

    • Thanks for feedback :) Enjoy the weekend!

  • Are these deals always available and can I order through email? If I order now I don't think I can finish within 2 months. Still got half a kg unopened and my canister is filled.

    • They do promos every so often. By the time you are done with that a new deal would be out. Or if you prefer I can help with that 500g. I go thru that easily in a week.

    • +1

      Often run deals so shouldn't be an issue but might just be different coffees.

      You can check for active deal on our Ozbargain page


  • Hi - would it be possible to grab a couple bags of decaf?

    • +1

      go for the Ethiopia Sidamo DECAF if you can get it. its DELICIOUS

      so floral and amazing

      • Thanks, yes we were very lucky to get such great decafs this year. It always amazes me when we do coffee judging at competitions how good a lot of the decafs really are!

        I've even started drinking them more regularly myself so that I can enjoy more coffee later in the day without overdosing on caffeine lol :)

        The decaf Domination blend is a combination of all 3 decafs

        • same! i normally buy the ethiopia sidamo decaf from industrybeans.com.au as they are the same price but do quarterly 20% off deals

          after ordering about a dozen batches of beans from you, this is the first time i notice you had them as well!

          the next time i order, could i replace the lucky dip for them? happy to pay a slight premium if means i can source all my beans from one supplier.

          by the way are there any other non-decaf blends you have that taste similar to the sidamo by any chance?

    • We have 3 great decafs in stock but they are more expensive coffees and would require me to perform an individual small batch roast as none currently being roasted.

      Happy to do so but would need to be purchased through the standard wesite listing :)
      I'll look at adding it as an add on option for the next deal though.

  • Hi just wondering are all of these 100% Arabica beans?

    • The first two listed (Nicaragua, Honduras) specify the bean varieties (Catuai, Caturra) which are both Arabica.

    • Yes all Arabica and sepcialty grade coffees :)

  • +1

    I ordered from one of the deals quite long ago and all I can remember is that the beans were fantastic! I'll give these varieties a try.

  • +1

    Cracking deal, thanks! From another long time customer.

    • Awesome thanks :) Appreciate the support you guys have given us!

  • Hello, interested to try after reading the reviews above! Can I please get the $35 for 2 bags deal? Which email do I pay to via PayPal? Thanks!

  • Do you use auspost for shipping?

    • Yes, Australia Post Express :)

      • +1

        cool - thanks. ordered a $35 deal.

  • +1

    bought some 2 days ago, excitement!

    • 😁👍☕☕☕☕☕

  • just sent some funds through paypal for 2 x 480g.

    • 💲 received thanks 😉 Happy Anzac Day 🥃

  • +1

    Thanks. Have just sent funds for the 2x 480g deal!

    • Thanks, hope you enjoy :)

  • Can you please which 2 I should buy? This is my first time trying these beans! Can I please get the 2x for $35 deal as well?

    • Certainly, it's explained in the above thread where you read about the $35 deal :) You are more than welcome to send funds through Paypal to [email protected] and leave notes.

      Jamocha and Honduras would be a good start

  • Hi Rep, trying to order but the Paypal checkout keeps defaulting to $63 instead of $59. Can't seem to select the $59 option without the extra empty bags.

    • That's strange, not had any other issues. You're welcome to send funds through Paypal to [email protected] and leave notes if that's easier :)

      • Thanks very much. Have just sent money via PayPal and left a note

    • Sorry about that, temporary glitch. Fixed now :)

  • Money sent on Mon and shipped on Wed! Super fast :)

  • Paid via paypal on Saturday and I still wait for the package :(

    • If you still haven't received then please send an email so I can check for you once we reopen tomorrow from Labour day weekend.

      • Got it last Friday.

  • Yes! Just in time, my mate's share is gone so he'll take 3/4 of what I'm about to order.

    Any chance of fully washed for the lucky dip?

    • +1

      No probs mate, it will most likely be Southern Mountain a blend of Colombians. I'm overseas for a few days but staff will look after you :) Simon

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