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Description 1 x $50, 1 x $30, 1 x $20 PayPal Credit or Gift Card
No. of Prizes 3
Total Prize Pool $100.00

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Open To Australia-wide
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Mother's Day is Sunday, May 14.

We've setup a Mother's Day page which lists any Mother's Day related deals however if you're like me and find it difficult to buy for your mum, then you need all of the help you can get.

What are you getting/doing/have done for your mum OR if you are a mum, what was the best thing/experience you had on Mother's Day?

  • Moderators will judge all entries and select the 3 best entries.
  • Each user/person can only win 1 prize (e.g. 1st, 2nd or 3rd).
  • Submit as many entries as you like.
  • Entries need to be a comment on this page.
  • Entry is only open to Australian residents (as we may run this on our other sites)
  • 1x $50 gift voucher (Coles, Wish, JB Hi-Fi, Paypal etc) (Best Entry)
  • 1x $30 gift voucher (Coles, Wish, JB Hi-Fi, Paypal etc) (2nd Best Entry)
  • 1x $20 gift voucher (Coles, Wish, JB Hi-Fi, Paypal etc) (3rd Best Entry)

Sorry, we've run out of t-shirts. Should be some new ones later this year.

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  • My mum will unfortunately be in Germany during Mothers Day, but I plan on still sharing the day with her in some form by Skypeing her and showing off the medallion for completing the Mothers Day Classic (as I have done for the last 12 years). I plan on also cleaning her house so she is pleasantly surprised when she arrives home (she has always expressed a desire to come home to a clean house).

  • Probably flowers for her grave

  • Last year I asked Mum what she wanted for Mother Days, and she said nothing. So I got her nothing. What a fool I was. I never heard the end of it. This year, I spent about three times what I normally would and got her a nice handmade card from a friend's small business, and a voucher for her and a friend to go to high tea at a resort not too far from her house. Well, at least that's what I suggest she spends the voucher on, but really it can be used anywhere in the resort, so maybe she'll try a round of golf, or maybe she'll spend it all at the bar to try and forget about her horrible son that didn't get her a Mother Day gift last year.

  • I am going to have my Mum and Granny over for dinner on Mothers Day evening for a delicious meal and good old fashioned family times :)

  • Eh, my mother ill-treated me then disowned me. And my own children are a bit young yet. so not winning this one XD
    My aspirations for this year revolve around a really long sleep-in followed by a nap (won't happen, baby doesn't give a rats if it's mother's day or not) XD

  • I will be giving my mother one of the $100 Best Restaurants Gift Cards and have booked a table at a restaurant for her and my father for Mother's Day.

  • I live in WA and unfortunately my mum lives in TAS. So the best we will get is a Skype call so she can say hi to the grandkids. I like to send her flowers though every year.

  • My mother asks for nothing. No, really.

    No matter how hard I try, she doesn't want anything at all. Her reason for this was "I have you, son. That's the biggest thing I could ever ask for".
    Safe to say I'll be dropping by for some afternoon tea next Sunday.

  • On my Mum's 50th I surprised her by giving her two tickets to watch Wicked with my Dad. :) She was extremely happy as it the first time she had ever watched a musical live.

  • All my mum says she wants is "good kids" for Mothers Day. So I'll be sure to bring someone else's along for lunch on Sunday 14th.

  • As a mum, I love having my 9yr old and 7yr old son's climbing into bed in the morning for cuddles and funny selfies on my phone! Love it!

  • First mother's day without my mum. I will donate money to the charity on her behalf.

  • This year I'm hoping for a sleep in and silence…if only for an hour…i'll take it! Last year my husband printed some photos of me and my daughter and put them in lovely frames. He had them all on display on the dining table in front of my surprise breakfast.

  • I'll abstain from calling my mum and telling her what a horrible human being she is.

  • My girlfriend and I are going to put together a picnic lunch with all my mums favorites this year. Thai mango salad with satay chicken, white chocolate raspberry muffins, hot cocoa and a bunch of lilies, some chocies and a card. We were thinking down the beach, so hopefully we’ll get some sun and make a great day of it!

  • Mum was summoned to jury duty last Mother's day. She absolutely detests being called for jury duty (its the 3rd time now), so we spent the entire month poking her and bringing it up and grilling her about it.

    However what she didn't know, is that we had already cancelled her Jury Duty with the letter she had posted on her fridge, with reason - prebooked hotel.

