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60,000 Qantas or Amplify Points with $3000 Spend/90 Days on St George Signature Credit Card (ERROR: No $0 Annual Fee First Year)


Earn up to 90,000 bonus Qantas or Amplify points - 60,000 bonus points in the first year when you spend $3,000 on a new card within 90 days of card approval, plus 30,000 bonus points in the second year when you pay the annual card fee ($279).

Offer ends 20th September 2017.

1.5 Amplify/0.75 Qantas points per $1 spend (3 Amplify/1.5 Qantas points at overseas merchants before 1st Jul 2017)
A birthday bonus – 10% of points earned in past 12 months
Two complimentary airport lounge passes per year upon enrollment
Annual fee of $279, plus $0 in the first year.

The $0 annual fee in the first year was an error. People who have applied before it was fixed on their website may be able to get a waiver, based on communications from St George staff, and are encouraged to phone 13 33 30 upon approval

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        • 3 here in last 3 months. very tempted to apply for this one.

      • 3 approved, 4 th and 5th got rejected

  • Is government spend included

  • Just got approved. Thanks OP.

  • Once I get the points I can just close the account? Are the points anyway tied to the card being active?

    • +1

      Yes. No.

  • Anyone know if the Qantas lounge passes are for one person each time, or can you bring a guest?

    • +1

      For one person, but they give you two passes for the card so you can use that for your guest.

      • Cool, thanks for that.

      • -2

        That's incorrect. It says the pass can only be used by the primary card holder and any guests will be US$27

        • +3

          No, that's if you opt for the Priority Pass lounge passes. The Qantas passes are a separate matter.

        • @mr6ix: my apologies. I didn't realise there was different access.

        • +1

          Qantas passes only require you to hold a boarding pass for a jetstar or qantas flight so will work if above C is met.

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    Buy a refundable Business Class airfare 12 months~ in advance

    When points post, cancel refundable fare (usually refunds right away considering they look after their 'premium customers')

    • Or a hotel booking.

      • How is the money credited back to you? Does it only get credited back to the card you bought it on?

        Then are you left with the problem of trying get $3000 or whatever worth of credit off of the credit card, without incurring cash advance fees?

        • I haven't done it for awhile. I imagine I just spent the money over the following months and kept the card for awhile.

          Best beat really is just to buy Woolworths eGift Cards via Cash Rewards.

  • I called up to make an enquiry about another credit card i have with them, and they told me you need to hold a st george savings account also to have the first year fee waived.

    • Anyone else verify this?

      • Just called their Amplify Signature hotline and confirmed you need to have another account with St George to waive the first year fee.
        She said it can be any account.

        • Do you need the account before you sign up for the card?

        • +1


          You don't have to, but then you may be asked to pay the first year's annual fee.

          I'm going to sign up with St George Investment Cash Account (No monthly fee) then apply for this card.

        • Can they enforce that if they didn't put it to me in writing?

        • @Make it so:

          I guess it won't hurt to sign up an account now while you are awaiting verification.
          If it is approved, you call their call centre telling them you have an account and ask them to confirm (or honour) the fee waiver.

    • +1

      I think you just spoke to some pleb that doesn't have a clue.

      From the site "And more…all for a competitive annual fee of $279, plus $0 in the first year^."

      I can't find the ^ anywhere, but if they charge people then it's blatant false advertising.

      • +1

        possibly as the online application makes no mention of this. The operator actually put me on hold for about 4 minutes "verifying" this information, and came back to me reading directly of a script, saying you need to hold st george savings accounts to have the fee waived.

      • +1

        Yeah I was ctrl + f'n all over the page trying to find the second ^

      • I chatted with their online help. They were of the opinion the offer is finished and that wording should have been removed…

        Edit: Just spoke to a second who said there were conditions. then told me all i need to do is apply and first year will be free

    • +3

      Well I just started an application (never had a St George account in my life) and upon saving the application I received an email with the following wording:

      you’re almost there.

      Complete your application and get $0 annual fee for the first year when your card is approved*

      Important information:
      *To be eligible for $0 annual fee waiver in first year, complete your application for a new credit card by clicking ‘Complete Now’ button on this email between 3/05/2017 and 2/06/2017. If your application is approved, the first annual fee will be debited on the 12 month anniversary of the first transaction (including a Balance Transfer) on your account and annually thereafter on the anniversary of the first annual fee.

