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Hungry Jack's Vouchers - Valid until 26th June


Mobile friendly voucher link - Thanks Bappy

*One voucher per customer, per transaction only. Not valid with any other offer.

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          Some stores don't even need coupons, you ask for it. Others have the coupons posted the wall like a menu.

        • @garratt torlesse:

          Phone is fine

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          Circular Quay and Oxford St, Darlinghurst you need to show the voucher on paper or phone and then wait whilst the server tries to work out what they are supposed to do with them - also don't go to Darlinghurst they serve cold food and it takes forever.
          North Sydney is great, you just ask for the voucher deal up front.

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      You can always order the meal but "forget" to give them the voucher when you hand over the cash at the drive-through. I've never been refused, just as long as you're ordering a current meal deal they can punch into their computer you should be fine.

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        They don't even ask for a voucher at mine. I just roll up to the speaker box and say "hey I have a voucher for xyz" and by the time I get to the window I just wave the cash at them lol

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          Do you think it's the same for everyone at your store, or they just like you? I always have to hand over the cash :(

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          This is the voucher you're looking for…

        • +1

          @Miss B:

          Hahaha nice one!

      • Vouchers on mobile phone work anyway, so no question of physically handing over voucher.

        • -2

          no.. phone is fine!

      • +1

        The hungry jacks in my area always ask me for the voucher every time. I had to get my phone out, search and download the voucher on the spot to show them or else they wouldn't give me the discount :-(

        • Was this at the counter or the drive through?

        • drive thru.

        • @Travis J: That's unfortunate. Maybe things have changed recently, but in the past I've even had staff say I can hang on to the voucher.

  • +4

    Things seem changing. No more $2 chessburger or other small value deal. Like they only offer value to get a meal or more now

    • +6

      I'm still bummed about no two grilled chicken burgers being offered as part of the promo

      • same…

      • Taste like rubber to me but my wife likes them

        • +11

          Still talking about burgers?

    • +14

      No more $2 chessburger


      • Still a trick buy $1 onion rings with a survey receipt get a bbq cheeseburger. then buy $1 large frozen drink with another survey receipt. So $2 get 2 x bbq cheeseburger + frozen drink + onion rings. also do the shaker if get a free chips or drink

        yeh, they aren't taste as normal cheeseburger

    • I prefer checkersburgers.

  • +5

    No more 2 burgers and 2 small chips :(

    • Bottom left - 2 small whopper meals?

      • +4

        It used to be 2 Whopper Jrs and 2 small chips for $5.95. Before that, it was $4.95. They just got rid of it altogether.

    • I am from WA, and the $5.95 Whopper Jr + Small Fries voucher deal still works for me. I made the order via drive thru at the Clarkson store on the 4th May 2017.

      • Same here, tried it at a NSW store, Blacktown Westpoint, about a couple of weeks ago. Didn't use voucher, I just asked the girl at the counter for the deal and it was fine

        • I can say that as of the 16th May, the store at Banksia Grove at WA had discontinued the $5.95 Whopper JR + Small Fries deal, I went to the Wanneroo store on the 18th May and they had also discontinued the $5.95 Whopper JR + Small Fries deal as well……. The good thing is that WA still have the $5 2x JR burger promo.

  • Had a whopper a few weeks ago… my favourite burger is now poo. A 5mm burger is not a whopper.

    • +16

      That's a strange burger to have as your favourite. Whatever floats your boat I suppose.

    • +3

      Shooter Migavin, is that you?

      • +1

        You eat pieces of poo burgers for breakfast!?

        • Shit burgers are in season!

  • Is phone fine?

    • +3

      Phone is fine.

    • +3

      One iPhone 7 gets you at least 100 Whopper with Cheese meals.

      • +1

        Android gets you more burgers, plus the checkout chicks number ;)

        • +1

          Only issue being that android fanboys would grill the girls best friend on how crap their iPhone is and use up all other relationship time 'trolling Apple plebz'

          Meanwhile the other 90% don't give a shit what phone someone else uses……..

        • -3

          @rekabkram: He responded after seeing an unrelated person drone on and on about android superiority prior to seeing your post.

      • With iPhone they charge i-rate which is higher than what Android guys will pay for the same burger.