    Day before we take her out to 'lunch', but already have her booked in a spa suite at Hilton Sydney. What ensued was a huge WTF and 'you got me' moment. She still talks about how great the stay was to this day, how surprised she was and how no one had ever done anything for her like that.

  • I entered in a competition when I was 6 years old to say why my mum is the best mum in the world. It was published in the local newspaper which our friends and everyone knew about it. Even til this day she remembers everything I wrote about her and who she is to me. I didn't grow up with much money so I made a 3D pop up card with flowers on it on a tray with Nutella toast and a cup of milo (because thats all I knew how to make back then!)

  • Trust me to find out that it's Mothers Day this weekend from an OzBargain post… Well at least I got a heads up to call her and organise something to do this Sunday!

    Now I just need to figure out what to get her…. Good thing there's a Mothers Day Page!!! Thanks OzBargain Mods :D

  • My mother is young at heart, so she's getting my loot from the Starlight Mystery Boxes! We're also giving her a break from cooking and headin' to Outback Steakhouse on Mother's Day ^_^

  • I haven't seen my Mum in almost three years, she's in QLD and I'm in WA. Can't wait until she flys in in a few weeks to catch up. I think the best thing is just taking time out and talking, and not just about everyday things. I plan on setting up her accommodation, a Farmstay cottage with Chocolates, Red Wine, fluffy socks, hand cream and the basics to get her started on her holiday.

  • So sad. My 2 daughters don't want to see me anymore - they have apparently moved on.
    Every day hurts, but Sunday will hurt even more. I am constantly being reminded about being a Mum.

  • With my very first pay just out of college, I bought a delicate Gold Rose for my mum. She was really surprised and she couldn't stop beaming for the next few days. The life-size rose was made of Pure Gold and it was unique, delicate and gorgeous, just like her! That was the best thing I ever did for my mum.

  • My Mum died suddenly and unexpectedly last year, so this will be our first Mother's Day without her. Still at a bit of a loss really :(

  • This year will be my wife's first Mother's Day as we just welcomed our first child who was born on the very last day of February. She had an emergency cesarean and have been a fantastic mother. Thanks to ozbargain, I was able to snap up a good deal on the Philips premium all in one multi cooker for her. I definitely know it will be handy for her as we have been struggling with lack of sleep and time.

  • I'm currently away on holidays in Hawaii, but before I left I was organised and went Mother's Day shopping two weeks before I went away. I took my mums present and drove across to Ballarat (first time. I always catch train but present was heavy and large). I got my mum: New Mango Lindt balls. Adele's CD (She loves Adele but would never buy the CD for herself), a DVD (Bride and Predujice as she loves Bollywood kind of movies) and two bird collectable statues as she collects them.

    I surprised her, as she didn't know I was coming. She loved seeing me and also my early Mother's Day gift. I'll probably give her a Skype call on the day too from Hawaii.

  • I currently study away from home. I have exams next week so my mother doesn't expect me home but I have planned a surprise day for her- complete with a DIY spa, movie night and a home-cooked dinner (of which I have spent a copious amount of time perfecting my university student culinary skills). My mother has always had a sensitive neck, which has escalated recently but she never purchased a good quality scarf for herself- so I have gotten that for her.

  • Mum has been gone for 13 long years now and what I miss the most is all of us(my two brothers and 2 sisters, the grand kids and great grand kids) going to mum and dads and always having a huge brunch with them both. Dad would make pancakes and mum would make home made bread and little Danish custard tarts and we all would spoil her with presents. Everything was always celebrated at home, so many wonderful memories. Me, I'm just happy to see both my kids on the same day, best present I could ask for. As for my beautiful adopted mum who lives in the UK, this year I have ordered her 100 roses to be delivered to her on Sunday.

  • Got my mum an evening gown so she can wear it to a wedding that is coming up. She already bought one but I thought it looked abit too casual. When I asked her what she thinks of this particular dress I wanted to buy for her she thought it was very nice and thought it more appropriate to wear to the wedding. So I told her I'll buy it for her for Mother's Day. And it's also her birthday today! I am giving her a leather handbag for today so she gets two presents not one like some people expect (killing two birds with one stone haha). My sis and I are taking her out to her favourite dim sum place today also. :)))

  • My mum lives overseas, single. My Dad passed away long time back. I hardly see mum. Probably every 2 years but I never had a week that I didn't ring her and said hello as well as providing financial support.
    Mother's Day is not different to me as everyday I miss her but I would love to spend time with her on Mother's Day. Last year she was with me on Mother's Day. I asked her what she would love to have and she wished my company. She still remembers how I took care of her when she was sick and doctors gave up hope but I didn't. She recon best gift I given her is my love and some good memories. I miss my mum specially when I see my child enjoying with their mother.