      I'm going to hang onto that email in case I need to use it as ammunition should they try to charge me the annual fee upfront.

      • Hmm, I saved my application and the email I received just gives me my application number and link.

        Where along the application did you save?

      • Yeah mine didnt have that. Do you have the email? I wanna keep it too pdf it?

        • I saved the application on the final page before submission. And then a few minutes later I submitted. I didn't check my inbox until after submitting and I had two new emails: 1) thanks for saving; and 2) you have been conditionally approved. I can't say for certain if the email came after saving or submitting but I would expect after the save.

          Here is a link to the full email I received printed to PDF with sensitive information changed to something generic

        • @tomclancy: Thx, I saved mine too but didnt have that in email, maybe they did a sneaky edit!

        • @Turd: Yeah I just read those comments below. When did you apply?

        • @tomclancy: around 5pm? was on city rail going home

        • @Turd: Oh so before me (~10:30pm yesterday). From this comment it looks like if you proceed with your application you will have no annual fee in first year.

        • +1

          @tomclancy: Strange! Let's see how it goes!

  • I don't normally like to sign up for cards that have annual fees, but this may be worth putting up with for a year given the points (and given that Citibank is diluting the points value on their signature card).

    • +1

      Remember the first year doesn't even have a fee.

      • Yeah, but still.
        Anyway, approved subject to verification. Thanks OP.

  • I will be going for settlement with my new property in 2 weeks. How long do I have to wait, before I can apply for another credit card? I'm concern as home loan recently did a credit check on me, don't want to ruin my credit rating

    • If you bought a property in the last 3 months you must be loaded! I wouldn't worry about it!

  • didnt realise is 15,000 limited. Got it approved anyways..lol!

  • Man, just applied for the NAB Platinum Rewards Card.

    I'll apply for this one later, I have until 20th Sept anyway :D

    Do you guys know if cancelling existing cards to free up your total credit limit helps with applications?

    • Definitely helps.

      • But how do they know your credit limit from other banks?

        • highly doubt it (may be from those within the Westpac group)

        • Typically they ask how many credit cards you have and what their combined limit is during application.

  • Damn I saw this deal when I was searching for credit cards today. I didnt post it thinking its been covered before. Well done OP.

  • Secondary card holder allow to have priority pass?

  • +1

    I cant seem to find any small print for the ^ symbol next to "And more…all for a competitive annual fee of $279, plus $0 in the first year^".
    Possible to get them to honor it since i cant seem to find anywhere that $0 is for existing customers only?

  • are Eligible purchases paying the ato your tax bill qualify? ref platinum annual fee of $99 is it waived for the first year i cant see it stated?.

  • Quick quesiton.

    I applied for Amplify but I want the 60k qantas points. Am I still eligible or do I need to apply for qantas?

    • No. You needed to apply for the Qantas card to get QFF. You will receive Amplify points instead

      • Thanks for clarifying. I've emailed them. hopefully they can change the card to the Qantas one

        • Yeah hope so. If they do please report back with your success because that would be a great thing to know if possible!

  • been waiting for a while for one of these to come around. Thanks OP

  • How strict are St George when it comes to not having held a St George visa card in the past 12 months to be eligible for the bonus points?
    It's been 4 months since my last.

  • -1

    How long does it take for you to receive the points ? is it once you spend the $3,000 or do you get it after 12 months ?

  • If I had a current veda score of 523 would I be any chance of getting accepted?
    If not are there any other issuers/cards I could try for that may be more lenient?

  • Guy on their chat confirmed you must be an existing St.George customer. He also said their saver accounts would be the easiest account to sign up for and have no monthly fees attached. Sign-up for this can be done online as well.

  • Did they make an edit? The $0 is now no more!

    • Looks like it. The first chat agent said the promotion was over and they didn't delete that promotion. (But had deleted the conditions)

      • Sneaky!!!

      • +4

        On the phone too. Lots of confusion. I have an EMAIL that says ZERO for the first year so not sure whether it would be honored. She's checking with the CC team.

        UPDATE: Looks like they screwed up BUT if you have an EMAIL that states the ZERO for the first year, she said to Keep it and if you ever get charged the fee just show them the email and it will be WAIVED!!

        Interesting note: If you start and application and 'save' it for later, you'll get a reminder email with no mention of ZERO fee. BUT if you start an application and just kill your browser, you seem to get a reminder email that says ZERO fee. That was my experience anyway so give it a go.