        • +1

          Apple is like Macca's, and Android is like Hungry Jacks - some people like one more than the other, and some people don't really care.

          All I can say is that Macca's are expensive, and the Burgers are Better at Hungry Jacks ;p

        • @megalulz: Totally agree!

          There's nothing good left at Macca's besides maybe the Gourmet range and Happy Meal.. Perhaps even the chicks too ;)

    • The Knox one doesn't accept phone :(

  • +2

    You can just flash the old voucher, they only take a quick glance.

  • +6

    the "x-tra long" is a lie. It's not even as long as the red rooster rolls.

    • +29

      The marketing must of been done by a bloke

      • Just a bit longer than a 6" sub

  • Thanks OP, 4$ bacon delux meal it is.

    • Bacon Deluxe Jr tho. Is that a new burger?

    • That is a Bacon Deluxe Jr.

      • is there much bacon on it?

      • I just ordered that meal!! ;)
        Was expecting a jr Bacon deluxe burger the size of lil cheeseburger but it was the normal one haha
        So damn im pretty full on $3.95 =D

        • What do you mean by normal one? Did you get a full size Bacon Deluxe?

        • +1

          @Baebs: Yes I did!!! Big thumbs up! Haha, but I gotta tell you, I think it was an honest mistake by the worker. I said can I have the Jnr Bacon meal please.. She says "what does that have a bacon deluxe in it?". I said yes so it was given to me winning bargain hopefully it happens to everyone because I dont know if there is a Jnr Bacon burger for sure ;)

        • @Julie4dung: lmao will try tomorrow

  • +4

    $4 for a Bacon Deluxe/Whopper JNR meal??? DAMN!!!

  • crap again!

  • +2

    Good to see they've added more small burger/small drink/small fries deals. I love those Chicken Royale meal deals for $3.95 and will probably try the others.

  • Prices gone up?

  • +2

    Looks like I'm going be fat again.

    • +3

      What do you mean again?

  • looks like they removed the 2 whopper (without cheese) for $7.95 again

    • They're pretty much much hamburgers with a slice of tomato

      • Can't you just request said burg w/out cheese?

  • +3

    again no breakfast deals WTF ?!

  • Better scan please

  • +5

    Enhanced the picture a little, hopefully this will help you guys.


  • +3

    Been living off these vouchers for work saving so much 🙏🏼

    • +1

      Saving everything except your waistline? ;)

      • +3

        That 32" waist don't you worry ;) why else you think i go to the gym? To eat what i want haha

    • Not much nutritional value in them though… I'd need a whole stack to feel full.

      • For $4 a meal could you really complain?

  • +1

    I have uploaded a better version here. Take note the bottom, right hand side has the mega deal at only $9.95 now…


    • +1

      I wish the mega deal was that cheap….

    • is it legit? or misprint?

      • misprint

        • Purposely

        • Misprint, would they accept it? Anyone test it yet?

        • @Jugg.Judy:
          I am eating my mega deal now, then the rest for lunch Tuesday

        • @hell0: For $10?

        • @hell0:

          I don't think it's misprint,did you Photoshoped it? The guy in front of me in HJ has the same paper voucher but it's $19,95

        • @Jugg.Judy:come on you don't have to ask. Obviously….

        • @Jugg.Judy:

          Yes, I photoshopped it.

  • +4

    Thanks for the voucher! I will use the saved money to buy a cross trainer machine.

    • +2

      Or triple bypass surgery

      • +1

        usually hungry jacks double bypass is enough it is KFC which requires triple or quadruple

  • +2

    By the way, do you guys know that you can request some of the burgers to come with peri-peri sauce?

    • Legend. I was wondering if I could do that. Chicken deluxe meal for $3.95 much improved now :)

  • I remember when the coupons were for 2 bacon deluxes for $3.65.

    • O.O

  • +1

    I just used this coupon on my phone, then realised at the window is starts tomorrow, oh well it worked for me lol

    • They probably gave it to you because you're good looking

      • +1

        No, just no. Maybe it was my deep sultry voice over the drive-through speaker?

        • Maybe a bit of column A and a bit of column B

        • Because phone is fine

        • +1

          @montorola: I'm gonna say column C whatever that is, pity? Anyways, they gave me my cheap food can't complain, though I miss the grillmasters with free chips/drink, was my go-to

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