  • My daughter and I have planned a wonderful picnic on the beach for lunch on Sunday so we can spend some very special times in the sand with our Beautiful grandaughters 2 and 4. Hope the weather is kind to us. They so love picnics as we love them !

  • I lost my Dad when I was 4 and my Mum has been filling the role of Dad and Mum to me. She has worked hard to provide for me and give me education and look after me all these years. I want to take her to a very nice restaurant on mothers day and get her a nice gift. I think my mum is one of the best mums in the world.

  • A school project in grade four was an origami paper box tied with a ribbon. On mother's day I gave it to my mum with strict instructions to never untie the ribbon for the box contained love. That was over 20 years ago and she still keeps it safe today.

  • My favourite way to spoil Mum on Mother's Day when I was a child was to choose an amazing gift from the school market stall! At the time I thought a Mum could never have enough shell shaped soaps, embroidered hankies or jars of bath salts! The sweetest thing is that my beautiful Mum, 30 years later, still has everyone one of those gifts in a box! She kept every one of them! ❤️

  • Every mother's day has been the best for me - I'm always touched by how much effort my kids put in to making the day special.

  • I just ordered my own Mother's Day present - going on a three night Comedy cruise with my bestie. Well the only way I get a present is to buy it myself….

  • I am actually making my mum a hand-made card with illustrations (also hand-drawn) to go with a set of bath bombs and makeup, taking her out shopping and then… we're going out for a family bbq.

    (j/k, we're going out to a family lunch at a nice seafood restaurant).

  • Mamma, I love you with all my heart. I miss you.

  • I got my mum a box of T2's Gingernut Bliss tea, although truthfully it's more for me than for her. I've been trying to cut back on the amount of tea that I buy, but Mum said that if I bought the tea for her as a Mother's Day present then it would technically be okay. I will, however, be making it for her on Sunday, as well as any other tea that she would like, and she'll also be getting a card containing poetry.

  • Last year I asked my mum to go into OzBargain to find a gift that she would like. I told her it had to be at least 50% off, give a decent number of flybuys, can get me extra points in my credit card and comes with free shipping.

    My mum cried when I told her… she was so proud to raise a financially diligent Asian daughter. My request was her mother's day present

    Seriously… my mum loves a bargain.

  • All of my mothers day experiences are all the best ones, having my 2 sons coming over from Germany just for ny mothers day makes me so happy and nothing is more precious than that.

  • Took my mum to the bondi restaurant for a nice dinner and then walk along the bondi beach , after that we drive up to the higher area along the coast to look at the moon at night near the lighthouse.

  • My mum is always working so hard to cook, clean, wash and everything. She only has time to watch her shows on her phone late at night. She doesn't want to use the TV, as she firmly believes the TV uses alot of electricity. I want to buy her a large tablet and robot vacuum, to allow her to watch the shows more comfortably, as well as help automate tasks. It's the least I can do while abroad.

  • 20 years ago I lived in a tiny country town with my then 5,3 and 1 year old children. My 5 year old son was old enough to be interested in mother's day and wanted to buy me a gift 'by himself'. So he helped me clean the house and water the garden and earned $5 to spend in the only store in town which was a produce barn that also operated as a general store. I can still see the excitement on his darling little face the day of the big shopping expedition lol - we walked into the shop together but he asked me to wait at the doorway so that I didn't see what he was buying me. He is not much of a 'shopper' these days but on that mother's day shopping trip in an outback produce store with let's face it very limited mother's day type gifts, he was very thoughtful and methodical in his choosing. As I waited at the front of the store I kept an eye on him and I believe that he must have inspected just about everything in that store; after about an hour with the surprise clasped tightly in his tiny little fists he checked to see that I wasn't looking and made his way to the sales desk. On the walk back home he kept looking at the little bag and the smile never left that gorgeous little face. The next day he was up early and bouncing with delight as he so very proudly handed me the very special gift; and to excited squeals of 'do you like it Mummy? do you like it?' I unwrapped the sweetest little pair of delicately embossed nail clippers - with a very pretty enameled insert of hearts. I hugged my gorgeous, thoughtful little boy to me and told him that I loved it and that it was the best present in the world. I've had lots of wonderful Mother's day gifts since that day but that little pair of specially selected nail clippers remains my favourite gift ever; and yes I do still have them.

