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Save $15 off Gen 2 LIFX Colour 1000 - AU $39.99 Each + Free Shipping


Happy Thursday!

As a thank you to OzBargain we have a $15 coupon available for our Generation 2 LIFX Colour 1000 (E27 or B22). No minimum qty.

Use the code: ozbargain in the cart to reduce the price for the lights to AU$39.99 each.


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    Hi OP, can you explain the difference between this and the new Gen 3 other than the difference in lumens?

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      They are basically the same to the user. Colours are the same and even lumens look similar to the eye.

      Better components in gen 3 so they should be more reliable longer term. But gen 2 also has a two year warranty.

      Gen 3 bulbs will also soon support homekit as it has the hardware ready for it.

    • Gen 3 are apparently crapper because updates can only be run through a phone and may not even work but it has homekit support though.
      Gen1-2 can update through a pc but newer isn't always better because its their way to cut down manufacturing costs while keeping the prices high.

      Just check reddit lifx and amazon for reviews,ive only got the generation 1's which has a physical switch reset bulbs too but probably too bulky.

      • Personally, if I can do it on the phone I will. Not so crap to me.

        • Heh so would I, just never seems to work.
          There are things like unable to connect to server or some bs going on with phones.
          I only managed to update 1 wemo bulb which took a whole night, and the 2nd bulb totally screwed up or something.
          Lifx updater was just looping doing nothing for hours too so fortunately it had a pc updater which got it done in 10mins.

        • I tried 2 different phones and a tablet to update 4 bulbs and couldn't! Drove me nuts over 2-3 evenings until I realised there was a PC flasher. It took friggen ages to update 4 bulbs, but left it one evening and was done in the morning, really easy.

          Being phone only is a massive drawback unless they've improved the flashing process.

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          I had the same issue with mine, which were Gen 1. They would never finish the flash process via the app. The windows method wasn't perfect either, I had to have the globes sitting next to the router to ensure a trouble free update, otherwise they would get stuck at 99%. Once they were updated to the latest firmware, have had few problems with them.

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        but it has homekit support though.

        Gen 3 has the hardware required for Homekit support.
        Gen 3 has a "promise" of upcoming Homekit support.

        What it doesn't have is actual Homekit support.

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          Relevant because Gen1 had homekit support 'coming soon', and then it turns out it's not technically possible because they don't have the hardware. Also worth noting 2 of 9 of my Gen1's have died, so reliability seems to be an issue.

          Also intermittently a bulb will completely stop responding to the App. Fine for weeks at a time, then goes non-responsive for up to weeks at a time.

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          Well I have Gen2 and it hasn't died yet, or gone non-responsive. And I could care less about apple's attempt at this market (more proprietary lock in)

        • @sane: 7/9 of My Gen 1's haven't died either. Hopefully, they have improved (one is currently not responding to the app despite it being turned on and off several times over several days, it's done this before…). I don't miss homekit integration because I would not use it, but it's still relevant for some, regardless of if you care.

        • @Bargs: Update. 6/9….. The one that wouldn't respond now flashes red… fun.

  • does it support home kit ?

    • No, only Gen 3 will (apparently, eventually!)

  • Can these be controlled by harmony hub remotes?
    Are the connected to a network via wps ? or some other method

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      They claim to support Harmony Hub, but I haven't tried.
      Mine connected to the network via Direct WiFi connection, which was really temperamental, but once they were detected and "added to my account", they've never disconnected since, although I have had a few "factory reset" themselves on me, but they added back to the network easily enough via the app.

      That could be due to bad power, I have heaps of problems power related in my place — too much home wiring by previous owners!

      • Thanks for the feedback
        I've ordered one, hopefully it works without a glitch

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          Once they're setup they are good! I want to put one in every room of the house :D

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      All Harmony hub based remotes will connect and with LIFX.

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        Awesome, if it works well might buy a few more

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          cool, let us know how you go. i've never used them myself.

        • No worries will do
          I'm getting it delivered to a parcel locker
          Do you use Aust post or a courier service?

        • @kavalier27:

          The quality of these bulbs is outstanding
          They feel hefty (casing/heatsink I'm guessing)
          Setup with the harmony hub was a breeze
          Though I've been using the lifxstyle app for mac to control the lights
          it'd be cool if lifx would release similar software for mac/windows to control the lights as the lifxstyle app isn't exactly cheap
          Just purchased another

        • @alig: Mine just arrived and I'm very impressed also! You can tell the quality is good by the look and feel. I was a bit surprised how hot it got, must be why they need that metal. Setup was easy and they are super responsive with the Android app.

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          An update for anyone who wants to use LIFX with their harmony hub
          The harmony will only support a single lifx bulb, not mulyiple bulbs

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      Yup, I use them in my home theatre. Very handy for when you stop for breaks. Can turn on and off, brightness, colour etc

      • Cool thanks
        Are you referring to being able to control brightness and colour via the harmony hub?
        If so thats pretty cool, I assumed those features are limited to the smartphone app

        • Yeah you can control all of that on the remote, very handy :)

  • Does anyone know if these will work with google home?

  • Damn, I just bought a pair a few days ago at the regular price. Is there anyway I can discount applied retroactively?

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    Got one for my bedroom lamp. Time to crank some Barry White and turn my bedroom into a sexy disco.

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    Thanks OP… Was looking at the 800 yesterday but noticed no E27 left, but the 100 at this price was a very welcome surprise!

  • is the referral code still valid?

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      Yes also they just sent another: HAPPYFRIDAY

        • Oh didn't know about that. Does it stack with coupon codes?

        • @leTintin:
          Just bought 2. Didn't know about the referal code!

        • I didn't get any federal code. Only a federal link which directs to the USA site but still has no discount plus the ozbargain code doesn't work there.

  • Hours of research only to realise the bayonets are sold out.

    What a bummer.

    • Ffs I missed out too

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      You can use adapters from Ikea for $2.99.

      • Didn't know this. It's a two pack also for 2.99. Can you go the other way (BC to ES)?

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    Has any one tried this code recently, it doesn't seem to be recognised anymore

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      Doesn't work for me either. Bought 2 earlier. wanted to but another one…

  • argh, looks like I'm late to this, am I?

  • Code doesn't work

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