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22x $0 Udemy Courses (Links Inside)

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    Thanks OP

    But am getting this error

    Your cart is free!
    You have exceeded the maximum number of requests.

    • Try clicking a few times

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        yep this. Only click a few times
        i clicked 11 times it didn't work so i clicked 3 times then it worked.

  • Do you get a certificate at completion?

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      If you ask nicely you can get one from tightarse

      • +1

        where will the certificate be located?

    • Write up your own. It's just as meaningful.

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    Signed up for the r course. but i'm pretty sure edx and probs coursera have better courses.

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    Any $0 course to help finishing courses?

    • ask jv.

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      You'd never finish it, in order to go on to finish a course.

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      More useful would be a course on getting motivated to start courses.

  • A course on how to make a living without a job..by a guy working for a living.

  • Triple Your Testosterone? Aah, anabolic steroids?

    • Triple your testosterone, triple your hair loss.

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    Added a bunch of courses to Cart (instead of clicking Buy Now for each), but when done this way they don't seem to be free

  • CompTIA Network

    What's TIA, Tight in Arse?

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