  • Last year was the first Mothers Day since separating from husband and my kids wanted to make it special for me. My 4 yr old son made me a homemade card and drawing of our family and my 13 yr old daughter gave me a kiss, a cuddle and took my son away so I could have a sleep in. Bliss!

    He did came back 20 minutes later – jumped on my stomach, opened my eyes with his pudgy little fingers and asked, “Do you still make me toast on Mum’s Day??”

    But it was a really good 20 minutes :)

  • It will be my first Grandma's day, hoping to seeing all my 4 children and my grandson for afternoon tea on Saturday. Thats enough!

  • Last year I bought Mum tickets to see the Sound of Music live on stage, all my life I grew up watching the movie with her, learning the songs and singing along with her, so it was a joy to take her to see something that meant so much to us.
    She relates a lot to it having to leave her country at a young age and having lived in a big family, plus she loves to sing (even if she isn't the greatest singer). She got really dressed up, which is something she doesn't do often, we played some the songs on the way there and the smile on her face the whole time before, during and after really made it one of the most magical moments. She was the singing songs for weeks after. It was one of the few times I have had a chance to give back to her as she never wants anything and is always willing to give everything for me and the rest of our family.

  • My mum fixed the sharp edges on her shed with an angle grinder but never knew you had to fit a disc so I took her grinder and will turn up a new center nut for her. It's been sitting in her shed almost a year when I found it. I also got her a new steering lock for her car after she drove across Adelaide from the festival theater to the foot hill and even did a five point turn to get around the Holden Hill police station corner with her old club lock still on as she had lost the key to unlock it. My brother cut it off and she wanted a new better lock.

  • our son was born on mothers day last year, best present a mother could ask for on mothers day.

    we get to celebrate it together both mother and son.

  • I'll be buying mum new winter pjs (I do it every year) plus I got her chocolates, a necklace with her grandkids names engraved and I'll get my sons to get her a tea pot they can draw on it :)

  • Restocking my mum's Shiseido cream. Definitely the least I can do. Maybe the ol' stereotypical flowers but hopefully with more money I can get her some better gifts.

  • Regifting the $50 gift card I win from OzBargain

  • My mum is quite a simple person. She doesn`t like materials, she only like for all her children to get together and having Yum Cha with her.

    So every mother`s day event, we will met up at a different Yum Cha restaurant during lunch time. Cheers

  • I am going to incarcerate the possum that has been pillaging her veggie garden.

  • +2 votes

    My Mum always says she doesn't want anything for Mother's Day, as she has everything she needs/wants already. She also scolds us if we "waste our money" buying anything for her. She lives in Adelaide and I live in Sydney and quite by accident I discovered she loves me winning her prizes, thank goodness for ozbargainers who post competition entries - so far for her combined birthday/mother's gift, I have won her two gift hampers and a book, yeah!!!! Combine that with the free Harvey Norman Mother's Day card offer and I have one exceptionally happy Mum already. Thanks to gnv9 and Katie from Melbourne (sorry Katie have forgotten your username) and ozbargain - you guys are great but my Mum is the greatest, love her heaps and she is so happy and already bragging to her friends! Thanks!

  • Ever since my three sons were at kindy and made me beautiful cards, it has been a stipulation that every Mother's Day, they have to hand make me a card. They are now 25, 22 and 20 and the card collection I have is priceless! So much better than adding to the Hallmark profits with generic cards! The cards they make have heart felt messages and drawings which just make my heart melt!

  • I'm actually not able to be with my Mum this Mothers' Day. Though I will be celebrating with my future mother-in-law, whom I love to death. I'm going to be taking her out to get some gluten-free (she's celiac), Dumplings. This is what she wanted, and she is tickled pink.

    I've heard of demon mum-in-laws, but this lady is amazing. I'm totally bragging about it. I'm sorry for anyone who has a horrible one. She is a second mother to me. :)

  • When I was 7, my younger sister had just been born and I felt Mum's attention always being focused on her. Naturally, being young and a middle child, I thought she didn't love me anymore and wrote her letters asking why she only loved my younger and older sister. Fast forward 17 years - I replicated the style and design of the letters, but wrote all the things I'm grateful for, and how much I love her. I can't wait to see her expression when she sees the letters side by side!