        Another interesting Note: Once you've opened the maxi saver and automatically lumped up with a Freedom account, you can call and just close the freedom account (that's what I did). You won't be able to make any withdrawals from the maxi saver account BUT it doesn't matter as you'll never use the account anyway.

        Conclusion - St George is a dog's breakfast.

        • +1

          I did the "kill browser" mid-application and it worked, got the email confirming $0* first annual fee with * saying applications between 4/05/2017 and 3/06/2017.

          So going to keep that email as proof in case they try and charge me.

          EDIT: after resuming from the email link, I get "Promo Description: AB - First Year Free" at the review page, so take a screenshot and all should be good!

  • From the live chat team: "This offer finished on the 2nd of May - the site had been updated however that one point had not been removed, which was raised and rectified this morning." Referring to that missing line on first year being free.

    • +1

      We need an internet archive of the page for proof. There was nothing about "This offer finished on the 2nd of May" yesterday.

      • Did you apply yesterday? If so looks like you'll be fine.

        If not then you are applying under today's T&C's so you will be out of luck - no matter if you can find an archive of the page or not.

      • +1

        yeah sounds like they got ozbargained and rushed to make half-assed changes once they realised they were missing out on so many annual fees.

  • Where does it say $0 annual fee in the first year? It only mentions the annual fee of $279 on the website.

    • It doesn't any more, they stuffed up and are trying to fix it.

      • -1

        because ozbargained?

  • -2

    where does it say first year annual fee waived?

  • +3

    I spoke with the Amplify application team. The rep said that anyone who applied while the offer was still noted on the website will receive the first year free. I was going to withdraw my application, but have left it now that she confirmed that the first year will be waived for anyone who applied while the 'first year $0' text was still on the website.

    • Did the rep say whether we have to chase it up, or will it be automatic?

  • +4

    Also spoke to their team again and they pretty much confirm the above comments. Asked for some leniency as the $0 fee for the first year was confirmed by one of their employees just two hours ago plus it was still on their website (I have a screen grab). They will contact me by phone and possibly will waive the fee. Perhaps worth a try for others who have missed out? Happy to share that screen grab if that helps.

    • yes please!

    • yes please put it up on imgur

    • +9
      • "Offer ends 20th September 2017"

    • Yes please!

    • +1

      I went on chat. They told me "please call through to 13 33 30 once your card is approved to discuss'".
      I told them I don't want to cancel after they issue it, as it will affect my credit record, to which she responded "original condition can be honoured if error please call through once card approved".

      Such a hassle….

  • Lol damn took to long deciding.

  • Is this deal expired? I thought we had until September to apply

    • The original deal was an error by St George. They never meant to waive the annual fee in the first year, but forgot to remove that condition.

  • My only other ever experience with St George was them stuffing me around on some offer. Sounding so similar to this. Dodged a bullet I think.

  • +1

    What a mess. There's still pages within their site that are referring to $0 fee in first year - eg go to "compare credit cards" and scroll to the bottom "important Information" it sets out very clearly the $0 fee for first year, including references to apply between 2 June 2017 to 20 September 2017. Their marketing and legal teams need to lift their game

    • +1

      Unless they updated in the last 10 minutes, that appears to only be for the Amplify. This deal is Amplify Signature.

      • +1

        Thanks, I think you're right - in the rush to work out what's going on, I might have jumped the gun…but still, this whole offer (incl emails being sent) is a mess. I'm now avoiding it

  • i applied and got approved yesterday, just had to send them my payslips..
    i completed the application in 1 go so i didnt get an email saying the zero dollar annual fee.. just an email requesting to submit payslips (to which i have done so).
    now i am confused.. should i call them now as i was 'approved' and to confirm my 60k points and $0 annual fee? or wait till they send out the cards?
    i have saved the screenshot posted here.. just for record

    • wait till you get the points then kick up a stink if you get charged. If you applied yesterday then it was within the cutoff point. I suspect they will waive with a phone call otherwise the ombudsman will be on your side. Doubt it will get to that.

    • +1

      The instructions I got was to wait until I am approved, then phone the number (13 33 30) to get the annual fee waved.
      They are aware of the fact that for a brief while, people were offered a zero annual fee. I would not wait several months with bringing it up, as by then they may have forgotten.