  • My mum doesn't like wasting money on presents that she won't use. She does love her kids though and especially her grandkids. So every year we all get together and take a series of photos - one big group photo and also one of each family. We then get these printed and update a frame that we bought for her. She loves them and puts them on social media etc to show her friends. It's been a great present because I know she loves it. She also likes having the history now we've been doing it for a few years.

  • For some moms, Mother's Day would not be the same without breakfast in bed.
    Burnt toast, the clanking of dishes and the excited chatter of little ones, all while you remain beneath blankets, awaiting the big presentation.
    That's what Mother's Day was like when I was growing up.
    My two sisters and I brings up breakfast on a tray, and the day was filled with adulation, praise and pampering.
    Here's how the schedule looks like:

    Start the day by…1. Preparing a buffet of her favourite meals for breakfast with a breakfast in bed.
    Once out of bed….2. Scoot her away on a relaxing massage in the city.
    While she's away…3. Team up with sister and clean up the house and finish her to-do list for the day.
    Once she's back….4. prepare pieces of cards- that counts 1 to 50 and lay it all around the house- like a treasure map- and in the end she'll receive a gift- eye massage machine.
    Dinner………….5. Dinner at her fav restaurant :)

    We love to do things together. We got to the movies, go shopping (my favorite), eat lunches on weekends and anything you could enjoy together with your mom. Anything that would seem uninteresting or boring, my mom would make fun, interesting and extraordinary.

  • This is true, my mum is as cheap as I am, so I'm getting her the Entertainment Book so she can enjoy bargains all year.

  • Put aside my masculinity and accompanied my mother to high-tea

  • +1 vote

    I would probably gift her something small/insignificant but quite valuable…

    I dont know maybe this or Something from here?

    Being an ozbargainer i have gifted her quite a few strange things in the past…
    She was like-
    0p, WTF?

  • Cuddles in bed in the morning is the best experience :)

  • Somehow unaware of the Mother's Day concept until aged 9, I bought Mum a sparkly brooch featuring in its centre what was surely a glass "stone". Her sincere, fascinated appreciation while sunlight magnified its colours onto the mantlepiece gave me a unique thrill beyond replicating. Still unforgettable 20 years after she died.

  • Unfortunately i will be working on mothers day and i am currently broke :/ hoping that something like this even as small as $20 could help buy mum flowers and morning tea.

    Love you Ozbargain :)

  • Mothers Day is a special day for all of us who have been blessed to spend it with our mums another year.

    On Mothers Day in 2015, I suprised my mum with a Card and inside the card was pictures of Hawaii. I told my mum that she was going to Hawaii November that year so we could celebrate her 65th birthday at Germaines Luau in Kapolei, Hawaii which has always been her dream (to go to a luau and hawaii).

    What makes this special is my mother paid for my father, siblings and I to travel to hawaii multiple times from childhood to adulthood to visit family, yet she would always stay home to work hard to allow us the luxury of travel.

    It was the most rewarding gift I have ever given to my mama bear, and was also the best trip I have ever had overseas.

  • Eneloops for mum, of course!

  • Sleep in, no kids, no housework; a manicure and pedicure (with no kids in sight). Perfect.

  • we hope to arrange for Mum to come home from the nursing home and have lunch with us .Relaxed and familar surroundings , using every possilbe celebration to keep what is left of her memories going and give us lasting ones.

  • My mum lives overseas so on this mothers day I will cal her and tell her how much she means to me and that I love her.

  • My mum lives in Finland I will call her even though it is not Mothers Day there, my mother in law passed away at 92 years young in Feb, she will be sadly missed this Mothers Day, sending flowers for her grave
    I have a daughter in Subiaco WA she will probably send flowers and call and I have 3 sons here in Brisbane they are taking me out for lunch somewhere nice, my husband is getting me breakfast in bed. I think I will have a lovely mothers day

  • Yum Cha on Sunday, plus hand-made vouchers for house-cleaning services. Sounds daggy but cleaning is not one of her favourite activities, she can relax and the love continues all year around.

  • I would give my mom my life if I could so she would live a bit longer

  • We have a 5 week old new born so this will be mums first Mothers Day. To mark the occasion, I've captured baby's hand and foot prints in some clay moulds and enclosed them in a picture frame together with a photo of our newborn. In the spirit of ozbargains, the photo frame was 20% off at Big W and the photo was free from Harvey Norman ).

  • My Mum's downsizing and trying to get rid of stuff, so she's hard to buy for as she "doesn't want anything"! So, I've bought her some gourmet biscuits and sweets - hopefully that's ok as she's trying to watch her weight!

  • Mum gets back spasms now and then, but tries to hide it from us. I only found out last week when I unexpectedly dropped in and she was experiencing a down moment. For Mothers Day, I'm going to give her a big hug and a back massage and my wife who's developed a strong interest as a biomechanist, will show her some floor stretching exercises to correct her posture.

  • If my mum is still alive, I would take her to watch a Cantonese opera which is her favourite entertainment. After that the whole family would go to have dinner in a Chinese restaurant. When we get home, we would play mahjong with her. She would be very happy since she was very experienced and would win a lot of money from us.

    Anyway, I believe she is very happy now in paradise and is waiting to see us again.

  • For Mother's Day I will get my mum the Feeney's Irish Cream Cocktail Giftpack from this deal Feeney's Irish Cream. After all, I’m the reason she drinks

  • In true Ozbargain spirit we are actually celebrating Mother's Day on a separate day to everyone else to avoid the crowds and the "Mother's Day Surcharge" all the restaurants charge around here!

  • The best mothers day I have done was 2 years ago.
    I took 3 generations of mums in my family out for lunch. My Sister (plus child), my Mother and my Grandmother. I have a great grandmother still alive but unfortunately she lives in the UK and is too old to travel.
    Was quite special to have 4 generations of family all enjoying lunch together.

  • I will give the best gift for my mother.

  • For me, best thing that I can do in mothers day is to pamper myself, recharge myself by having a relax bath with my favourite bathbomb and candle light which both have ring inside (the ring worth $10-2000k ) which is awesome :) I know i deserve this iam a single mom with 3 kids (2,4,6)

  • My mum (79) is the main carer for my 86 year old dad who can be a pain in the bum most of the time. She is amazing and as I live interstate I cant help her out much but chat to her and help pay for things and visit every month or so. This year I sent her a Mothers Day card which will make her smile and cry at the same time as it talks about when I was growing up I always had a superhero and then when she opens the card it says…"I still do" and then i wish her a happy mothers day. She really is my superhero now and when I was growing up as she can do everything and anything and I hope that one day I can be just like her (I am 48 and am nowhere near amazing as she is)

  • Having yumcha with the parents and the outlaws.

    Got my wife a new Elna Sewing machine - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/306788 (she'll probably throw it at me)…. but a backup massage voucher :D and will take the kid for however long that takes….

  • My Mum who is 84,is simply amazing! Until recently she cared for 54 yr old son who has down syndrome, epilepsy and dementia. Unfortunately my brothers health has now taken a turn for the worst and he is in palliative care. She is finding it hard to cope, my brother is her life. I would love to cheer her day by doing something special just for her and to take her mind off the terrible stress she is under.

  • I am compiling all her recipes and designing a small book to hopefully sell to friends and family to celebrate her cooking.

  • My Mum will be in Hobart for Mother's Day, so I bought her a Red Balloon voucher for a hop on hop off bus tour of Hobart. I thought it would be an amazing gift for both Mum and Dad while they're over there. I was also able to save $10 on the voucher by subscribing to Red Balloon here at https://www.redballoon.com.au/subscribe

  • I want to get my mum an upgraded son. Shouldn't be too hard. Anyone here earns more than $70K, has kids and a loving wife? If you would like to replace me as a son, PM me.

  • My mum has always provided me with a phone that I could use to contact her with. This time with the money that I have saved from my part-time jobs, I'll be the one purchasing a new mobile phone for my mum as the phone that she was using suddenly stopped working without any reason. Since last week, I've just been searching for a decently priced phone on Ozbargain.

  • I just returned from holiday and realised that I don't have enough cash to treat my mum to her usual niceties. Luckily OzB comps have saved my behind. I won a Slowcooker and Gold Class Tickets which will do as gifts until I earn enough money for dinner and a massage.

    My mum's the bomb and deserves to get treated always!

  • I'm getting my mum a gorgeous tea set with a cake stand. And we're going to have a special high tea lunch this Mother's Day. It's nothing too fancy as I'm not a great baker but my Malteser slices never seem to fail. Some party pies, a selection of hand cut sandwiches and some bought macaroons should do the trick. Oh and of course the Devonshire tea! And I'll leave my sister the job of making the scones. Happy Mother's Day everyone!